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  • Chapter 91 [President’s Story 7] Unified Attack

    “Stinky brat, refuse a toast and you’ll only be forced to drink a forfeit (1)!” Yellow Teeth caught He Sinan as he panted heavily, grabbing him by his hair and hauling him back. He Sinian then tumbled back onto the ground from the amount of force used.

    1. To refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit: to hesitate to do sth until forced to do even more 

    The two people who were following closely behind, finally caught up..

    Three people giving a total of six feet, sent ruthless kicks towards the unarmed and defenseless little boy on the ground.


    Chu Jiao screamed violently, sensing He Sinian tremble incessantly from pain.

    She was tightly guarded by the child, held close to his chest. She couldn’t see anything and hadn’t sustained any harm.

    But she could still hear the sounds of sticks and feet hitting the body, and she could feel his hold on her getting increasingly tight to the point it felt painful and insufferable.


    He Sinian was holding onto her too tightly. Chu Jiao tried to struggle free and scratch a few people but was unsuccessful, so instead, she kept hissing in his arms, feeling anxiously furious and severely distressed.

    These three people were complete scums in the society of pornography, gambling and drug abuse. They had conducted unscrupulous business, extorted, looted, and done much more nefarious acts. As long as they could profit from it, beating children was nothing to them. They’d been watching this child for a few days and knew that he was one of Brother Long’s underlings. There were all kinds of forces in the dark side of every city and they didn’t dare to mess with the criminal group Brother Long belonged to, but that didn’t mean they were willing to let go of a fat duck. They were able to bully children like He Sinian without feeling any pressure, and weren’t not afraid of revenge. Taking advantage of this common border, they obstructed and trapped him here.

    The three people buried their heads, immersed in punching and kicking that they failed to notice amidst the darkness surrounding them, certain living creatures were drawing closer to them, their pairs of eyes glowed with fluorescence in the night as they watched, and gradually surrounded them.

    A few minutes had gone by when the child with his head curled under his arms at their feet, had slowly begun to show a lack in activity, as though he had entirely passed out.

    Yellow Teeth laughed, “Wouldn’t it have been better for you to have heeded my words instead of making this daddy spend so much effort.”

    He bent down and reached a hand out, turning the child over to conduct a search on his body for money.

    But before he could make the next move, he was suddenly met with a pair of dark purple eyes in the boy’s arms. Under the moonlight, the white cat’s pupils narrowed into two straight lines, staring at him coldly and in rage, causing his heart to contract as if there was a feeling of imminent crisis and he became paralyzed in place.

    W-Wasn’t it just a cat.

    Why could he see emotions coming from it! 

    Yellow Teeth inwardly reassured himself that he must have been hallucinating.

    He sent a kick towards Chu Jiao, “F*ck, you sh*tty cat, what are you glaring at this daddy for!”

    Chu Jiao was afraid that if she avoided this kick, He Sinian’s heart would be completely exposed, and he would have to suffer the full blow of this kick.

    “MREOW–” Chu Jiao suffered a sharp pain on her back, but when she thought about how much pain He Sinian must’ve suffered protecting her, she was unable to reign in her anger, and hissed wildly at Yellow Teeth.

    “Ha, you still dare to hiss!” Yellow Teeth picked Chu Jiao up by her fur and lifted her up yet he also felt he was being too stupid for conversing with a cat, so he simply flung her to the corner of a wall, causing her to slam heavily against it and slide down.

    “Mreowwwww–” Chu Jiao became a little dizzy from the throw. A searing pain had spread out from the hinds of her left leg and she reckoned that she must’ve broken her leg. As soon as she opened her eyes, she saw Yellow Teeth vigorously rummaging around her boy’s body, fishing out a small amount of change.

    “Stinky brat, you should’ve saved me the trouble and handed out the money earlier. What a waste of this brother’s precious time!”

    Yellow Teeth counted the money and kicked the unconscious boy in contempt “F*ck, is this all of it!”

    Chu Jiao licked her injured leg and tried to limp over towards the three.

    No, she couldn’t let them take the money away.

    That was the money that Ah Nian had worked so painstakingly to save.

    At this moment, dark clouds drifted away with the wind, allowing the full moon in the night sky to be restored of its brightness, sprinkling its light into the world and into the alleys where these few people were.

    As the clouds dispersed and the moon reappeared, Chu Jiao felt something rushing out of her body.


    Yellow Teeth looked askance when the cat stepped forward again. He prepared to kick her again, but was interrupted by the call of his two brothers.

    “Bo-Boss-th-there’s a, there’s a lot of—cats—”

    Yellow Teeth frowned and wanted to refute. Where were there so many cats? There was obviously only one little stinky cat in front of them, alright!

    But when he turned his head around, his entire person became stupefied.


    Lots of cats.

    Scattered in all directions. At some point in time, they had been completely surrounded by cats!

    Varicolored, leprosied, lame, obese. There were all kinds of various cats present.

    The sole identical feature they all shared was that they raised their shoulders, bared their fangs, and viciously looked at the three of them!

    Chu Jiao gritted her teeth and limped over to He Sinian, licking his closed eyes distressingly.

    These people.

    Should pay the price for what they have done.

    Surveying the tranquil surroundings, the multitude of cats all looked to her as if they were waiting for something.

    Chu Jiao parted her mouth. The face of the initially well-behaved cat turned demonic under the moonlight.


    A command was given, and the unified attack began.

    T/N: Tis why you don’t f*ck with cats. (Also the title of a great documentary on Netflix 😉

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