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  • Chapter 94 [President’s Story 10] Dream

    “Ah Nian…grow up quickly…”

    “Kitty cat…Don’t go!”

    He Sinian yelled out loud, sitting up from the bed.

    He opened his eyes and blanked stared at the cold, black and white room in front of him, wiping his face.

    He had dreamt the same dream again…

    Lifting the quilt, He Sinian pulled the curtains open, and stepped on the ground barefoot before heading into the bathroom.

    The sunlight outside passed through the french windows, refracting inside, and the full-length mirror next to the closet clearly reflected the appearance of the room owner at this moment——

    He had broad shoulders, a muscular back, round buttocks and perfectly straight thick legs whose silhouette could be seen through his pajama bottoms.

    It was such an attractive and masculine body.

    Light continued to spill into the room, and the man’s face was gradually revealed before the bathroom sink.

    With a distinctive angular face, all the facial features were perfectly proportioned and handsome, but the thin lips that expressed gloominess and the visible wrinkles in the center of his eyebrows made him appear very inapproachable, ascetic and majestic.

    He Sinian lowered his head, gathering some water in his hands to wash his face.

    Ever since the company was developing on the right tracks, he had moved out of the house.

    Despite having experienced trafficking in his childhood, with the long passage of time, his memories of it had slowly become insipid. Yet, a shadow still lingered in his heart. Even though his parents showed more care and concern towards him after he had returned, He Sinian couldn’t pretend to be a naive child any longer. His heart had long been sealed, and unlocking it proved to be very difficult.

    He was no longer a naive little boy, and mentally, he was also a lot older than peers of the same age. When he returned to school, he couldn’t seem to fit in with the rest. But since he was originally very smart, he successively jumped from grade to grade and soon managed to establish his own company despite his young age, gradually revealing his outstanding talent. 

    Even though it had only been a short 5 years since the company was founded, it had now become the leading figure of the industry.

    He neatly put on his shirt and trousers, and casually took the suit thrown on the bedside.

    The western suit was placed on a white, irregular shaped cushion on the bedside, and once the suit was lifted off it, the cushion’s complete shape was exposed in the open——it was a vivid and lifelike stuffed white cat!

    In a room brimming with masculine indifference, this doll seemed to stand out of place, but the owner of the room was clearly partial to it, evident in his act of placing it on the bedpost.

    He Sinian glanced softly at the doll, before taking the car keys, and shutting the door.

    Back then, before his parents had arrived, he had stayed in the hospital for more than half a month.

    In that half a month, he hadn’t seen his cat, but he could feel her presence all the time.

    He had heard the doctor tell his parents that his injuries had healed at an astonishing rate.

    Originally, several of his ribs were broken and certain organs had suffered damage as well, but in such a short time, they had almost recovered completely.

    At that time, he surmised that what he had been seeing and hearing every night in his disorientation, was probably not an illusion.

    He could sense that someone would always come to his bedside and feed him something every night, and after drinking that thing, his whole body would turn warm, and his wounds would no longer hurt.

    He had wanted to open his eyes to see who it was but each time it happened, it seemed as if his eyes were glued closed and he couldn’t lift a finger. It was only occasionally when the person was leaving and lowering her vigilance that he would try his best to pry his eyes open, yet only caught sight of an increasingly thin back.

    He would occasionally faintly hear the pleasing sound of a girl’s voice, coaxing him and talking to him. Her tone was slow and melodious, carrying a peculiar charm, which was sweet. sticky and soft.

    In his dreams today, he was reunited with his cat again.

    He threw himself over and hugged her, recounting all his longing to her.

    What amazed him was that when his little kitten opened her mouth, instead of a mewl coming out, it was actually the sweet, sticky and soft voice of that girl!

    She said that she would continue to wait for him.

    She said she would wait for him to grow up quickly.

    And now that he had all grown up.

    What of his kitty cat?

    He didn’t know where she was, or whether she still remembered how they relied on each other to survive back then.


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