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    The man’s words penetrated his ears, triggering Bai Rong’s imagination of him ‘braveling protecting his wife and sweeping the demons and monsters off the training ground while piloting a couple mech under everyone’s envious and adoring gazes’….  

    This…this was too tempting…

    He…he was unable to refuse him!!

    “How do you want to cooperate?” Bai Rong cut his train of imagination short and stared at the man in front of him.

    “The Tough Guy Virtual Spell Card Shop in the Virtual Spell Card Mall is under Mr. Mu’s ownership, correct?” Mu Chongyan looked at the vigilant Mu Nan and indicated to the sofa next to him. “Why don’t Mr. Mu take a seat so we can discuss.” 

    “Yes. What about it?” Bai Rong was a little annoyed. He shouldn’t have named his shop Tough Guy Virtual Spell Card Shop. Wasn’t it already obvious at first glance for people to see that he was a tough guy?!

    “I discovered that the first S-level virtual spell card that Mr. Mu put up, was only set at the price of 100 million virtual star coins.” Mu Chongyan opened his watch and quickly drafted a contract, “So… I hope when Mr. Mu agrees to collaborate with me, he could also give such favorable prices to me.”

    “You mean to buy my Spell Card at the price of 100 million star coins?” Bai Rong was relieved. If it was merely such a request, he wouldn’t really mind it, so he agreed, saying: “Alright.”

    “It’s not a transaction, it’s a collaboration.” Mu Chongyan projected the contract he drafted from his watch. “I can yield that virtual mech to Mr. Mu, but Mr. Mu must provide me with S-level virtual spell cards of equal value. The auction price of that virtual mech is 7.7 billion. If one S-level virtual spell card costs 100 million, then it would take at least 77 cards. Seeing that Mr. Mu’s spell card making success rate isn’t bad, being able to make 3 S-level virtual spell cards within 2 days…”

    “Well… almost…” Bai Rong felt very entangled. On one hand, he wanted to quickly finish making the spell card and keep far away from this man, but at the same time, he didn’t want to expose his spell card making success rate. After racking his brains, an idea suddenly struck, and he proposed: “Actually, you can give me ten sets of spell card materials in one day, this way, wouldn’t I be able to make at least 3 to 4 cards in that span of time?”

    “This way…?” Mu Chongyan stared at Mu Nan who ‘thought of a good plan’ and the look in his eyes became deeper. “The creation of each spell card consumes a lot of mental energy. A Spell Card Master with A-level mental strength could only withstand making 8 to 9 Virtual Spell Cards or 5 to 6 Real Spell Cards in one day. In that case, Spell Card Master Mu’s mental strength must be formidable, is it about…S level?” 

    “?!!! “Bai Rong’s little heart dropped down with a clunk, he hadn’t tested his mental strength before ah!”

    Was it possible… that he was actually very mentally strong? Bai Rong nearly panicked thinking that he had let the cat out of the bag, but at the same time, a glimmer of delight secretly arose inside of him. If his mental strength really were outstanding, wouldn’t he become even more compatible for his wife who had a superior physique?!

    However… Bai Rong silently cast a glance at Wei Huai in front of him. He couldn’t act out of place any more in front of this man!

    “That’s naturally impossible haha, Mr. Wei, you really overestimate me…” Bai Rong laughed dryly, “I have an A-level mental strength, and can usually make eight or nine cards, but since I will be collaborating with you, going all out to make 10 cards isn’t exactly impossible…” 

    “That’s not necessary.” Mu Chongyan captured each change in expression Mu Nan had in his eyes, “This would only greatly harm Mr. Mu’s mental strength. I can’t let such a matter of harming my partners happen.”

    Mu Chongyan modified several points in the contract and said: “I also discovered that Mr. Mu had opened a link for custom made spell cards. As such, you would need to create spell cards for other clans every day, and so… lest Mr. Mu’s mental strength be wasted, I will only provide you with six sets of spell card materials per day, with your high success rate of 50%…”

    “No no no…” Bai Rong hurriedly interrupted, “I’m afraid that  I can’t maintain such a high success rate…”

    “Alright. Let’s not measure it that way then.” Mu Chongyan changed another part of the contract, saying: “You should be able to provide me with two S-level spell cards in one day, correct?” 

    On the inside, Bai Rong calculated the success rate of 30% to 40%, and said: “That’s about right..”

    “Then we’ll do it this way. I’ll sign a contract with you.” Mu Chongyan then added the terms before signing his name in the first party of the contract. “We’ll sign a forty-day contract first. Starting from today to December 10, we will maintain a partnership. If you manage to complete seventy-seven spell cards in advance, I will also be taking the excess spell cards.”

    “…Alright.” Bai Rong carefully thought for a long time and felt that forty days was a fairly stable duration, and would not appear to be particularly outstanding, so he agreed and said: “However, the excess spell cards cannot be valued at 100 million per piece, they would have to be valued at a minimum of 300 million.”


    The two signed the contract and agreed to deliver once every other day before leaving the villa separately.

    Originally, Mu Chongyan offered to send Bai Rong home but Bai Rong refused, so he dropped the thought. How could he let Wei Huai know his address!

    Via public aircraft, Bai Rong hurried back to Saiya City, and as soon as he arrived home, his wristwatch rang out.

    Bai Rong lowered his head to take a look and found that Weihuai’s money had arrived. The amount was enough to buy six sets of the most expensive spell card materials.

    Secretly thinking that the man was quite generous, a hint of satisfaction arose in Bai Rong’s heart. He simply made two basic spell cards using the materials he previously stored before, sending one of them to a customer who ordered for a custom made one, and temporarily stored the other, before logging out of the virtual city.  

    After turning off the light brain and running off to wash up, Bai Rong then ran to the second floor to check on Kuku.

    As soon as he opened the door, he saw Kuku doing a handstand!

    Bai Rong: “…”

    What was Kuku doing and why was he putting in so much effort…

    He was feeling more pressure than before ah!!!

    “Kuku…” Bai Rong walked over, “It’s already late, you shouldn’t train anymore. Wash up and go to sleep.”

    “En.. I’m going to sleep then.” Kuku flipped over with a smile and walked towards Bai Rong: “I’ve already washed up, but I couldn’t sleep, so I did a handstand for a while.”

    “Good Kuku…” Bai Rong stroked Kuku’s head and found that Kuku was only half a head shorter than him. His growth was considered very fast. “If you can’t sleep, just lie down and you’ll soon fall asleep.”

    “En.” Kuku’s small head rubbed against Banyan’s cheek, “I’m going to sleep…”

    Bai Rong tucked Kuku in with his small quilt, and sat on the bedside, gently patting Kuku and coaxing him to sleep. In his thoughts, he felt that this couldn’t go on any longer. Kuku had such exuberant energy, far exceeding those of other little star pets that he ought to find some skill he could learn. 

    But…what was suitable for Kuku to learn? Or say…what was he interested in?

    Suddenly recalling the star pet stories that Kuku was besotted with before, Bai Rong’s shoulders quivered. No. He was never going to allow Kuku to fall prey to those poisonous stories anymore!! 

    …After furrowing his brows and painstakingly churning his brain for a long time, Bai Rong’s eyes suddenly lit up. He could use the optical computer to download some training materials for Kuku!

    With Kuku being so smart, and being fond of training, it was better to follow an authoritative training program.

    After secretly making a decision, Bai Rong glanced lovingly at Kuku before turning off the lights and leaving.

    Once Bai Rong had left, Kuku promptly blinked his eyes open and happily flipped the quilt away.

    He must have been the first little star pet in the world to be coaxed to sleep!!

    The next day, Bai Rong ate breakfast with Mu Chongyan as usual, and also received the usual two kisses after the meal.

    Bai Rong, who felt that he and Mu Chongyan were already husband and wife, no longer acted shyly. His face deliberately turned taut as he stared at Mu Chongyan with an immovable gaze. 

    “What’s wrong?” Mu Chongyan looked at his red faced and misty eyed little star pet, his heart turning soft yet it carried an urge to chuckle, and so, he gently rubbed his head on the spot. “What’s the matter?” 

    “It’s….nothing.” Bai Rong blinked his slightly sour eyes, his little hands twisting the corner of the clothes. This time, he had managed to stare straight at him for a full ten seconds. It was already considered an improvement and a victory! He was going to absorb more experience and persist in his efforts!! 

    Taking the little star pet’s vivid and interesting little reactions into his eyes, Mu Chongyan only felt that his heart was about to melt, so he secretly took a deep breath while he brought him back to the crystal glass case. 

    Even if one were to have given him 10 little star pets who looked identical to him, he would be able to recognize his unique and unmatched little sweet cake at first glance…

    After Mu Chongyan left, Bai Rong ran back to the bedroom and continued to study.

    Opening the intermediate spell card (1) video on his optical computer, Bai Rong churned his brain to the utmost, taking in all the information of the related theories and material properties, striving to understand thoroughly the motives behind each step and working hard to grasp the quintessence of intermediate spell card creation in his heart.

    After all, these six videos only taught the production process of thirty-six intermediate spell cards, which was too few. He had to learn how to deduce many things from one case so that he could personally create new intermediate spell cards in the future.

    Before learning the process of making the 6th spell card, Bai Rong’s learning had gone very smooth, but when he reached the sixth one——the Golden Thunder Double Arrow Card, his brain suddenly got stuck.

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