Chapter 26.1 We are not the same! (1)

The little star pet who had his chest puffed out with excitement, instantly shriveled, turning into a lean bok choy. He clung onto Mu Chongyan’s finger deadly tight, unwilling to release his hold. Mu Chongyan felt it a little funny, and was completely unable to decipher what tune the little star pet was playing at.

“What’s wrong?” Mu Chongyan raised the little star pet to eye level and asked, “You don’t want to go inside anymore?”

“I-…I’m not going!” Bai Rong’s arms were still wrapped around Mu Chongyan’s fingers without moving an inch.

“Why did you suddenly change your mind?”

“I…” Bai Rong’s eyes suddenly shifted before he put on an adorable expression. “It’s too noisy and messy inside, but the most important reason is because I wanted to accompany you here…”

Bai Rong thought he was extremely quick-witted for having come  up with a way to protect his manly dignity while sweet-talking and teasing his lover at the same!

“Pu——“ The staff member at the side suddenly broke into a laugh as he unblinkingly stared at Bai Rong with amused eyes. “Mister, your little star pet is so adorable and the words he speaks are deadly sweet. No wonder he’s called Little Sweet Cake.”

Mu Chongyan watched as the little star pet suddenly turned his bum towards the staff member. “….En.”

“Moreover, his features are a lot more realistic than the other little star pet’s.” Excitement could be seen from the staff’s face. “Little Sweet Cake…couldn’t possibly be one of the star pets that was sold at the Blue Emperor’s auction, was he?!”

Mu Chongyan furrowed his brows faintly, visibly expressing his refusal to respond to him.

Seeing that Mu Chongyan had no intention of answering him, the staff member put on an embarrassed face. “I’m sorry, mister. I spoke too much. Do…you have any other requests?”

Mu Chongyan looked at his surroundings. “First, open up a private room.”

“Alright.” The staff member quickly opened the work terminal on his optical computer and his face turned bitter in the next second. “…Mister, C-class and B-class rooms have all been occupied. Would you like…to book an A-class room instead?”

Mu Chongyan cast a faint glance at the image and price displayed on the optical computer. “Sure.”

“Alright then. I’ll be opening one for you. Please follow me.” The staff member was delighted for a moment. Renting an A-class room for an hour costed 1800 star coins. The longer they stayed in the room, the higher his cut would be!

An A-Class room was 200 square meters big and had three rooms inside. Not only were there plenty of luxurious facilities for the little star pet to play with, but an owner’s every need would also be satisfied. There were all kinds of snacks in the middle living room and in the inner room, there was a huge milky white carpet and a warm brown bed. However, Mu Chongyan merely sat on the outer room’s sofa without moving a muscle.

“What do you want to play with?” Mu Chongyan placed the little star pet on the table in front of him and casually turned on his optical computer to send Walter a message.

Bai Rong stood on the table and raised his little head to survey the entire room. He looked across the facility and finally stopped at the pot of green plants at the corner of the room. “Star Grass.”


“Those are Star Grass.” Bai Rong pointed at the small bonsai plant with fine leaves sitting on the edge.

Mu Chongyan followed the direction to where Bai Rong pointed at and revealed delight in his eyes. “En. Very clever. How did you know that it was Star Grass?”

“I learned it on the optical computer.” Bai Rong blinked as he continued to rack his brain. He then probed, “I also saw a video called ‘Plant World’ on the optical computer….”

“On the optical computer?” Mu Chongyan originally thought that the little star pet solely  used the optical computer for gaming and didn’t think that he had learned something else from it. He was slightly stunned by the little star pet’s knowledge and pondered for a moment before saying, “How clever. Did you search for it by yourself?”

Bai Rong cautiously observed Mu Chongyan’s expression. Seeing that he didn’t have an excessive reaction, he lowered his guard slightly, “…You could consider it like that.”

“Consider?” Mu Chongyan watched the little star pet’s careful expression and thought it funny. “What do you mean consider?”

“I mean…I was really inexperienced at it in the beginning, just pressing all the buttons randomly….” Bai Rong nervously played with his hands behind his back. “But now, I’ve become slightly more familiar with it….”

“Oh, so this is the case…” Seeing the little star pet suddenly turn nervous, Mu Chongyan’s eyes changed, and he deliberate darkened his expression.

Seeing this, Bai Rong’s heart started beating quickly. His little hands stopped twisting around as he quickly explained. “But…But there’s still a lot more that I don’t understand! I’m especially especially dumb!!”

“Especially dumb?”

“En!” Bai Rong spared no effort bad-mouthing himself and gravely said, “I might not even be on par with an average star pet’s intelligence.”

“….” Mu Chongyan suddenly understood what the little star pet was being nervous about and inwardly chuckled. Did his family’s little star pet suddenly turn into an elite or something?

He carried the star pet closer to him. “This stupid?”

Bai Rong instantly froze on top of Mu Chongyan’s hand. “Ye….Yeah.”

“Then what should we do? Being too stupid isn’t good. Why don’t we dismantle you for repair?”

“Do-….Don’t dismantle me!” Bai Rong was about to burst into tears. He quickly hugged Mu Chongyan’s figure as tears started to pool in his black eyes. His little nose sniffled as he said, “I…I’m not that stupid and I’m especially behaved! And super obedient! Don’t dismantle me….”

“Sigh….” Mu Chongyan sighed as he gently patted the little star pet’s head for comfort. He regretted teasing the little star pet for his pitiful expression made his heart ache.

“I won’t dismantle you.”

Bai Rong sniffled, his eyes still filled with tears. “Really…?”

“Really.” Mu Chongyan lifted Bai Rong to his face and with a serious look, said, “No matter how smart or how dumb you are, I will never abandon you.”

“You promised this ok…” Being solemnly promised to this made Bai Rong’s heart slowly settle down. He blinked his eyes and wiped away the tears on his flushed and puffy face as he softly said, “You’re not allowed to lie to me….”

“I won’t lie to you.” Mu Chongyan breathed out another sigh. The little star pet’s face was extremely effective in making people feel distressed. He couldn’t help but want to treat him a little better, so he took the little star pet’s hand up and placed a gentle kiss. “No matter what happens, I won’t abandon you.”

“Wuu….” Bai Rong’s little face quickly turned red, causing him to bashfully hang his head down.

How could Mu Chongyan act like this?! Suddenly confessing to him when he wasn’t prepared for it! No…That’s not right. It wasn’t that he wasn’t prepared. It was because how could he, a manly man, allow his wife to confess first! This posed a big challenge to his status in the family and his role!

H-He couldn’t accept this!

“What’s wrong? Are you still worried?” Seeing that the little star pet was unresponsive, Mu Chongyan rubbed his head. “Don’t worry. I’ll always have you by my side no matter what.”

“Wuuu….” Bai Rong’s face turned even redder. He quickly shot Mu Chongyan a look before lowering his head, unable to control the tautness coming from the corner of his lips.

Forget it. Mu Chongyan loved him this much and confessed to him thrice. He’ll…..indulge him for a while…..

“Still worried?”

“No…not worried anymore…” Bai Rong twisted the hem of his clothes, suddenly feeling like this was the time to muster up his courage. Otherwise, he would have been scared for nothing, so he raised his head and whispered, “What if I weren’t stupid….but was really smart?” with a face that said ‘If you dare say anything bad, you’d be the most despicable traitor in the world.’

Mu Chongyan couldn’t help himself from revealing a hint of amusement in his eyes, thinking that the little star pet must be trying to cover up his troubles again. “Then that’s better. Who wouldn’t like a smart person?”

Although he also had his suspicions about why his little star pet was so lifelike and smart, he was unwilling to send his star pet to be dismantled for research.

“En.” Bai Rong let out a sigh of relief and started loosening up. A smile returned to his face as he exposed his canines. “Then I have another important thing to tell you but you mustn’t get angry…”

“An important thing?” The corner of Mu Chongyan’s mouth twitched. “About you being really smart?”

“!!!” Bai Rong’s eyes instantly widened, forming large circles. He originally wanted to take it step by step, and say that he wasn’t that stupid at all!

“You could see it?” Bai Rong cautiously stared at Mu Chongyan.

“En.” Mu Chongyan responded. Then, he poked the little star pet’s full cheeks and spoke in a joking tone. “How could I not see it when you’re this smart?”

The dread that Bai Rong felt, instantly turned into confidence thanks to this praise and he proudly raised his head, “I am indeed very smart. Moreover, I…” Bai Rong suddenly paused and secretly rattled his brain. “Moreover, my cognition program is a lot more advanced than other star pets!”

The ultimate rule of a manly man——Before being fully independent, even if tempted by a honey trap, he needed to maintain his vigilance!

“That’s amazing.” Mu Chongyan’s calm tone sharply contrasted his praise, making the compliment sound fake. However, he continued to rub the furry tail behind the little star pet’s hind. “Aside from being able to browse, what else can you do?”

“I could also….” Bai Rong was entranced by Mu Chongyan’s charming smile and had swooned for a moment before snapping back to his senses. Secretly regarding his wife as crafty, he lifted his head, narrowed his eyes, and dangerously smirked, “… a lot more.”

T/N: Ahh so many cute interactions between them, I just wanna crush a pillow XD

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