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  • Chapter 36.1 Couple Mechs?! (1)

    Hearing the strong young man defensively say, “I have a wife!”, Mu Chongyan’s face promptly turned dark with disbelief.

    Mu Chongyan suppressed his urge to beat him senseless and merely said in a cold unwavering tone, “I only brought you here for the sake of getting spell cards. Don’t overthink the situation.”

    “It better be as you say…” Bai Rong quietly muttered this to himself matter-of-factly as he saw the change in the man’s expression turned unsightly.

    The two sat in uncomfortable and awkward silence for several long minutes, as it would have been for any pair of male strangers, until the card-making equipment and spell card materials Mu Chongyan ordered had finally arrived.

    Mu Chongyan quickly received the items and icily looked at the man behind him, saying reservedly, “Give me your contact number.”

    “…” Bai Rong stared blankly for a few seconds but was unable to go against the man’s piercing eyes, and so he mumbled a barely audible string of numbers to himself.

    “Mu Nan?” Mu Chongyan looked at the name on the contact number curiously, his pupils slightly dilating in interest, “Your surname is Mu?”

    “My wife’s surname is Mu!” Bai Rong answered with pride.

    Ignoring Bai Rong’s proud expression, Mu Chongyan added Bai Rong’s contact number in his communicator, saying, “I’ll be coming over tomorrow night. If you’ve finished the three spell cards by then, you can leave.”

    “Really?!!!” Bai Rong immediately became completely immersed in his high spirits.

    “En.” Mu Chongyan indifferently responded with a still cold face, quickly opening the door to leave the villa. As he exited the place, he immediately issued a new mission for v67——”Gather all information on the people who are surnamed ‘Mu’ in the entire of Sheng Ya planet.”

    In a star region that had a population easily exceeding one hundred billion people, but Mu was still considered to be an extremely rare surname. The people surnamed ‘Mu’ in the entire star region only came up to a thousand, but further narrowing down the scope to only the planet caused the reach of the investigation to be much smaller.

    Bai Rong, who was begrudgingly locked in the villa, pitifully stood by the door for a bit, like a caged animal, and walked to the work table to unpack the spell card materials and examine them.

    He immediately recognized that these three rare sets of materials were for the air net card, air blade card, and air bullet card.

    ‘Oh boy.’ These were indeed the most difficult air-attribute cards among the entire 360 spell cards. Bai Rong curled his lips in excitement and neatly sorted out the materials.

    These three spell cards were at the very last of the basic spell cards. Because one of the materials required was relatively rare, the prices of these sets of materials were worth more than a dozen of the other regular materials’, so he needed to be careful when handling them.

    However, being expensive also had its own benefits. The attacks were both powerful and invisible. On the downside, they were incredibly difficult to make. In reality, many A-Class Spell Card Masters don’t make them often because of this reason.

    Bai Rong hurriedly organized the materials and finally logged out of the virtual city. It was almost two o’clock in the morning. If he didn’t sleep now, he wouldn’t be able to get up tomorrow and eat breakfast with Mu Chongyan.

    After having a quick wash, Bai Rong bundled himself up in his quilt, gently fluffed the small pillow, and peacefully drifted off to sleep.

    On the second day…

    Sporting faint dark circles and heavy-looking bags under his eyes, Bai Rong drowsily closed the alarm that had been endlessly ringing for the past three minutes and slowly sat up in a daze.

    It went without saying that a tough guy should wake up at the time he had claimed. It was such hard work!

    After taking a shower, he put on the biggest piece of clothing he could find in the cabinet, but to no avail, Bai Rong looked at his bare ankles dissatisfied, a sorrowful sigh filling his heart while he reflected on the past vicissitudes he had faced as a tough guy.

    He had already grown this tall!!!

    Bai Rong erased the numbers written on the clay plate and excitedly wrote down a new number with a little stalk he picked up.


    He then dropped the stalk, stood up, and let out a grand breath. His chin was lifted up ever so slightly as he looked over the small garden from outside the window with eyes filled with inexplicable pride and self-satisfaction.

    Hey, perhaps this was an innate character of his of being unable to give up, a casual breath carrying the might of swallowing the unconquerable mountains and vast rivers!!

    Appreciating his great manliness for a while, Bai Rong walked out of the villa with satisfaction plastered in his face. When he gallantly stepped out the door, he raised his hand and confidently touched the door frame, his lips curling up proudly.

    The doors of this villa were already too small for his size!

    Outside the crystal glass case, Mu Chongyan saw the little star pet come out with an indescribable grandeur air to him, “…” 

    He felt that the little star pet was having these weird thoughts again this early in the morning.

    And without realizing that there was a bright smile appearing on his lips, Mu Chongyan squatted down to get closer to his little star pet and softly said, “What are you thinking about?”

    “Mu Chongyan?!” Bai Rong, who was previously intoxicated with his wild fantasies, saw Mu Chongyan suddenly up close. His small face immediately grew brighter and quickly took a step forward with his short legs in pleasant surprise. “Why did you come here so early?”

    “I woke up early today.” Mu Chongyan lied without a second thought. In truth, he had spent the whole time on the training grounds. “Our meals are ready, we’ll be having shrimp dumplings for breakfast today.”

    “Shrimp dumplings?!” Bai Rong ran faster than a cheetah, his eyes instantly turning into crescent moons while he revealed two little tiger-like teeth and enthusiastically said, “Mu Chongyan, you’re the best!”

    With such a good wife, how could he not feel distressed? Even if he were forcefully  trapped in a villa by that sick pervert who had ulterior motives, it wasn’t such a big deal!

    Mu Chongyan smiled warmly as he gently picked up the little star pet and said, “Why do you always need to run so fast, no one is competing with you.”

    “I don’t want you to wait too long.” Bai Rong softly touched Mu Chongyan’s hand and smiled sweetly.

    “How could your mouth be so sweet today.” Mu Chongyan tenderly rubbed the little star pet’s head and smiled. Although there was a bit of ‘ambiguity’ in what the little star pet said, he still felt at ease on the inside for some mysterious reason. Perhaps it was because a different person was speaking those words, so the effect they had on him was also different? 

    Suddenly remembering the air-headed Spell Card Master he accidentally had run into yesterday, Mu Chongyan’s eyes turned dark for a split second.

    He had always been living a bachelor’s life and spent his days living with his cute little star pet, it was impossible for him to seem like……that kind of person.

    As usual, Mu Chongyan routinely served some food for the little star pet before picking up his chopsticks and eating his share. “Eat slowly.”

    “En.” Feeling the warm sun shine brightly on him, Bai Rong merrily took a bite of the shrimp dumpling and drank a spoonful of porridge, his little cheek bulging adorably as he squinted his eyes in happiness.

    At this moment, he suddenly felt that he had finally understood the true meaning of ‘wife, kids, and a warm bed1To live a simple and good life..’

    Looking at his little star pet’s satisfied face, Mu Chongyan’s rich eyes brought forth a gentle smile, and his mood became considerably better. Some time had passed and the two had completely gobbled up breakfast, leaving no leftovers behind.

    After finishing their meals, Mu Chongyan brought Bai Rong back to the crystal glass case.

    “When I get home tonight, I’ll help you move houses.” Mu Chongyan said as he saw the little star pet’s bare white ankles and gently patted his little head. “The bigger clothes are still in my spatial button. I’ll help you store it in the new villa later.”

    “Oh… ok…” The dumbfounded Bai Rong, who had surprisingly received two kisses from Mu Chongyan after their meal, still hadn’t fully recovered yet. His face was still tomato red while his heart was spurning continuously.

    You’ve…You’ve already been kissed so many times before, how could you still let yourself feel so embarrassed about this!

    “En, I’ll be going then.” Mu Chongyan abruptly straightened up.

    “Bye-bye… Come back early.” Bai Rong waved his hand goodbye to Mu Chongyan’s back and ran back to the villa when Mu Chongyan’s leaving figure completely left his sight.

    Since he was going to be moving houses tonight, this only meant one thing. He had to hide Kuku!

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