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  • Chapter 12.2 Driving a duck onto a perch (2)

    ” … ” Mo Xi narrowed his eyes. For some inexplicable reason, he felt unconvinced. However, only 20% of the most highly advanced optical computers had the function of transforming one’s appearance without authorization, and each of those computers started at a cost with 8 figures. It was impossible for such a man who didn’t even have any money to pay for a flight, to afford buying such an optical computer like that.

    Bai Rong who puffed and panted from moving the optical computer onto the bed, curled into a small ball inside the quilt: “… Mo Xi, what kind of spell card were they trying to steal?”

    Mo Xi paused before truthfully replying: “A C-level defensive spell card.”

    “Did you make it yourself?!” Suddenly recalling the series he had yet to finish watching, ‘Genius Girl Spell Card Master: Asking Overbearing Marshal to Please Let Go’, Bai Rong’s eyes lit up, and he asked him in admiration: “Are you a Spell Card Master?”

    Mo Xi tilted his face away. He couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable from being stared at so zealously. “Yeah.”

    “Mo Xi, you’re amazing!” Bai Rong sucked in a breath. After watching that show, he had looked up on what exactly these magical spell cards were. Spell cards were a magical invention that were considered to be completely indispensable in the interstellar era. They were primarily divided into two categories- —Life-type spell cards and battle-type spell cards. Among these, when mechs utilize battle-type cards, their powers could be amplified greatly, to the extent of being able to completely change the combat strength of the army! 

    So the profession of being a Spell Card Master was not inferior to being a Mech Soldier! They were also highly revered by the interstellar people!

    “I’m not that great.” Mo Xi shifted his line of sight away, the tip of his ears flushing red faintly, “Do you admire Spell Card Masters?”

    “En, I want to become a Spell Card Master too! But…” Bai Rong’s face flushed red in embarrassment. “But I don’t know how to make a card at all …”

    “If you don’t, you could always just learn.” Mo Xi looked up at Bai Rong. “Even if you couldn’t get into college, or get accepted into the spell card department, there are still a lot of spell card learning videos online.”

    “But they all need to be paid for…” Inside the quilt, Bai Rong shrunk into a pitiful ball in front of the optical computer, “And I’m penniless…”

    “……” Mo Xi: “Then you’ll just have to work hard to make money. Spell Card learning videos are extremely expensive and the materials for card making are pricey as well.”

    “En.” Bai Rong nodded as he was using his head to pound garlic, a small flame lit up in his eyes, “I will work very hard!”

    Half an hour later, the aircraft arrived at the central station. After Mo Xi pointed Bai Rong on how to get to the government building, he was just about to leave.

    “Mo Xi, wait …” Seeing that Mo Xi was about to depart, Bai Rong hurriedly stepped forward to stop him, “Come with me, I will pay you back after I receive the demolition fees.”

    “You don’t need to.” Mo Xi turned around intending to leave.”You’ve already helped me out anyway.”

    “Then … then give me your contact number, let’s add each other as friends.” Bai Rong proposed with extreme sincerity, staring at him with big eyes.

    “I have never….” Mo Xi couldn’t help but shudder when he was being stared at by the innocent and sincere deer-like eyes of the man, but when he thought about refusing it directly, a faint feeling of regret somehow crept up in his heart. He twisted his head and crudely replied: “33216738720.”

    “Done!” Bai Rong, who hadn’t made any new friends for several years, glowed in happiness. He looked up at Mo Xi and smiled. “Then I’ll be leaving first. Where are you going? Is it okay to go look for you after I’ve obtained the money?”

    Mo Xi really wanted to tell him not to look for him, but the words that came out of his mouth were the opposite, “Just message me by the time you’ve finished.”

    “Alright.” “Bai Rong nodded happily, “Then I’ll be going.”

    After reaching the government building, and filling out a form, he then registered for an account at the administrator’s office. After that, Bai Rong was kicked out.

    He had been told that the money would be transferred after a short while.

    After standing outside the government building in unease for 20 minutes, Bai Rong finally received a notice that the money had been transferred. 18,000 virtual star coins could already be considered to be a large fortune!

    Unable to contain his joy, he sent a message to Mo Xi. Bai Rong then stared at his watch until he received Mo Xi’s reply and in the next moment, he quickly ran over to the Virtual Spell Card Trade Center Mo Xi had indicated.

    As soon as he entered the hall, he detected the anomaly in the atmosphere. Bai Rong promptly dashed towards the third floor of the hall.

    “Mo Xi!” Bai Rong found Mo Xi standing in the center of the hall. confronting a group of men and women who did not seem to have good intentions. He ran over and glowered at the group, “What’s going on? Were they bullying you?!”

    “They wanted to have a spell card making showdown with me.” Mo Xi sneered, 

    “However… it was right after they deliberately framed me for ruining the spell card that they put on a facade and ‘benevolently’ proposed a spell card making competition.”

    “Aiyo, little brother, you shouldn’t be speaking rubbish.” A glamorously dressed woman swept her long hair behind her and smiled: “You destroyed our spell card, but you couldn’t even compensate us for it. We only proposed a showdown for your sake.”

    “What are the rules of the competition?” Bai Rong completely didn’t trust this woman’s words at all.

    “Both sides need to use a spell card of the same level to serve as the bargaining chip, and then given the same materials, they would compete in making the spell card. Whoever produces the spell card that has a higher level, can take the other person’s bargaining chip.” Mo Xi looked coldly at the opposing group, “And… the party who proposed the showdown will be the one to provide the materials.”

    “What did they want you to use as the bargaining chip?” Bai Rong intuitively felt that these people shared the same purpose as those of the Dragon Snake Clan from before.

    “It’s the C-level defensive card they tried to forcibly buy off of me before.” Mo Xi looked at Bai Rong. “These people are also members of the Dragon Snake Clan. The woman in the middle is a D-class spell card maker of the Dragon Snake Clan, she’s called Liu Meichen.”

    “No wonder!” Bai Rong frowned at the men and women on the opposite side, “They’re similarly shameless!”

    “Aiya, little brother, one shouldn’t make irresponsible remarks. We not only provided materials, we’re also using a C-Class fire type card as a bargaining chip.These days…” Liu Meichen coquettishly covered her smile. “Good people like us are extremely hard to find.”

    “Oh yes, very rare.” Mo Xi held his right elbow which had become dislocated from bumping into the big man who was standing next to Liu Meichen, the coldness in his eyes turned deeper, “Are you really insisting on holding a showdown regardless of what?”

    “We don’t necessarily have to compete.” Liu Meichen smiled, stroking her fingernails. “You ruined our C class defensive card, so you should naturally compensate using a spell card of the same level.” Although they did use a dirty trick, they were not afraid of being exposed. After all…the ‘witnesses’ and the ‘physical evidence’ were all present. All the surveillance cameras in the hall were also ‘coincidentally’ blocked by their people. Even if they were to go to the police station right now, their odds of success weren’t low, not to mention …… there would have to be someone who was willing to spend a few months to investigate the truth just for this youngster’s sake.

    Knowing that almost all roads of retreat had been pretty much blocked, Mo Xi coldly glared at Liu Meichen. “Fine, I’ll agree to it. But I have other requirements.”

    “What requirements.” Liu Meichen looked at Mo Xi who was holding onto his elbow, and smiled sweetly, “Little brother, I’ll have you know that I won’t agree to any attempt of delaying the card making showdown.”

    “The requirement is that the both of us can’t be the main contenders of the card making showdown.” Mo Xi knew clearly that Liu Meichen was about the same level as him. Now that he was injured, he simply had no chances of winning! It was as plain as day to see who was going to lose from this fight.

    “Oh? What are you implying, little brother?”

    “Let’s each designate a person who doesn’t have the status of a spell card master to make the cards.” Mo Xi coldly stared at Liu Meichen. “I’ll designate someone from my side, you can designate someone from your side. Then, we’ll instruct them on how to make the cards. If they both couldn’t make a card with a grade, we’ll use the card completion rate as the deciding factor.”

    “Tskl, who does little brother intend to designate?” Liu Meichen narrowed her eyes at Mo Xi. It wasn’t that showdowns did not exist between spell card masters, but the greater the level of a spell card master, the more unwilling they were or the more inconvenienced they were to participate in one, so they would usually designate their apprentices to go on their behalf. In the case of ordinary spell card masters….it was very rare for them to do something like this.

    “Him.” Mo Xi suddenly stretched his arm, pointing towards Bai Rong who had a foolish expression and was standing beside him. He patted Bai Rong’s arm. “Mu Nan, show them the Spell Card Maker Rank in your personal information.”

    The author has something to say:

    PS: As long as one is able to create a virtual spell card that has a level in the virtual city, the maker of that card will immediately be registered as a spell card master, and this identity will automatically appear on the information page. There is no spell card master in real life who hasn’t practiced in the virtual city before, after all, the cost of materials in the virtual city is much cheaper and the experience is also very realistic. Besides that, beginners at spell card making find it difficult to control the amount of energy to be inputted, making the probability of an explosion occurring in the process high, but in the virtual world, this danger does not exist.

    Mo Xi: Are you really 2 meters tall in real life?

    Bai Rong who still hadn’t reached the height of two stacked buns: Of course!

    [This story tells us to take more caution in making friends online, little cuties should all learn from this oh!]

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