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  • Chapter 24.4 Big Kissing Battle! (4)

    After their meal, Bai Rong did not accompany Mu Chongyan by playing the usual fruit cutting game. instead, he simply let Mu Chongyan take him back to the crystal glass case. After all, during the past few days, he hadn’t watched a lot of spell card videos due to various reasons. This wouldn’t do. He still needed to work harder and make cards to earn more money to support his family! 

    Watching the little star pet’s figure head straight into the villa without looking back, Mu Chongyan’s appearance looked a little unsightly….

    Back in the villa, Bai Rong immediately turned the optical computer on and watched the remaining videos.

    …After an unknown amount of time had passed, Bai Rong’s entire head began to feel dizzy from exhaustion. He slowly went to wash up before falling headfirst onto the bed.

    The next day.

    For the very first time, Bai Rong had woken up late in a muddle-headed state. He glanced at the time displayed on the physical examination device —— [09:30] 

    He immediately sat up and quickly ran out, cursing himself for oversleeping.

    When he reached the door, Bai Rong was able to see that a small plate of cut dumplings had been placed on the small table. He knew that Mu Chongyan had prepared it for him and that he should have been gone by now, so feeling frustrated, he pulled on his hair and ruffled it, making it more tangled than it already was…  

    He couldn’t get a kiss this morning…

    So he’ll have to continue working hard tonight!

    Bai Rong secretly clenched his fist and returned to the villa. Before washing up, he put the plate of small dumplings into the microwave to heat it up.

    After finishing his breakfast in half an hour, Bai Rong turned on his optical computer and entered the virtual city.

    Once he spent 3 hours making spell cards in the room, Bai Rong saw that the competition time was fast approaching, so he quickly posted the virtual spell cards in the shopping center and rushed towards the AS Virtual Spell Card Union.

    He arrived outside the Union Building within 20 minutes and saw a dense crowd lining up from the entrance of the building and reaching the side of the road. This sight almost made Bai Rong’s head explode.

    At that moment, he gritted his teeth and straightened up his powerful-looking two-meter tall figure, proudly raising his head and weaving into the crowd.

    Unexpectedly, he found himself relaxing after getting in and delight spread across his face. He complacently scratched his head, looking down on another black-haired head as he squeezed into the building doors.

    Swaggering through the doors in a masculine manner, Bai Rong showed the information on his watch to the competition supervisor at the door and was led to door 403 on the fourth floor of the building.

    At this time, only five minutes remained before the start of the preliminaries.

    Once Bai Rong entered competition room 403, he observed the classroom’s 6 by 4 seat arrangement and quickly walked to the leftmost row’s first seat.

    “There are three minutes left before the competition begins. May each Spell Card Master check the spell card equipment on the table?” A blond-haired man wearing a white uniform suddenly stepped inside the competition room. The man thoroughly scanned the entire room before taking out a white round machine from his spatial button. The machine ‘whooshed’ and flew into the center of the room.

    A surveillance camera?

    Bai Rong curiously stared at the white spherical machine. When the blond-haired man’s gaze shifted onto him, he quickly turned his head to meticulously examine the equipment placed on the table.

    This blond man looked terrifyingly strict. Bai Rong took a deep breath, feeling an uncomfortable feeling overwhelm him. It was as if he was being closely monitored.

    A minute later, the blond man took out the spell card materials from the spatial button and provided one to each participant. Once Bai Rong received his, he hurriedly opened the material box and discovered that it contained the materials for a thunderball card. 

    After laying out the spell card materials on the table, Bai Rong heard discrete noises of complaints behind him, and the faint confusion he felt instantly disappeared. 

    As expected, when he held it in his hand, it felt strange. According to his understanding, preliminary rounds would usually give out a simple spell card making problem. Yet this time, they gave out a thunderball card. No matter how you looked at it, the situation was unusual. 

    At least, it wasn’t a difficult task for him. 

    Under the lashing of blond man’s tongue, the competition room quickly regained order. Bai Rong speedily handled the materials, intending to finish the card-making process and leave the room as soon as possible.

    The sight of this blond man was too suffocating!

    … After half an hour, Bai Rong watched the man place his card in a jade box and affixed a seal on it. His body almost couldn’t hold back his excitement and he nearly couldn’t help himself from running out the door.

    “You can go.” The man glanced at Bai Rong. his azure eyes reflecting a measuring look.

    “Thank you.” Bai Rong put on a stiff face, nodded respectfully, and walked out quickly.

    Whew! After finally leaving that suffocating room, Bai Rong looked outside with joy. He felt that all was well and dandy in the world. The sky was blue. The passersby were good-looking. And the air was fragrant.

    After leaving the Union Building and taking an aircraft home, Bai Rong continuously made three virtual spell cards until his stomach started gurgling, leading him to reluctantly log out of the virtual city.

    Slowly getting off the bed, Bai Rong rubbed his belly and ran out to the living room to find bread. But before he stuffed it into his mouth, familiar sounds of footsteps outside suddenly rang out. 

    Bai Rong ran out immediately with bread still in his mouth. As his eyes started to glitter at Mu Chongyan who was also walking towards him, his little feet also began to move quicker.

    “Run slowly.” Mu Chongyan looked at the little star pet who was rushing towards him with warmth in his eyes. He increased his pace and picked up the little star pet, feeling helpless yet considerate towards him, “Didn’t I tell you to run slower?”

    Bai Rong finished the entire bread in his mouth before looking up at Mu Chongyan and asked with a pleasantly surprised tone, “You’ve come back so early today?”

    “En.” Mu Chongyan rubbed his little star pet’s hair. “I’m going to take you out for dinner now, do you want to go?”

    “I do!” Bai Rong immediately stood straight up. His big black eyes became round and wide as he carefully asked, “For real?”

    “For real.” The little star pet’s obedient appearance nestled its way into Mu Chongyan’s heart. Mu Chongyan approached the crystal glass case and gently placed the little star pet inside. With his soft voice, he said, “Stay in the spatial button for a while. I’ll take you out soon.” 

    “Okay!” Bai Rong nodded excitedly.

    …… Around twenty minutes had passed when the outside of the crystal glass case turned bright again. Bai Rong looked at the cup containing warm-colored flowers next to the crystal glass case and excitedly raised his head to look at Mu Chongyan.

    “This is Dizhi restaurant. The flowers on the table are also edible.” Mu Chongyan took Bai Rong out of the crystal glass case. “Do you want to try it?”

    “….Umm maybe not.” Bai Rong paused for a full ten seconds before shaking his head definitively.

    Although his offer seemed tempting, the act of eating flowers wasn’t manly! And he was determined to maintain his dignity as a tough man!

    “If you don’t want to, then don’t do it. This flower is not delicious anyway.” Mu Chongyan took in the little star pet’s expression and found it amusing. He paused and said, “Also, when the noisy guy, Walter, comes over later, just ignore him.”

    “En.” Bai Rong cleverly nodded.

    “Mr. Mu.” A waitress knocked on their room’s door. “Would you like to order now?”

    Mu Chongyan looked at Bai Rong and told the person waiting outside, “Come in. We’ll start ordering.”


    “See if there’s anything you’d like to eat.” Mu Chongyan opened the electronic menu screen for Bai Rong.

    “Hmmm…” Bai Rong stood steadily on Mu Chongyan’s palm, scanning the menu on the screen. When he arrived at the dessert page, his eyes instantly lit up..

    “I want this!” Bai Rong pointed to a plate of small sweet cakes that looked white, soft. and sticky. He turned to look at the waitress and cutely asked, “You previously gave out this strawberry honey milk cake in your restaurant for a promotion before, right? Is the campaign still active?”

    “This strawberry honey milk cake has always been the signature dessert of Dizhi, but it has never been involved in any promotions before.” The well-trained waitress smiled, “If you want, I’ll ask the chef for you. This is usually reserved in advance, so we may not have any in stock right now.”

    Mu Chongyan’s face suddenly tensed up.

    “Not in a campaign?” Bai Rong stared at the waitress before turning to look at Mu Chongyan.

    Mu Chongyan’s face became even more rigid in response. He felt extremely uncomfortable all over as he looked at the waitress, and stiffly said, “Just order this first. It’s ok if you don’t have it. Please leave.”

    “Alright, please wait for a moment.” The waitress respectfully left.

    After seeing the waitress depart, Bai Rong’s eyes instantly curved into a smile. He looked up at Mu Chongyan and said, “Mu Chongyan, that strawberry milk cake…”

    Mu Chongyan’s face remained expressionless as he answered, “What’s the matter?”

    “… Nothing.” Bai Rong lowered his head and chuckled, feeling a tinge of warmth in his chest. Seeing that Mu Chongyan’s expression was about to crumble, he considerately and magnanimously decided not to tease him.

    In any case, he knew how much Mu Chongyan loved him!

    Mu Chongyan looked at the quivering shoulders of the little star pet, the expression on his face turned so stiff it looked like it was nearly going to disintegrate…. 

    The author has something to say:

    Mu Chongyan (expressionless face but collapsing on the inside): I’ve actually been exposed

    Bai Rong (snickering): My manly and majestic temperament must’ve definitely captivated Mu Chongyan!

    Mu Chongyan (glancing at a tough guy who was still as tall as a palm): En, that’s right. You could say that I was deeply captivated.

    TOC for advanced chapters – KMGT

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