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  • Chapter 34.2 A Romantic Encounter (2)

    After a delicious meal, Mu Chongyan assisted the little star pet in moving all the spell card materials to the crystal glass case. He then bade the little star pet good night as both of them returned to their respective rooms.

    Once he reached his bedroom, the bright-faced Bai Rong quickly logged onto the virtual city. His wife had bought him so many things that he felt the need to reciprocate his actions and buy something great for his wife as well!

    But, what should he buy that was way better than what he had received?

    Deep in his thoughts, Bai Rong rested his chin on his knuckles when his wristwatch suddenly rang.

    “Mu Nan, are you there?”

    It was Mo Xi’s message. Bai Rong’s eyes instantly lit up as he quickly pressed it open, “I’m here!”

    “It’s been a few days since we’ve last met.” Mo Xi’s image was projected, displaying his warm smile. “I’ve sent you some money. Have you received it?”

    “Money?” Bai Rong was a little confused. “What money?”

    “The money I borrowed from you before. Hadn’t I paid back only half of it?” Mo Xi looked hopeless. “How could you forget so quickly? This memory of yours indeed isn’t suited for loaning money.”  

    “Oh…” Bai Rong immediately recalled the matter and flashed an embarrassed smile, “I remember it now!”

    “If you remember it, then that’s good. By the way, I’m currently in Sai Ya City. Is it convenient for you to come and meet up with me?”

    “Sure, where are you?” Hearing Mo Xi had come to Sai Ya City, Bai Rong couldn’t help himself from smiling excitedly. 

    “In around 10 minutes, I’ll be arriving at the AS Spell Card Union Building. Let’s meet up there.” 

    “Okay!” In one fell swoop, Bai Rong hung up on the communicator and immediately rushed out the door.

    Ten minutes later, Bai Rong saw Mo Xi waiting by the Union Building’s doors from afar. He quickened his pace at once and ran to Mo Xi, panting, “Sorry for being slow…” 

    “It’s alright.” Mo Xi smiled, “I’ve just finished settling my membership information.” 

    “Where are you going to live, Mo Xi?” Bai Rong saw that Mo Xi had finished registering in the AS and assumed that he wasn’t going to leave anytime soon, so he felt happy, “Are you going to stay in Sai Ya City in the future?”

    “Yup.” Mo Xi also had a smile plastered on his face, “By a stroke of luck, I was hired to be a Spell Card Master for a clan here, so from now on I’ll be staying in Sai Ya City and making cards for them.” 

    “Which clan is it?” Bai Rong asked curiously.

    “It’s the Anya Clan.” Mo Xi optimistically patted Mu Man’s shoulder and smiled, “I was lucky enough to advance to C-Class Spell Card Master the other day, so I was able to be hired. Though, of course, I’m still no match for you.”

    “Don’t say that…” Bai Rong scratched his head sheepishly. “The Anya Clan is the most powerful and prominent clan in Sai Ya City. Mo Xi, you are absolutely amazing.”

    “Yup, I’m already pretty content.”

    Bai Rong glanced at the time. “It’s already 7:40 pm right now. Mo Xi, are you going to report to the Anya Clan? Will you be late?”

    “Don’t worry, I’ve already reported to them. Oh! That’s right……” Mo Xi suddenly remembered something, “I’m going to an auction with the Anya Clan members in three hours, do you want to join us?”

    “Auction?” Bai Rong knitted his brows perplexedly, “What auction?”

    “It’s a big and popular auction but you’ve never heard of it? Mu Nan, you must be living under a rock!” Mo Xi jostled Mu Nan’s shoulder and exaggerated, “It’s the grand auction that’s happening in Xin Ma City. I heard they’re auctioning off S-Class Virtual Spell Cards and S-Class Virtual Mechs!” 

    “S-level Virtual Mechs?!” Bai Rong’s eyes sparkled. Then, could he perhaps buy it for his wife?! 

    “Yup. The Anya family has a group-admission ticket that can admit twelve people in.”

    Bai Rong knocked on his forehead in exasperation, “Can’t I buy an entrance ticket now?” 

    “Admission tickets have already been sold out since half a month ago, but it’s not entirely impossible.” Mo Xi quickly added, “If you want to go so badly, I can give you my seat.” Mu Nan had previously lent him 800,000 without asking any questions and resulted in saving his father’s life, so he kept this kindness….at heart. 

    “That’s not good…” Bai Rong shook his head. “I’ll think of another way.”

    “Alright.” The look on Mu Nan’s face didn’t have the slightest bit of pretense, so Mo Xi did not continue to offer him. “Though, if you want to go, just let me know.”

    “En.” Bai Rong deeply sighed in his mind. “Mo Xi, I still have some matters to deal with. so I’m going back first. Let’s contact each other again tomorrow.”


    Once Bai Rong had reached home, he immediately browsed the virtual star network. 

    Before this, he was so absorbed in his card-making that he didn’t even log into the virtual star network, let alone the real star network. But now….he had the resolve to register for a star network account. This website’s traffic was the largest after all.

    He registered for an account called ‘ToughGuy23333’ since all the numbers before ToughGuy23333 had already been taken.  Bai Rong then quickly deposited 80 million virtual star coins into the account and posted a ‘Seeking to Purchase’ message.

    —— “Seeking to buy a single-person admission ticket for the Xin Ma auction. Asking price is 80 million. Deadline: One Hour.” 

    Bai Rong shut the star network off and started making more spell cards after posting what he needed to. The question of whether ‘80 million was too much for a ticket’ had never crossed Bai Rong’s mind. Ultimately, 80 million wasn’t much when compared to being able to buy a mech for his wife.  

    An hour and a half later, Bai Rong uploaded four virtual spell cards in the shopping center. Each card was priced at 450 million virtual star coins. 

    En…For the sake of buying a mech for his wife, he partially inflated the price to earn more money. 

    Bai Rong logged onto the star network and saw the successful transaction message, which wasn’t a surprise to him. He then went to the ‘Toot Toot Aviation’ web page and hailed a C-Class aircraft, preparing to depart for Xin Ma City. 

    The tough guy’s actions were overall, highly efficient. In just two hours, Bai Rong was standing at the doors of Xin Ma’s auction city and showing the staff his entrance ticket’s electronic code…

    Each person in the virtual star network could only register for one ticket, so the instant that the transaction had become completed, the ticket’s appearance would immediately change to avoid any other complications…

    After the staff had successfully scanned the electronic code, a ‘used’ text was immediately printed on the admission ticket.

    “Sir, your seat is in row B seat number 30.” The staff member smiled politely, guiding him in the front as Bai Rong secretly looked around. 

    Hmm…the chandelier in this auction hall looked grandiose. Should he buy one for Mu Chongyan… 

    At the same time, Mu Chongyan received a message from Walter, his face immediately turning black the moment he opened it. 

    —— “Mu Chongyan, uhh…I sold my admission ticket to the auction because you know,  ever since I helped you block Princess Fenya, my living allowance has significantly decreased. I didn’t have a choice this time. I earned several times more than the original 1 million cost of the ticket, and there wasn’t any time to think about it since others were also planning to sell to this fellow. I’ll treat you to a meal next time!!! Don’t miss me! Who knows, maybe you’ll have a beautiful romantic encounter!!” 

    And so, when Mu Chongyan looked up again, he saw a strong-looking two-meter tall man amicably looking at him.

    When the man in front of him gave him a cold look, Bai Rong promptly froze up and stuttered, “H…Hi!” 

    Mu Chongyan expressionlessly turned his head away from him and didn’t say a word.

    Bai Rong stiffly sat down with his legs joined together and quietly placed his hands on top of his thighs.

    Aaahhhhh why were this man’s eyes so terrifying, he wants to change seats!!! QAQ

    The author has something to say:

    Kuku isn’t the second male lead. He’s just a pure character with a brother complex. Please don’t think too much about him!

    To say that spending a few million dollars to make your pet happy isn’t a problem….a certain wealthy person is too much!

    Mu Chongyan (aloof): In reality, I’m just spending money on my wife. If I spend 10 million, my wife gets 10 million, what’s the difference if I spend or not then? Besides that, I can even make my wife happy, it’s a transaction where both parties benefit.

    Bai Rong (raises his head in confusion): It does sound reasonable…?

    Mu Chongyan (bends down): Come, give me another kiss, wifey….

    Bai Rong (turns his little head away): No. Hmph. You looked at me so intimidatingly just then!!!

    TOC for advanced chapters – KMGT

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