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  • Chapter 90 [President’s Story 6] Protection fee

    On the way back to the overpass, there exists a common border that links the new and old city districts.

    That was also the place where He Sinian had picked Chu Jiao up. Ubiquitous alleys that twisted and turned, covered a large area without any street lamps. If no moonlight could be found on the first day of the lunar new year of the first 30 days, the entire alley could be said to be pitch dark.

    This day happened to be the sixteenth. A full moon in the sky was coincidentally being blocked by a thick black cloud. He Sinian hugged Chu Jiao as he passed through the alleys. As this was the road he had to go through every day, even if the curtain of the night had enshrouded his surroundings, he could still walk without a hitch..


    The sound of the dry branches being trampled echoed, it was particularly distinctive in the silent night, causing He Sinian to stop in his tracks.

    “Who are you!?”

    He Sinian uttered into the darkness ahead of him, trying his best to remain calm.

    “Tsk, we were discovered.”

    The throaty voice akin to a male duck floated out from the darkness, accompanied by the sound of a few varying footsteps. He Sinian could only see a couple of dark shadows, whereas when Chu Jiao raised both eyes, she could see the people approaching clearly.

    They were three vicious-looking, blonde punks who looked to be only teenagers, however, they were so malnutritioned that the shape of their bones were clearly evident, making them appear like skeletons.

    “Little brother, you’ve been on a roll lately,” One of them stepped forward slowly, holding a stick shaped object in one hand, and beating it against the other hand, “I’m sure you’ve made a lot of money thanks to this little cat no? “

    The man smiled gloomily, exposing teeth full of black and yellow stains. He reached out his fingers in an attempt to touch Chu Jiao, but when Chu Jiao bared her fangs appearing aggressive, he retracted his hands.

    He Sinian’s arms tightened, allowing Chu Jiao to sense his nervousness and unease.

    “Did you know that the areas you’ve been going to are under these brothers’ jurisdiction?” Yellow teeth approached He Sinian, his gaze filled with malevolence and greed..

    “Be tactful, and pay the protection fee obediently. Then, we brothers will be helping you settle a lot of troublesome people, do you understand.”

    Chu Jiao knew that these people were extorting money. He Sinian measured the three gaunt and feeble people in front of him, even if he were to confront them, he would still be unable to completely retaliate against them. He hesitated for a long time before opening his mouth to inquire, “How…how much do I have to pay?”

    Silly child! They’re trying to cheat you out of your money! How could you be so easily deceived!

    Chu Jiao worriedly ‘Meow’ed twice, but this only made He Sinian hold her tighter.

    She was unaware that He Sinian was not easily fooled but instead, was rather worried about her safety.

    Before He Sinian responded, he had made some calculations in his head. If he were alone, relying on his nimble skills and small figure, he could perhaps still shake off these three people in the winding alleys. But kitty cat was still so small, If she couldn’t run away, she would’ve been foolishly captured by these vile people, and who knows what would happen to her by then!

    If Chu Jiao knew that the male lead had regarded her as someone so weak and clumsy in his thoughts, she would’ve definitely rolled her eyes.

    She was a cat, not a second grade liability. Being held in someone’s arms every day without letting her jump around was already stifling enough for her. Now her natural instincts were actually being questioned.

    However, in reality Chu Jiao really enjoyed being cared for, attended to, and treated as if she were a treasure.

    Even though she was just an ordinary cat.

    In He Sinian’s eyes, she was a unique and unmatched treasure.

    Just like how second uncle had treated her. Just like how master had treated her.

    This feeling had actually arisen before, but it had only flashed through her heart. And this time, the other person was just a little kid who was only 7 or 8 years old. Chu Jiao also never thought much of it before, regarding it as an illusion of regret she harbored for leaving her second uncle and master.

    While Chu Jiao was still lost in thought, Yellow Teeth on the other side had already responded.

    “Not much, you can pay five hundred for this month first.”

    Yo-You call this not much!?

    He Sinian took two steps back and decided to change his mind about paying them.

    To clarify, basically all the money he had earned every day had to be given to Long Brother. Because he had his kitty cat, his revenue had increased in these few months, so by the time he had to hand over the promised amount, he was still able to secretly save a few dozen dollars a day. Now taking everything into account, he currently only managed to bring together four hundred dollars with him today, so where was he going to find that much money?

    Moreover, even if all the money were to be given to these people, lf one were to listen closely to Yellow Teeth’s words, this amount was only for ‘this month’. Didn’t that imply that there would still be next month’s to deliver?

    He Sinian gritted his teeth. In that case, when would he be able to go home!?

    He Sinian scanned the surrounding area with the corner of his eye, and once a dark cloud covered the full moon, he took the opportunity and hugged Chujiao tightly, turning around and escaping.

    The three people apparently never thought that they would actually fail in intimidating him. The fat meat in their hands had actually dared to run away. After being stunned for a moment, they then dashed after He Sinian.

    He Sinian held Chu Jiao as he swiveled left and right. Although he had the advantage due to being familiar with the topography, he still had to cope with his short legs, and although Chu Jiao was not heavy, it was also still quite a burden for children to carry. He hadn’t ran for long when he was overtaken by the three.

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