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  • Chapter 23 The Rules of Love

    T/N: hehehehe this chapter gonna end with a very sweet cliffhanger ψ(`∇´)ψ

    This video was actually of ‘Genius Girl Spell Card Master: Asking the Overbearing Marshal to Please Let Go’ … Hmm? No, wait! It looked like the main character was different?!

    “Sir, your order has arrived.” The skilled waiter had brought over a tray filled with mouthwatering food and placed it on Bai Rong’s table. He looked at the guest who was completely engrossed in watching the video and lightheartedly laughed, saying, “This is the second part of ‘Asking the Overbearing Marshall to Please Let Go’ titled ‘His Demonic Highness Wants to Control Me’. Do you also like watching it, sir?”

    “The second part?” Bai Rong gaped in surprise. He hadn’t even finished watching half of the first one, and now the second one was out?!

    “Yes, but it hasn’t been officially broadcasted yet. This is only a promotional trailer for the second part. I heard that there were numerous new elements added. The new style of the series is going to lean more towards fresh and natural aesthetics. There would also be love tips added in each episode.” The waiter’s cheeks turned slightly pink as he sighed. “It’s a pity that it will only start airing next week, I honestly can’t wait any longer…” 

    There were even love tips added!!!

    This information repeatedly echoed in Bai Rong’s mind as he slowly shifted his attention back onto the screen and away from the waiter. The faint flush on his cheeks had been completely replaced by a look of excitement and pleasant surprise!

    The man on the screen smiled sinfully as he gently raised the female lead’s chin using his right hand. He spoke with extreme affection and gentleness. “Li Luo, did you know? Every time I saw you, I wanted to kiss you…”

    “Xuan Yuan…” Li Luo blinked her pretty eyes shyly. She looked at the man’s handsome face and saw that it revealed a hint of madness, “Xuan Yuan, I…”

    “No. Don’t say anything.” The man suddenly leaned down, his magnetic voice slowly bewitching the woman’s mind. It sounded so husky as if he had caught a cold, went without water for three days, and had just swallowed sand mixed with cement. “Li Luo, I love you…” 

    Like a hungry tiger pouncing on its prey, he immediately pressed the heroine down onto the spring field of canola flowers as wild bees danced around!


    Bai Rong, who was sitting in front of the optical computer, was stunned. His eyes slowly widened before he covered his face with his small hands and buried his head into his tiger-printed quilt. The flush from the base of his neck reached his soft white ear tips, instantly turning them red! 

    Wow… Bai Rong curled up shamefully inside the small quilt. His little face became hotter, making him look like a ripe tomato.

    This…this TV series trailer was too bold to actually … feature a ki-…kiss////

    The man and woman in the video proceeded with their act and after thirty seconds had passed, the embarrassing sounds had finally disappeared. Bai Rong finally drew himself out of the quilt.

    “Xuan Yuan.” The female lead Li Luo settled in the man’s arms. She slowly leaned back on the field of glittering canola flowers that swayed with the wind. Li Luo shyly and happily said, “Did you know, kissing is…is the most unique form of touching.”

    “Hm?” The man responded in a low, husky, and entrancing tone.


    The red-faced Bai Rong widened his eyes, staring intently at the two people on the screen with rapt attention before faint sigh was suddenly produced in his heart.

    Although the screenwriter was very talented, and knowledgeable in the way of love, his sense of aesthetics was terrible. How could such an important scene take place in a field of canola flowers….

    At this time, the aesthetics suddenly became pleasing, which came as a surprise…

    On the screen, the male and female protagonists continued to pour their hearts out to each other.

    “Xuan Yuan, I just said so much to you, will you…” A canola flower picked by the male lead was tucked behind the female lead’s ear, painting her with a fresh countryside air. “Would you think that I’m shameless pain in the neck, very…”

    “No, never!” The man’s gaze was deep yet gentle as if he was sucking the woman into it, “Li Luo, you were right. Compared to before, to me, you’re more…”

    Along with the male lead’s ‘confession’, a line of small pink characters suddenly popped out on the screen——

    “Article 11 of the rules of love——In the early stages of a relationship, kissing is a genuine change compared to ordinary touching. If you have encountered a block in your relationship, why not try doing a sweet variation of kisses~”

    Staring at the small words that were displayed on the screen, Bai Rong immediately opened a file to take notes but was completely dumbstruck for the words appearing next…

    Kissing… was a genuine change compared to ordinary touching?!

    Kissing was far different from ordinary touching?!

    Didn’t that mean…

    An explosion echoed in Bai Rong’s head as if he had suddenly gained enlightenment. His eyes lit up and as if having received guidance from the heavens, his whole body became shrouded in a veil of golden halo!

    Looking up at the screen with excitement, Bai Rong’s eyes were filled with gratitude, joy…and admiration.

    Carrying an inexplicable feeling of vivacity, Bai Rong quickly finished his meal and logged out of the virtual city. He then moved his optical computer out of the villa in a humming mood and sat on the vibrant stretch of grass in front of the blue fence.

    After wiping the sweat seeping through his forehead, Bai Rong who felt as if he had the strength to lift a cauldron, heaved a breath. He began pretending to earnestly learn the ways of hacking. Yet, after a few seconds had passed, he glanced at the living room and the two lines of code he had just memorized went poof in the blink of an eye….

    It felt as if he was turning into the Amah Rock(1) with expectation in its gaze…

    1. Amah Rock literally translated as the stone gazing out for her husband (望夫石). The rock is shaped much like a woman carrying a baby on her back. According to a legend, the faithful wife of a fisherman climbed the hills every day, carrying her son, to watch for the return of her husband, not knowing he had been drowned at sea. In reward for her faithfulness, she was turned into a rock by the Goddess of the Sea so that her spirit could unite with that of her husband. The rock is a popular tourist destination in Hong Kong and is also a place of worship for Chinese women as it stands as a symbol of women’s loyalty and faithfulness. -Wikipedia

    The waiting time was simply too difficult to bear. When Bai Rong felt that his hair was about to turn white, the sound of the door opening vibrated in the quiet room.

    Bai Rong’s eyes lit up. Dropping the code that he had been preoccupied with for 6 or 7 hours, he immediately darted out!

    As soon as Mu Chongyan walked in, he saw the little one frantically running towards him on the floor. The little star pet’s soft black hair was blown back by the wind from running, exposing his white and clean little forehead. His bright black eyes flashed with excitement and his normally white little cheeks were flushed scarlet. His little dimples were faintly noticeable while the cat tail behind him jolted endlessly… 

    Being struck by the sudden view of cuteness caused Mu Chongyan’s heart to skip a beat. His person became frozen in place. 

    Seeing that Mu Chongyan did not move a muscle, Bai Rong had no other choice but to continue running strenuously towards him. He was such a magnanimous and pampering man after all!

    Was his lover a bit willful? No problem, he will indulge him all he wants!

    After running through the entire living room, Bai Rong finally arrived at Mu Chongyan’s feet. The sight in front of him was getting a little hazy but he quickly reached out a small hand to tug on Mu Chongyan’s pants.

    “Mu…Mu Chongyan …”

    Mu Chongyan, who had turned frozen from cuteness for the first time, finally reacted. A trace of annoyance and embarrassment appeared on his face. He then bent down to pick the little star pet up.

    He cleared his throat awkwardly, “…What’s wrong?”

    “I ha-have something important to tell you!”

    “What is it?”

    “It’s that…umm…can you…” Bai Rong’s cheeks turned into a deeper shade of red. The momentum and courage he once had before, vanished and was replaced by embarrassment as he spoke.

    “What’s going on?” Mu Chongyan carried his little star pet to the sofa, his chilly aura returning. However, he subconsciously restrained it in front of the little star pet. “What’s the matter? Do you want to eat something? Or do you want me to buy you something?”

    Bai Rong’s face reddened as he fiddled with his little hands. “…It’s neither of those.”

    “Then what is it?” Mu Chongyan raised the little star pet to his line of sight. His deep black eyes reflected slight curiosity and faint mirth. “I’ll buy you anything you want.”

    There was no doubt he was being doted on a lot!

    “It’s not that…..” Bai Rong shifted his gaze while tugging on the corners of his shirt. Even though he secretly ridiculed Mu Chongyan for taking away his lines and his family role, he also felt a sweet feeling inside his heart….

    It was such a dilemma!

    “Then what is it?” Mu Chongyan reached out a hand and played with the little star pet’s cat ears. “If you don’t say it, I’m going to my bedroom first. I still have a few matters that I need to discuss with Walter…”

    A few matters? Wouldn’t that take long?!

    Bai Rong’s little eyebrows knit up as he clung onto Mu Chongyan’s finger. A bout of courage had suddenly taken over him out of nowhere. “I’ll say it! I’ll say it!”

    “Alright, say it then.” Mu Chongyan looked at the little star pet with utmost seriousness, a hint of mirth slowly creeping into his heart.

    “I…um… I just want to say…” Bai Rong was still somewhat ashamed to speak out, “Can you…”

    “Can I what?” The corner of Mu Chongyan’s lips twitched slightly, and he intentionally said, “If you’re not going to say it, I’m going to…”

    “Ah, don’t go! I’m going to say it!” Bai Rong held onto Mu Chongyan’s fingers tightly, his tiny face flushing crimson. Even though his eyes faintly revealed that he was not afraid to die, his lashes were still trembling nervously.

    “Can…can you…kiss me?!!!”

    The author has something to say:

    Hahaha, many little angels may have guessed that the Overbearing Marshall was being played on-screen but didn’t expect it to be the second part ‘His Demonic Highness’ hehehe.

    On another note, I need to tell my little angels another thing. By next Thursday, the novel’s chapters will be entering the VIP section. By then, be prepared for an increase in the number of characters. I hope that the little angels can continue to support me. To all the little angels that have supported me thus far, thank you very much. Bows!

    Also, if you leave a comment, there’ll be red packets given. I love you all, muah~~ (The little manly man can also get one oh!)

    Bai Rong (squatting in a corner gloomily with drooped ears), “I don’t want a red packet, I just want kisses…”

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