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  • Chapter 37.2 I like you the most (2)

    He didn’t understand why this Golden Forest Powder couldn’t be fused with Purple Thunder Liquid. The liquid used for the previous five card liquids were made by combining the materials of two basic spell cards.

    Moreover, the strokes for this spell card also had to be completely thinner. Was this related to the characteristics of the spell text liquid? 

    Since the information he had exchanged for, only contained the characteristics and application introduction of 300 spell card materials, he didn’t have a firm understanding of the majority of the materials. Bai Rong sighed and simply turned the video off, deciding to train by making the first 5 kinds of spell cards. As for the dubious Golden Thunder Double Arrow Card, he could only wait until he could redeem a new set of spell card data before attempting to learn it again.  

    After logging into the virtual city, Bai Rong noticed that Wei Huai had sent his requirements for the card——the first two cards of the 77 promised were to be S-level Energy cards. 

    Not expecting that the request for the first two cards was this simple, Bai Rong immediately ordered 6 sets of energy card materials. When the goods arrived, he stored four sets away and began using the remaining two to make 2 S-level energy spell cards. 

    Hehehe, the extra materials will fill his material storage instead.

    After making the energy card, Bai Rong began to make intermediate-level spell cards. Since it was his first time making intermediate-level spell cards, Bai Rong paid great attention to it. After laying out the materials one by one, he then went back to watch the video before officially starting to make it.

    The intermediate level spell card was a dual wind and fire roar card. Bai Rong took a full hour to create it, a thin layer of sweat seeping out of his forehead. Fortunately, he had managed to successfully make it, and at the very least, the spell light had activated!

    Immediately plugging in the spell card into the detector, an A level evaluation was displayed on screen, causing Bai Rong’s eyes to glitter brightly and a small smile to form on his face.

    It was a good thing he was careful and meticulous.

    After collecting the dual wind and fire roar cards, Bai Rong continued making the rest of the four intermediate-level spell cards, the results of which three of them were A-level advanced class and one was S-level low-class. With great satisfaction, Bai Rong stored them into his spatial button and rushed off to AS Spell Card Union. 

    After answering an hour’s worth of questions with great efficiency in the Q&A Center of the union, Bai Rong earned 200 points. Adding on the points that remained after he redeemed something last time, he had a total of 400 points.

    However, Spell Card Information 2 which included “3000 types of spell card material characteristics and 288 types of basic spell card detailed process”, needed about 10,000 points to be redeemed. Bai Rong very much wanted to shake the union president’s shoulders and ask why they couldn’t sell the detailed explanation of material properties and step by step card making process separately?!!!

    His heart nearly shattered seeing the price…

    He originally wanted to continue answering some questions for a while, but reckoned that Mu Chongyan was about to return, so Bai Rong chose to come home first. There was no other way. He was still a tough man who doted on his wife. Even though his career was important, what was more important than his wife? 

    After returning home, Bai Rong immediately logged out of the virtual city.

    Seeing that the time had just passed 6 o’clock and that there was still time left before Mu Chongyan came back, Bai Rong got off the bed and ran to the living room to tear off the packaging of the optical television.

    The storage box of this star pet optical television was dismantable and could be used by the owner to download things for the little star pet to watch. This made things easier for him and Kuku.

    After purchasing a mech warrior training foundation worth 3 million virtual stars on the star net for Kuku. Bai Rong nodded in satisfaction. This mech warrior training program was proclaimed to be the best. Although he didn’t hold much expectations for Kuku, as Bai Rong’s younger brother, he naturally had to practice the best!  

    Running back to the living room in a puff, Bai Rong hummed and re-assembled the storage box.

    Wiping away the sweat of his exhaustion, Bai Rong placed his hands on his hips and took a deep exhale. Needless to say, raising children was really not easy.

    As soon as the optical television was installed, Bai Rong was about to call Kuku down when he heard the sound of Mu Chongyan returning. 

    His eyes immediately lit up in happiness and his feet started running towards the outside. 

    It…It wasn’t that he attached more importance to his lover than his younger brother, but training was a bitter experience, so he decided to let Kuku enjoy the last idle and blissful night he’ll have. 

    Seeing the little star pet immediately dashing out, Mu Chongyan walked to the crystal glass case wearing a gentle smile on his face and crouched down, “How are you little ears so sharp?”

    “That’s right!” Bai Rong mischievously laughed, sticking his butt out and climbing Mu Chongyan’s hand. 

    Mu Chongyan suppressed the urge to rub the shaking little buttocks and coughed, “…I have a surprise for you.”

    “Another surprise?!!!” Bai Rong sat down on Mu Chongyan’s palm with a plop, his eyes glittering as he asked in anticipation: “What surprise, what surprise?”

    “Your card-making equipment is here.” Mu Chongyan rubbed the little star pet’s head and just like magic, a silver little box appeared out of nowhere. “Inside this is your complete set of card making equipment.”

    “Ahhh. You’re too great, Mu Chongyan!” Bai Rong excitedly smacked a kiss on Mu Chongyan’s wrist before jumping off of Mu Chongyan’s hand and running to the little box, eagerly unboxing it in excitement.

    Mu Chongyan stroked the area that was kissed by the little star pet, and felt himself turning a little hot…

    “First, don’t rush in unpacking the box.” With red ears, Mu Chongyan placed the small box directly on the grass in front of the villa. “…There is also another surprise.”

    “Another one?!” “Bai Rong turned his head and stared at Mu Chongyan with shining eyes. What’s going on with his wife, why was he always giving him surprises? He was already feeling the pressure…

    However, he still felt happy about it. Bai Rong’s flushed little face stared right at Mu Chongyan. His wife loved him so much, shouldn’t he do something back…

    “This surprise is…” Mu Chongyan suddenly took out a small white box from the spatial button. “There are 360 ​​kinds of basic symbol cards’ production materials, 100 kinds of intermediate spell cards’ production materials, detailed explanations of the characteristics of 30,000 spell card materials, as well as all the spell energy reaction theory…”

    “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Mu Chongyan, I like you so much!!!” Bai Rong was immediately driven mad by this massive surprise. How could Mu Chongyan…How could he be so considerate and so good to him!!!

    With his eyes turning red instantly, Bai Rong rushed towards Mu Chongyan with a sniffling nose and stuck his butt out, crawling up his finger.

    Wh-….What could he do to express his love to Mu Chongyan a little more!!

    Mu Chongyan, who was suddenly ‘confessed’ to, had his ears turn red. There was even a red layer of restraint dying his face. Seeing the little star pet slipping in between the seams of his fingers, he hurriedly reached out his previously stiff hand and gently supported the little star pet’s butt to prevent him from falling. “Be good…I…cough, I also like you…”

    Of course I know that you like me…

    Bai Rong swallowed this sentence silently, affectionately clinging onto Mu Chongyan’s finger: “Let’s head to the sofa, head to the sofa!!!”

    “Alright…” Mu Chongyan, who had already turned into a ‘star pet (wife) slave’, immediately walked towards the sofa and sat down.

    “L-… lie down!” Bai Rong’s little face turned even redder, but he still insisted on clinging onto Mu Chongyan’s fingers. Seeing that Mu Chongyan didn’t budge, he planted two kisses on the belly of his fingers and urged softly. “Lie down quickly ah….” 

    “Alright.” Mu Chongyan stiffened for a moment, and the redness on his face also began to turn deep. Once he laid down, he didn’t forget to keep a hold of the little star pet on top of his chest. 

    Seeing Mu Chongyan lie down, Bai Rong ran towards Mu Chongyan’s shoulder, leaping down bravely. With a flushed face, he faced Mu Chongyan’s cheeks and with a ‘chuuuuuuu’ sound, he gave him a hard kiss!

    “!!!!!!” Mu Chongyan immediately froze, the dark red color of his ears immediately spread towards his face. His heart beat had also sped up so fast, it was as if he were in a plane going to crash at high speed. The thumping of his heart made his chest hurt and his entire person felt as though he was scorched under the sun, feeling scalding hot to the touch… 

    After Bai Rong kissed him hard, he also felt embarrassment creeping up. Sitting at the side with a blushing face, his lips pursed tightly.  

    Wa-…was he a little too enthusiastic just now?!!

    Would he have scared his wife….

    Feeling the little star pet’s sweet and warm breath blowing on his face, Mu Chongyan’s throat bobbed. He sucked in a breath and sat right up.

    Reaching his hand out to fish the little star pet with his head hung down in embarrassment, Mu Chongyan softened his voice and asked: “….Did you like the surprise this much?”

    “…I liked it. This information must have been very expensive and hard to find…” Bai Rong blinked his watery eyes, speaking in a soft, sticky tone: “But these materials are only secondary, I like you the most…”

    Looking at the little star pet’s earnest appearance in front of him, Mu Chongyan’s breath suddenly turned sluggish for a moment, his heart melting into a paste of syrup. He thought to himself… even if his little star pet did something heinous in the future, he would be able to wholeheartedly accept it and wouldn’t hurt the little star pet the slightest bit…

    But how could such a charming little star pet do something extremely heinous…

    No, it should be said that no matter what the little star pet does, he wouldn’t not think it wrong…

    “It wasn’t expensive…” Mu Chongyan gently rubbed Bai Rong’s little head, and warmly responded: “I just found these things by coincidence. As long as you like it, that’s all it matters…”

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