Chapter 1.1 Star Pet Auction (1)

Deep blue crystal flakes stacked on the delicate arcs on the four corners of the chip emitted a dazzling white light. A warm breeze laced with grassy scent swept gently under the arc, blowing and shifting the big cat head-shaped crystal a fraction away from where it originally stood.

Underneath the cat head crystal was a sumptuous and elegant European-style villa. Several verdant and lush trees stood behind the villa coiled around in a small arc whereas a shallow pond and a flowerbed laid in front of the villa. The fence surrounding the flower garden was adorned with white flowers and not too far away from the fence stood a youth dressed in a fluffy orange cat suit.

As if having just encountered a difficult problem, the youth’s forehead was scrunched. He raised his head looking at the arc on top of the blue chip before hanging his head down dejectedly and sighing noiselessly.

“It’s impossible, it’s still impossible…”

Looking at the exuberant green fence in front of him, Bai Rong pounded on it with his fist in annoyance. He had been locked up in this terrible place for almost two days. He tried all kinds of ways to escape, but none of them was the least bit useful!

Rubbing his face in bitterness, Bai Rong sat down with his head hung, dispiritedly leaning on the fence behind him.

Resting on a leaf that was as wide as four of his heads, Bai Rong cast a faint glance towards the transparent walls covered by a red velvet cloth and the impatience and bitterness he felt in the depths of his heart grew slightly…. 

Why did the failure of a small experiment send him to a completely unexplored planet of giants?!!!

Moreover, this planet even had such mysterious and profound technology that he was unable to figure out the material used to build his prison!

Bai Rong gloomily and aggressively ruffled his hair, flicking his furry cat ears skewed by 15 degrees, then he looked up at the shining blue arc top, and continued to rack his brain for ways to escape.

But he couldn’t come up with a single clue, a few granules the size of fava beans suddenly rolled over from one side, bumping into his bare ankle, and even the fence behind him started to shake slightly.

What’s happening?!! Bai Rong looked down in surprise at the few granules shaking around him. He realized that the sound coming from outside had become increasingly clamorous.

Panic slowly crept up in his heart as Bai Rong stared fixedly at the covered transparent wall. His intuition told him that the casing of this prison was going to be shifted somewhere. Subconsciously, he wanted to run back to the villa when a sound of familiar footsteps suddenly sounded outside.

“!!!” Bai Rong’s heart jumped, and he quickly closed his eyes again, leaning heavily back onto the green fence.

A few seconds later, the rhythmic footsteps stopped, and the red velvet cloth covering the transparent walls was lifted.

“Ah, unfortunately, A30 is currently sleeping.”

Outside the special crystal glass box, a man with dark brown hair leaned down slightly, looking very gently at the little star pet who was leaning on the fence sleeping soundly, then he immediately straightened up and told the blond man next to him: “Mr. Gins, shall we auction the other little star pets first?”

“Of course you can.” Gins’ face was a little ruddy, “Mr. Dia was right, this really is the best looking one, so it won’t be a problem to place him at the very end of the auction. However, I do have a doubt … is the cognition program in his body really capable of giving the most perfect stimulation just as you claim?”

“Naturally.” Dia glanced briefly at the auction hall, revealing an elegant smile, “Since we dare to come to the largest Blue Emperor Auction House in the entire Sheng Ya star region, our company will not exaggerate or eat our words, moreover, you’ve already seen batches of the newest star pets being auctioned off, this batch is the upgraded version of them. “

“That couldn’t be better!” Gins nodded excitedly, his purple-gold suit sparkled underneath the bright lights, making a sharp contrast with the luxurious and elegant blue-gold auction hall.

“Mr. Dia, although you have already explained the state-of-the-art core of the Star Pet’s technology——the cognition program, after you’ve auctioned the first 5 batches, there were some guests who had just rushed over in the middle and had missed it, would you mind explaining it again?”

“Of course I can.” Dia nodded lightly and smiled. “Everyone can understand it like this. Prior to this, any reactions made by the little star pet have all been compiled. As long as you program the same settings other people’s pet have to your pet, there would be no difference in the way they communicate, but now … as long as you treat the star pet differently, the direction of the development of their cognition program will be different, so the way you raise your star pet will affect its character development and behavioral response!”

Dia blinked. “Summarizing it in one sentence——you and your pet would become unique and unmatched.”

“It’s really amazing!” Gins’ voice carried a little vibrato, and his face turned even more red. “The events today will definitely be recorded in the history of Star Pets.”

If he’s lucky, perhaps he would be recorded in it too!

“I’m counting on your words”

Gins looked at the row of crystal glass boxes behind Dia. “You previously mentioned that you brought only thirty new star pets, then … is this the last batch of star pets?”

“That’s right, Mr. Gins.”

“Then, who will you first be auctioning in this group….? “

“This one, numbered A28.”

Dia lifted the red velvet cloth, revealing a dome shaped crystal case. In front of the small villa in the case stood a white and tender star pet dressed in a furry rabbit suit. The moment the little star pet saw Dia, a sweet smile immediately bloomed on its face as it ran out, the furry long ears on its hat jolting up and down cheerfully.

Dia opened the dome head of the crystal case and gently retrieved the little star pet out.

“Master~” The little star pet smiled sweetly, standing obediently at Venus’ palm. It stretched its two little arms up, his round brown pupils appearing clean and limpid: “Hug~”

“Oh my, this little fellow is so cute.” Gins’ eyes shone. He really wanted to reach out and touch it, but he knew that the rules could not be broken, so he forced himself to turn around and pressed the button on the auction floor.

“Star Pet A28, starting at 800,000 star coins, each price increment cannot be less than 50,000 star coins, everyone … you may start raising your bids!”

800,000 star coins was merely the price of a medium-levelled star pet. It did not even reach half the price of a high-level star pet. There were many people participating in the auction, so the auction soon entered into a climax.

The completely incomprehensible language chattered on continuously outside the transparent prison. Bai Rong nervously shut his eyes, sticking his clenched fists closely to the sides of his body, his heart thumped violently, and his originally fair cheeks turned crimson in fear of being seen through by the giants that he was not the original realistic-looking robot.

That’s right, originally, there was someone here who looked very similar to him, and he even amiably ‘interacted’ with him for a while until the person accidentally fell on the stone edge of a lotus pond, broke his arm, thereby exposing the thin vein fibers inside his body. Upon seeing this, he was horrified to discover that the person who looked exactly the same as a normal human being was in fact a robot!

He Immediately became aware of the oddity of this place, and wanted to leave on the spot, but after looking around in circles and failing to find a way to escape, Bai Rong decisively turned around and peeled off the clothing of the person who was trying to interact with him and put it on himself.

Then he stuffed his own research suit into the arms of the aggrieved looking person who had been stripped naked, and put him inside the spatial button recently developed by Hua Country’s High-Tech Research Institute, which he only had in his possession for three days.

One had to know that there were only ten people in the entire Hua Country Research Institute who had spatial buttons, and the space inside it was very small, around less than one cubic meter, so he didn’t expect to be able to put this person inside.

But … Bai Rong frowned slightly while pretending to sleep, but fortunately, he was able to stuff the person in, otherwise, if the patrolling giants came across him, he would perhaps be caught, tortured and would die a miserable death.

Listening to the footsteps that had withdrawn and did not return, Bai Rong pondered over again and again, and ultimately stealthily cracked his eyes open slightly, but he unexpectedly caught the brown-haired male giant looking down at him slightly.

“!!!” Bai Rong immediately stiffened in shock.

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