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  • Chapter 21.2 A tsundere’s thought process is impossible to grasp (2)

    Thirty points!

    Bai Rong’s face tinged red with excitement, his morale fully recovering in an instant! He immediately looked up and continued staring at the screen, his big black eyes reflecting  an exciting ray of light.

    This was the so-called… ‘Answering can make one gaunt, yet it can also make one intoxicated.’

    Bai Rong, who was completely engrossed in accumulating points, stood for a full eight hours in front of the screen. After working hard and forgetting to even have lunch, he finally earned 331 points.

    Later on, the number of questions asking about card making steps had surprisingly increased, however, Bai Rong hadn’t learned the majority of them. After all, he had only completed Basic Spell Cards 2, so he only knew the production processes of 72 basic spell cards.

    In the Union, the cheapest data set on basic spell card knowledge costed one thousand points. The data contained all the relevant theories of spell card energy responses, detailed explanations of three hundred kinds of spell card materials, and detailed explanations of the seventy-two combined theory of spell card production processes.

    It was said that those who had finished learning this will be on the same level as a first-year student studying in the Spell Card Department of Sheng Ya Military Academy!

    Bai Rong reluctantly left the page but before leaving the AS Union, he bit his teeth and finally posted a question using one hundred reward points.

    “During the card-making process, a sudden flash of inspiration caused a change in stroke. However, this resulted in a complete failure. Even the spell light did not activate. What had happened? How can I improve the accuracy rate of this ‘sudden flash of inspiration’?

    After posting the question, Bai Rong rode the aircraft and returned home.

    At the same time, in front of a screen in the Q&A center of the AS Union, a dark-haired youth who was standing atop a flying disk went around in fancy circles. The flying disc under his feet then transformed into a dazzling blue virtual picture. After treading both feet on it, he quickly opened the question, typed his answer, and submitted it.

    “Be serious!” A taller man, who was standing next to the youth, turned his head and shot him a cold glare.

    “I don’t want to!” The youth’s neck stiffened, yet he casually somersaulted, drawing the public’s attention to him.

    The man next to the youth suddenly turned his optical computer on to call someone, “Father …”

    “Don’t! Stop! Bro-Brother …I’ll be serious okay?!” The youth immediately straightened up in response. He didn’t move his feet around carelessly, and his eyes didn’t wander around recklessly. Even the little tune he was humming had completely disappeared.

    His entire person became submissive, appearing like a cute rabbit with floppy ears.

    “I’ll give you one last chance.” The man said in warning as he shut his optical computer off. He looked at the young man with slightly furrowed brows, “Did you just answer a question?” If he remembered correctly, the one thing that annoyed his second brother the most was being asked for help by other spell card masters. Since he answered the question in such a short time and even on his own initiative… there was no doubt he was definitely playing the other person.

    “What’s the matter? Why are you looking at me like that? Can you not look at me with such judgmental eyes?” The young man unhappily pressed the question shown on his watch. “Look at the question that your younger brother just answered. Aside from this younger brother of yours, who else would know how to answer this?!”

    The man cast a glance downwards to look at the answer and his face turned even colder. “And you claim you’re not deceiving people?!”

    “Where am I lying here?” The young man glared, “He was asking how to improve the accuracy rate of a sudden inspiration. Did I not answer his question?”

    “You call this a proper answer?” The man really couldn’t handle his mischievous second brother. Although he wasn’t a spell card master, he still knew that the drawing methods of spell text on spell cards were fixed. Meaning, there were no new ways to alter it, let alone improve the accuracy rate of a sudden inspiration.

    “That’s where you’re wrong, brother. How would you know whether or not a Great Spell Card Master could be born from this?” The young man narrowed his eyes and smiled widely. “I wasn’t lying to him. In fact, I’m also using the same method myself. If it weren’t for his question that stood out from all the other conventional spell card masters, coupled with my good mood today, I would have been too lazy to muster up a sliver of kindness to even answer him.” 

    “Are you just using this experimental drawing method as a justification for wasting one hundred million star coins worth of materials?”

    The young man looked at him shocked, “Of course not! Brother! Can you not think so pessimistically…”

    ” …… “

    After returning home, Bai Rong produced two virtual spell cards. He then posted them in the shopping center right before logging out of the virtual city.

    Bai Rong decided that after he had watched all the spell card videos once, he would go to the Q&A center tomorrow and sweep out all the procedure-related questions to earn points. And so, he quickly played the tutorials at a speed of 1.5.

    Bai Rong sat in front of the optical computer holding a small pillow with an earnest face. His heart was brimming with ambition, feeling that he had figured out a good and easy way to earn points. If Mo Xi were to know that he wanted to earn some points by spending millions of star coins to learn the steps on these tutorials, Mo Xi would have knocked his head and chided him for being wasteful!

    The sunlight outside the window gradually tilted westward, and the day had gone by quickly. By the time Mu Chongyan had returned, Bai Rong had finished the video of Basic Spell Cards 3 and had run out of the bedroom to find something to eat.

    “Toktok.” A sudden knock resounded outside, and Bai Rong, who was currently scouring through the refrigerator, immediately lit up. He hurriedly stuffed the bread he was holding into his mouth and quickly darted outside with his short legs.

    “You’re back!” Bai Rong’s cheeks quickly bulged in size as he tried to chew and swallow the bread in his mouth. His eyes lit up as he stared at Mu Chongyan and he waved his little arms excitedly.

    The sight of his little star pet had swept Mu Chongyan’s listlessness away. His whole person immediately became invigorated as the stuffy air he felt in his heart had completely vanished. A slight untraceable smile appeared in his eyes as he gently reached for his little star pet and placed him into his hands. “Are you hungry?”

    “A little.” Once he was caught in his hands, Bai Rong eagerly touched Mu Chongyan’s palm, appearing foolish and fretful….

    After all, he needed to make up for the affection he had lacked in the morning!

    Feeling his palm being pressed and touched several times, Mu Chongyan felt his heart being inexplicably soothed, but he, himself, still wasn’t aware of it. He gently rubbed his little star pet’s cat ears and fluffy cat tail, “Eat some snacks first, dinner will be ready in a while.”


    Mu Chongyan walked to the dining table and sat down, plopping out a stack of white sticky sweet cakes from the spatial button. He explained seriously, “When I was passing by Di Zhi, they were promoting and giving out a couple of pieces of strawberry honey milk cakes. Give it a try.”

    The sweet aroma of strawberries and rich fragrance of milk instantly overwhelmed his nose. Bai Rong closed his eyes and took a deep whiff, his fair little face immediately appearing intoxicated. “It smells so good….”

    Taking Bai Rong’s gluttonous appearance into his eyes, the amusement in Mu Chongyan’s eyes gradually grew deeper. He quickly cut a small piece at the size of a mung bean and put it on a small plate in front of Bai Rong.

    Without having to be told, Bai Rong immediately grabbed a fork and in a frenzy, continuously stuffed large pieces into his mouth. His eyes immediately turned up in happiness and even the small dimples on his right cheek became exposed from joy. “Mmmm …… It’s so delicious, if only I could eat this every day…”

    “If you like it, then I’ll buy it every day.” As soon as the words came out, Mu Chongyan froze instantly. A faint annoyance flashed through his face as he stiffly tried to explain himself, “This little sweet cake was given as a gift. I don’t know if I can buy it or not.”

    “Ah, it’s fine.” Bai Rong didn’t even lift his head. He was immersed in so much bliss that even his cat tail was about to start swish around. “I was just saying it casually.”

    Mu Chongyan, who had already come up with an excuse within seconds, suddenly choked in response. He stared at the back of his little star pet’s head, his serious face turning expressionless…

    The author has something to say:

    Bai Rong: I don’t understand. Tsunderes are so hard to please. You’re really making things difficult for this tough guy!

    T/N: Kek Bai Rong. You don’t understand your ‘wifey’s’ heart (`▽´)

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