Chapter 95 [President’s Story 11] He Sinian, you’re pretty skilled, aren’t you!

After arriving at the company and finishing the morning meeting, He Sinian returned to the office, taking off his coat and sitting on a chair. He loosened his tie, feeling his head ache slightly.

During changes in the seasons, he was a person who didn’t easily fall sick for years on end. Yet this time, he was infected with the flu, and its effects were coming onto him turbulently. Despite the passing of a few days, it had not gotten any better. Moreover, adding to the dream that he had last night, his mental state was a bit sluggish.

After waiting for a long time and not seeing his usual coffee being delivered, He Sinian then remembered that he had sent his assistant Meng Ping away on a business trip.

His headache had gotten worse, so he rummaged in the drawer for a long time, and finally found a bag of instant coffee. He poured the powder into the cup on the spot and walked towards the tea room.

“Making me do everything…”

“I’m here for an internship, not to become a tea girl…This company really makes me speechless!”

Before he entered the tea room, He Sinian could hear a female voice muttering inside.

His originally wrinkled face that was locked in place all year round, had become even more scrunched up at this moment.

Because the company that he built was still young, most of the employees working for him were also young. He had tried to provide employees with a comfortable working environment to the best of his abilities, but there were still some unspoken rules that existed in the workplace.

However, interns?

Why was it that he couldn’t recall the president’s office holding an internship program recently?

At this moment, He Sinian’s headache was head-splittingly painful, so he was not in the mood to care about these trifling matters. He entered the room to get some water, but the girl inside had unexpectedly turned around abruptly while holding a glass of tea, causing the reddish brown liquid in the glass to splash onto his white shirt in the blink of an eye.

At this, He Sinian did not only have a headache, even his body began to throb in pain.

“Aiya! I’m sorry I’m so sorry!”

Seeing that she had collided into someone else, she immediately apologized, but the moment she saw the man’s face, she became frozen stiff for a long time.


Murong Zining bit her lip and harbored much regret. She was such a big fool. It wasn’t easy to have bumped into the president her colleagues have been infatuated with and talking about everyday, and their first meeting had actually gone this route! 


At this moment, the elevator coincidentally stopped at the 26th floor where the President’s Office was located, and the metal doors slowly parted.

Hearing the ding of the elevator, the person sitting at the front desk turned her head but didn’t see anyone coming out, so she lowered her head and continued to file her nails. 

She had failed to notice that, at her feet, a cat that had pure white fur, had slowly walked out of the metal box, her every step exuding gracefulness.

In the tea room not far from the elevator, a man and a woman were standing opposite each other at this moment. The man was handsome while the woman was beautiful.

Even if the man had a frown on his face, it couldn’t conceal his handsomeness, Murong Zining hurriedly took out her handkerchief napkin to hand over to him, but before she reached out her hand, a certain voice in her heart was urging her: ‘This is a good opportunity. Don’t you also think that the CEO is cool and handsome! Why not take this opportunity to become good friends with him!! Even if you can’t become friends with him, you could still secretly eat his tofu(1)!’

  1. Eat tofu: secretly touch/flirt with him.

Thinking this way, she simply held the tissue and changed the orientation of her hand.

“Pre-, President, I’m sorry! I- I’ll help you wipe it clean!”

She said as she reached out to touch He Sinian’s sturdy chest that was emitting a masculine scent.

Chu Jiao followed the scent and arrived at the door of the tea room, coincidentally coming across this scene.

The original mood of anticipation and excitement she held immediately hit rock bottom. It was akin to discovering that the bok choy she had been raising for many years had been dug up by a pig!

Well He Sinian, you’re pretty skilled, aren’t you! I haven’t seen you for so many years, and you’ve already grown up!?

You even dare let others touch my exclusive position!


Chu Jiao kicked her hind legs, and jumped angrily towards the tall man without any thought of the possibility that she would be avoided.

And in reality, He Sinian truly did not evade her as well.

The moment he heard her meow, his body turned completely rigid.

Back then, before he departed, he sat in a wheelchair going around all the streets and alleys of M City trying to find his kitty cat but to no avail. His parents knew that he was always concerned about the cat who he mutually relied on for survival, so they planned to buy him another when they arrived home, however, He Sinian refused.

The only cat he wanted was that one cat.

The little cat that accompanied him through the long night.

After all these years, he had fed a lot of cats, and the number of meows he heard could also be said to be plenty, but there was no voice that was exactly like the one in his memories that could truly and emotionally move his heart.

However, this sound was different.

He Sinian did not budge, accepting the substantial impact caused by the pouncing of the small body.

Despite feeling two claws clinging onto the buttons on his chest, He Sinian didn’t feel the slightest trace of distress for his expensive shirt, and instead he used the hand originally placed on his abdomen, to support a certain soft little butt. 

“Ah!! A cat!”

Contrary to him, Murong Zining pulled back, frightened by the cat who had suddenly barged in. She hated these fluffy creatures the most, and without caring that the president was right in front of her, she took two steps back instinctively, however, because her high heels had unexpectedly stepped on the spilled tea, she slipped as a result and fell onto the ground.

During this fall, Murong Zining’s tightly wrapped skirt hiked up to the base of her thighs, and the black stockings covering her slender long legs were casually exposed right in front of He Sinian.

However, the man did not even spare her a glance.

His complete attention had already been taken by the little cat in his arms..

The long neglected small theater:

Chu Jiao (glare): Meow Meow Meow!!! (He Sinian, you’re pretty skilled huh!!!)
He Sinian (ecstatic): Kitty cat, did you say you missed me?
Chu Jiao (rolling her eyes): Meow! (Pooh!)
He Sinian (laughs foolishly): I missed you too!
Chu Jiao (holds forehead): There’s no point in capturing him anymore!

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