Chapter 99 [President’s Story 15] Cat-Eared Cute Girls (Slightly H)

Chu Jiao could also evidently feel the change in He Sinian’s body. Her big cat eyes rolled around before she straightforwardly reached both arms out, hooking it around the man’s neck. 


She first stuck out her little tongue as if she was a kitten and intimately licked the corner of He Sinian’s mouth. But this time, she also deliberately licked across the lips. He Sinian wanted to evade it but there was nowhere else to escape to. Behind him was the ceramic wall while the young girl’s arms had fixed his head in place. A warm and wet tongue swept across his lips. He could feel that the young girl’s lips were like jelly, they felt moist and pliant as they stuck onto his lips, but the sensation merely lasted for just one second. 

He Sinian had yet to snap back from the beautiful feeling he felt on his lips. He only saw the young girl twist her head and tilt it, measuring the stiff object that was poking her rear. 


What is this thing that’s hard and thick?

He Sinian realized at this moment that he could actually understand the gist of the girl’s intentions through her expressions and tone. Although he was a little embarrassed, when he recalled that she had only ever been a cat, he understood that his Jiao Jiao may be unfamiliar with the human anatomy. 

“Good Jiao Jiao. Why don’t you get up first, alright?”

He spoke up once again. However, his tone was not the least bit firm, as if he himself was somewhat restless.

Chu Jiao naturally didn’t heed his urging, after all, she couldn’t even speak properly right now. She had even decided to feign being innocent until the end and eat him up first. 

And so, He Sinian stared wide-eyed as the petite girl dexterously turned around and reached out two little hands to grab onto his stiff and erect life root.


Chu Jiao held the massive spirited object as if she had just discovered an interesting toy, both hands probingly played with erect meat stick as if expressing profound curiosity at its structure like an inquisitive little child, and because using her hands to toy with it was clearly not sufficient enough for her, she simply parted her mouth and stuck out her tongue. 

He Sinian had reacted far too late when he received this ‘attack’ because he was taken by the beautiful view presented before his eyes.

In front of him was the scenic view of two petals and a snow white derriere.

His eyes trailed from her bare back to the seams of her buttocks to the midst of the secret garden, and at the end of her spinal column was a long, fluffy, white tail that naturally grew from the area. 

The tail was at least 2 chi long (T/N: ~67cm) and it was currently elegantly and nimbly swishing around. As if having detected her master’s feelings, it appeared excited and agile.

With his life root in someone else’s hand, He Sinian had already lost the heart to control the naughty little kitty. He only felt his whole heart being tickled by this cute tail in front of him. 

Cat ears, cat tail, and an adorable little girl.

With all three factors combined into one entity, He Sinian thought to himself, no man could ever keep themselves in check. 

Or in his case, he was incapable of putting up a resistance. 

What he didn’t know was that, in a weeb’s 2D perverted fantasy world, there was a specific term to refer to these kinds of bewitching creatures, they were called — Cat-Eared Cute Girls.

Cat-eared, Cute Girls.

He Sinian wasn’t a weeb but this didn’t change the fact that Chu Jiao’s cute points had struck him. 

He had never believed in love at first sight before.

Apart from his parents, the only one to have given him warmth in his life, was his kitty cat. 

In recent years, he had been living a clean and honest life, not because he had any illnesses or anything of the like but because he had never thought that a person who could tempt him, existed. 

But now.

He thought to himself, he might have met the one.


The object of temptation

May perhaps not be human.

Chu Jiao hadn’t even taken the malevolent stiff object into her mouth when she suddenly felt her tail being held onto. 


If she had been a cat at this moment, He Sinian would’ve definitely seen Chu Jiao’s entire body exploding.

Chu Jiao didn’t realize that her tail would become this sensitive after transforming into a human. The moment He Sinian grabbed it, it was as if an electric current had scuttled into her tail and entered her spine, spreading towards all four limbs, and it actually felt indescribably thrilling!

Unfortunately, He Sinian was blind to her reaction. He merely felt that the tail was sleek and supple, holding it felt peerlessly slippery and it made him unable to stop touching it.

“Meowwuuuu~ Meowowwww~”

Under He Sinian’s relentless caresses. the original wisps of pleasure quickly surged and turned into a flooding river. Chu Jiao moaned, swishing her tail around even more, trying to escape He Sinian’s ‘evil claws’ yet she couldn’t resist her body from turning limp, and she collapsed atop the man like a broken dam. 

Small theater:

He Sinian: I’ve been tempted … Unfortunately, the object of temptation…. is not human …

Chu Jiao: Meow Meow! (You‘re the one who’s not human, Your entire body isn’t human at all!)

He Sinian: Cough. Well, if you want to put it that way, I’ll be a beast then. Now, the beast is famished…

Chu Jiao: Meow Meow Meow! (Wuuu … Go away! You perverted beast!)


HSN: runs a game company, prefers cat eared girls more than normal girls

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