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  • Chapter 33.1 I have a nice surprise for you (1)

    Bai Rong was stunned by what Mu Chongyan had said at first before warmth had immediately encapsulated his heart…

    “But it’s very expensive …”

    “It’s not.” Mu Chongyan glanced at the price. It was only 8.8 million star coins. It wasn’t even as expensive as the optical computer he had bought for him.

    “But…” Bai Rong lowered his flushed face and shyly fiddled with his hands. His wife had always treated him well; but as always, he didn’t know how to respond to being spoiled… 

    Although he didn’t want his wife to spend that much money on him, he also didn’t want to damper his wife’s sudden enthusiasm.

    “I don’t need to save up for it,” Seeing the little star pet’s reluctant expression, Mu Chongyan’s heart melted at the adorable sight. In response, he reached out his hand and affectionately rubbed the little star pet’s head, “I still have a lot of money, so don’t you worry.”

    “Even if you own a fortune, you still need to save up…” When Bai Rong lifted his small face, he saw Mu Chongyan’s gentle gaze and loving smile, and this caused his face to burn up incessantly.

    Mu Chongyan revealed such a charming smile, just for the sake of tempting him to spend his money!

    “Then …” Bai Rong quickly stood up and scurried over to embrace Mu Chongyan’s finger, rubbing his hot and embarrassed face against it and whispering softly , “Mu Chongyan, thank you……”

    Since Mu Chongyan cherished him so much, it was unreasonable for him to continue refusing his offer, so he’ll first take him up on it. In any case, he was going to give lots and lots of spending money to his wife in the future….

    “It’s no problem.” Mu Chongyan gave a satisfied smile and took the little star pet into his palm.

    Sigh… This cute and well-behaved little star pet never failed in making his heart clench.

    The two interacted in a friendly yet ambiguous manner for a while before Bai Rong requested for Mu Chongyan to carry him back to the crystal glass case. 

    Bai Rong carefully closed the villa doors, feeling giddy and foolishly smiling to himself before heading back to his room and continuing to study the spell card information he had exchanged for back then.

    Being doted on was such a nice feeling, but this didn’t mean that he could allow himself to fall behind on his studies. 

    One could even describe him as a manly man with a strong will!

    After studying for four straight hours and memorizing a third of the 300 spell card materials’ characteristics and uses, Bai Rong finally rubbed his sleepy eyes and turned off the optical computer.

    Bai Rong’s process of studying spell card materials was too simple. With just one look, he was able to thoroughly grasp the information presented. At this rate, it was as though he could finish studying the entire second part by tomorrow!

    After merrily moving the optical computer to the bedside cabinet, Bai Rong got out of bed and washed up; but when he reached the living room, he suddenly stopped dead in his tracks.

    Shifting his eyes sneakily, Bai Rong secretly exposed a smirk and furtively went up the stairs to the second floor.

    He tiptoed towards Kuku’s room and quietly made a small opening at the door. Just as he had expected, Kuku was still sitting on the bed, enjoying the manga!

    Kuku was becoming more and more disobedient!

    Bai Rong opened the door with a bang and the air of an extremely formidable teacher. He cleared his throat and roared, “Why haven’t you gone to sleep yet?!”

    As a result, Kuku jumped out of his bed from fright. When his eyes had finally landed on Bai Rong, he lowered his head in shame and guilty conscience, whispering, “I-I’m going to sleep immediately…”

    “Immediately?” Bai Rong haughtily stepped inside the room and sat on Kuku’s bed. “Exactly what time is immediately? Hmmm..?” 

    “In ten minutes?” Kuku spoke in a probing manner as he coyly lifted his little head…

    “Alright. Any longer than that is unacceptable.” Bai Rong indulged his request and rubbed Kuku’s head. “Go wash up quickly then.”

    “Okay~” Since Bai Rong’s face no longer carried its previous grave expression, Kuku immediately put on a bright smile and excitedly pounced on Bai Rong, rubbing his face against his chest, “I’m going then.”

    “Go.” Bai Rong’s eyes reflected a glint of amusement as he gently said, “But next time, if I catch you doing it again, I’ll punish you accordingly.”

    “What’s the punishment?” Kuku knew very well that his Bai Rong wouldn’t punish him that seriously.

    “For the punishment…I haven’t given it much thought yet. Quickly go wash up!” Bai Rong then gently slapped Kuku’s butt.

    “Hehe …” Kuku quickly dashed away.

    Bai Rong picked up the manga placed on the bed and curiously flipped through it. Kuku had already finished reading the 100th volume, he could tell that this reading speed was truly…


    Five minutes later, Kuku had returned.

    “Go to sleep. I’m going back now.” Bai Rong gently pressed Kuku down on the bed and tucked him in with his small quilt. “Good night. I’m leaving.”

    “… Rong. Good night.” Kuku gave him a small sweet smile and obediently closed his eyes to go to sleep.

    “Such a good boy.” Satisfied, Bai Rong stood up and turned to walk out of the door.

    However, the moment he stepped out of the room, Bai Rong heard quick bursts of footsteps getting louder by the second and unexpectedly felt his bum being slapped. Afterwards, a click on the door could be heard.

    “!!!” Bai Rong was rendered speechless by the series of events.

    Behind him, Kuku’s suppressed mischievous ‘hehes’ and ‘

    hahas’ could be heard from the other side of the door.

    “Kuku!” Bai Rong’s face blushed profusely, completely dispelling the imposing aura he had before. He promptly turned around and fiercely banged on the door, yelling through gritted teeth, “What do you think you’re doing?!!!”

    “I’m going to sleep… Rong. Hahahaha, (hiccup). Good night… “

    “You-…You’ll be the death of me!” Bai Rong once again viciously pounded on the door, his mouth haphazardly spitting out nasty threats, “Just you wait, Kuku. Tomorrow, I will come visit and… deal with you!”

    Bai Rong went downstairs in a huff.

    Kuku had recently become more and more naughty, to the point where he dared to s-…slap his butt! 

    With such utter disregard to his manly man persona, it looked like he had no choice but to educate him!

    However, Bai Rong had failed to notice in his immense anger, that Kuku’s speed at the time he ran to spank his rear, was rather odd…

    At the same time, Kuku, who was giddily hiding underneath the covers, had turned red from stifling his excitement.

    Wuuu… He finally understood why the happy worm would become ecstatic every time he secretly tugged on the village chief’s tail1Parody of the Chinese cartoon: Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf… 

    Rong’s rump felt soft and bouncy to the touch…..

    How could Bai Rong ever think that the cartoon ‘Happy Worm and the Grey Big Fowl’ wasn’t a ‘good’ cartoon at all? Truthfully, it was even more toxic than ‘Cold Immortal Doctor, the Good-For-Nothing Star Pet Counterattacks!’ and ‘Rich and Wealthy Pet: Agent Star Pet One Hundred Billion’. Under the happy worm’s poisonous ‘lessons’, his Kuku was no longer the innocent simple-minded cutie he was before…

    If he wasn’t disciplined soon, Kuku would surely turn into a mantis shrimp that would reach the heavens!

    The ashamed yet angry Bai Rong washed up for bed and gloomily fell back into his quilt. He completely didn’t understand why Kuku had suddenly become thick-skinned…

    The next day, Bai Rong got up and routinely recorded his height. Then, he immediately went to the closet to look for the set of dinosaur clothing.

    After putting the costume on and admiring himself in front of the mirror, Bai Rong nodded in satisfaction and ran out of the bedroom to wash up.

    This dinosaur tail was quite thick and long, so Kuku wouldn’t be able to smack his precious butt!

    Once he had washed up, Bai Rong ran out of the crystal glass case as usual and had breakfast with Mu Chongyan.

    Bai Rong, whose ears had turned scarlet red after getting two kisses, brimmed with spirit!

    With his wife’s loving encouragement, he was surely going to win against Kuku!

    Waving good-bye to Mu Chongyan out the door, Bai Rong casually hummed the ‘Good Man’ song and swiftly returned to the villa. He gallantly marched onto the second floor and loudly knocked on Kuku’s door. 

    “Rong… you’re here.” Kuku quickly opened the door and jumped on Bai Rong.

    Because of the force from Kuku’s body, Bai Rong staggered backwards and nearly lost his footing. “Ahh take it easy…”

    “Rong… I woke up from the alarm today!” Kuku’s glittering eyes had a look of ‘seeking praise’ to them.

    “Good… Kuku, you’re amazing.” Bai Rong finally steadied himself and gently patted Kuku’s head. He was still a child after all. So if he did something right, he needed to be praised; and if he did something wrong, he needed to be disciplined. He was an open-minded brother after all.

    “Hehe,” Kuku giggled.

    Pulling Kuku into the room, Bai Rong silently closed the door behind him as his face turned serious.

    After praising him, it was time to properly discuss yesterday’s incident.

    Kuku saw Bai Rong’s expression change abruptly and he rigidly and obediently stood at the side, whispering slowly, “… Rong?”

    “Kuku…” Bai Rong indicated for Kuku to sit at the bedside and spoke in a friendly tone, “Do you know what you did wrong yesterday?”

    Kuku innocently shook his head, “Rong…”

    “It’s not a problem if you don’t know, brother will tell you.” Bai Rong deeply sighed, muttering on the inside that educating a child wasn’t easy.

    “You can’t go around spanking your brother’s butt whenever you feel like it.” Bai Rong patiently explained, donning a serious look. “Good children don’t do this, do you understand? If you hit brother’s butt again next time, brother will have to teach you a lesson…” 

    “What lesson?” Evidently, Kuku still hadn’t given up…

    Bai Rong pretended to put on a fierce facade, “Brother will beat you up. Look at how ferocious brother looks! You surely won’t be able to endure it if brother starts to teach you a lesson.”

    “…” Kuku remained silent.

    Then, what if he could beat his Rongrong?

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