Immoral Holidays Chapter 9.1

Chapter 9.1

He pulled Lin Qian into his own room. The elder brother viciously slammed the door close, ignoring the hateful little brother and walked to the bedside holding his anger in and sat down.

With his head down, it was hard to see his expression. However, judging from his sitting posture and movements that expressed deep pain, Ling Qian knew that this was not the right time to excessively provoke his serious older brother.

So he quietly stood at the side letting time appease his elder brother’s impending explosion of a temper. Ling Qian waited for his older brother to break the silence..

After a long time, Ling Wei then let out a hoarse and pained voice. “Do….. whatever you want to do then.”

Staring at him sitting on the bed, his elder brother seemed emotionally distant but Ling Qian’s eyes were far from calm. “Elder Brother isn’t willing, is he?”

“That’s right… I am not that willing.”

Thinking of those damned dildos and training toys, who was willing to?

Being used as a tool to vent and fulfill the sexual desires of his younger brother.

“If you’re not willing then forget it.”

Ling Wei raised his head in astonishment but he very quickly understood. “You’re still planning to go outside and ruin the Ling Family’s reputation, am I right?” He said in a low tone.

Ling Qian really knew that Ling Wei was extremely indignant and conflicted at the current moment.

How hateful.

He just really wanted to just pounce over him and use the ion impactor on the person in front of him, paralyzing his nervous system, let him wake up yet still have no resistance to seeing himself being stripped naked, feeling his lower body being ripped apart by his meat stick, and being fucked until fresh blood flows out in painful anguish.

Sensing that his expression had been turning scary, Ling Qian retracted his gaze and shifted it to the side while biting his lower lip.

After a pretty long time, he spoke in a discontented tone. “What a bore. There’s no point in playing with you then. Don’t assume that I even want to force uncharming guys like you.”

He opened the doors and walked off without turning his head.

Ling Wei sat in the room for a long time before hesitating to walk out and going to knock on Ling Qian’s room. “Ling Qian. Open the door. Fine. Consider me at your mercy.”

After knocking for a long time, no response came.

Coincidentally, Housekeeper Wei came by and told him kindly. “Master Ling Wei, Master Ling Qian is not his room. He took his car and drove somewhere else.” 

“What?” Ling Wei’s complexion changed drastically. “Where did he go?”

“I don’t know.” Housekeeper Wei was also shocked by Ling Wei’s drastic change in complexion. He said carefully. “Young Master Ling Qian has a lot of friends outside. Every time he comes back for vacation, he would often go out at night.”

His words haven’t finished when Ling Wei rushed down the stairs and directly headed to the doorway.

The car storage was brimming with expensive hover cars but today, Ling Qian drove a butterfly type today and his shadow couldn’t even be seen.

Where was he going to go?

He wouldn’t really be fooling around, would he?

Ling Wei turned to the doorway, staring at the empty luxurious driveway. The pain of making a big decision had been hard to describe.

This was all his fault. This matter originally would’ve been dealt with already. After agreeing to it, then he would then regret it again.

“Ling Wei, is something the matter?” After getting the housekeeper’s notice, Madam Fu also came out to the doorway. Her elder son’s expression of guilt shocked her. “What happened? Did you get into a fight with your younger brother?”

“Mother, Ling Qian he…”

“What did Ling Qian do?”

“He…” Towards the mother who didn’t know anything, Ling Wei swallowed all the words he had wanted to say. The big rock of shame weighed heavily on his heart. “He went alone and drove off.”

Being deceived by his brother to give him a blowjob, shooting in his younger brother’s mouth, agreeing to become his playtoy, accompanying him to buy all sorts of hedonistic toys and having to repay this so many times, how could he confess all this to his mother who trusted him?

“So it’s like this ah, you’re such a easy-to-surprise older brother.” Madam Fu said in a matter-of-fact tone. “Ling Qian is not as obedient as you. He always strolls around everywhere during the night, that’s why mother hoped that he could always be together with you. That way, he could learn from your calm behavior. However, don’t be worried. It’s rare to get a vacation so let your mischievous brother go out and play for a while. Come on, let’s come back in.”

She reached her hand out and pulled her sullen son into the house. Her unwitting gentle smiled made Ling Wei’s soul suffer from guilt and uneasiness more and more. 

When the mother and son pair were about to step into the house, the sound of a car engine roared from behind.

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