Chapter 9 Uncle, you’ve come back

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“Chu Jiao, thi-this is for you, I brought it from abroad during the summer!”

Chu Jiao carried her backpack and walked on the road after school. She tilted her head to look at the red-faced pompous little boy and helplessly took the chocolate he was giving her.

“Brother Wang Xu, I just finished growing out my teeth last year. Uncle won’t let me eat anything sweet.”

Although she did love eating chocolate but because of health reasons, she still had to restrain herself.

“Don’t worry. You can eat it in secret.” Wang Xu saw her take it and grinned. “I won’t even tell him!”

Do you take me for a rebel like you, Chu Jiao silently cursed but her mouth said the opposite. “Alright. Thank you, Brother Wang Xu.”

Wang Xu was a little brother who lived in the same compound as her. He was Wang Canmou’s son. Because the two were of the same age, their path of growth was almost the same. The two people went to the same elementary and middle school. And because Wang Xu was the little overlord of the school, with his influence, Chu Jiao was saved a lot of trouble.

The two were now in their third year of junior middle school. 

“Cough. There’s no homework today, want to come out and play tonight?”

“No.” Chu Jiao shook her head. “Uncle’s coming back today. I’m going to keep him company.”

She simply had no interest in playing house with a little child. More than 10 years had passed in this world, and she didn’t make a single progress on this lofty level.

“It’s your uncle again.” Wang Xu mumbled to himself unhappily, feeling as if all the little lady’s spare time was monopolized by her uncle.

Chu Jiao didn’t hear Wang Xu’s ridicule, even if she did, she would have just ignored it.

She knew that Wang Xu could have had some feelings for her but the both of them were still children. How could it count? She looked as Wang Xu just like she would see her own child.

She raised her hand and looked at her watch. It was about time Chu Minshen got off work. She hurriedly waved her hands and told Wang Xu her farewell before running off to her own apartment.

Chu Minshen had been promoted in the past 2 years so he had become very busy. Recently, he had even ran off to the east to join a military exercise. The two people haven’t met for several months already.

Originally, Chu Minshen was worried about leaving her home alone and had wanted to hire a nanny but was rejected by Chu Jiao. She had started to reveal her independence in the past 2 years and although, she usually would be very dependent on Chu Minshen, she had no problem in taking care of herself. 

Chu Minshen raised Chu Jiao all by himself and saw her grow up every day so he was also clear that although Chu Jiao was delicate, she was extremely independent. Whenever this lady decided on something, even 10 bulls wouldn’t be able to pull her back so he didn’t force her.

Chu Jiao took out a bunch of vegetables and meat from the fridge, preparing to cook a big feast today.

The bluetooth speaker in the living room started to play graceful jazz music. While Chu Jiao was cooking, she was also humming along with the tune.

( Click here to play song: Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps by Doris Day )

“Won (You won’t admit you love me)”

“Andsohowmiever (And so how i am I ever to know)”

“(You always tell me)”

“Perhps, perhps, perhps (Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps)”

“Dksed (A million times I’ve asked you)”

“Andheniskover (And then I asked you over)”

“Gnbuonlyswer (Again, you only answer)”

“Perhps, perhps, perhps (Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps)”

Chu Jiao scattered the chopped onions inside the boiler, boiling the soup while humming.

It was currently the start of summer. Although the sun set in the west, the air was still full of heat.

She wore little suspenders and a short pleated skirt. Her feet were bare, her slender and straight legs were exposed in the air. She couldn’t help but tap her feet to the beat while humming and shook her soft waist as well.

The her who was about to be 15 years old, was growing every day with change. Her figure had already reached 165cm and looked slender and elegant.

The rich soup’s fragrance gradually spread. Chu Jiao was too lazy to grab a ladle and used chopsticks to dip into the soup and put in her mouth to lap up the taste. The pink tender lips arched up in an adorable form.

Chu Minshen held his luggage and entered the house, he was then welcomed by this sight.

His little rose had already become a flower bud.

Chu Minshen looked at the girl’s slender finger in the kitchen. While thinking, the corner of his mouth hooked up unconsciously.

He didn’t know which stinky boy sent her home.

Thinking like this, Chu Minshen’s heart felt gloomy.

“(So if you really love me)”

“Syyes,bufdon’der,confess (Say yes but if you don’t dear, confess)”

“Buplesedon’ell (And please don’t tell me)”

“Perhps,perhps,perhps (Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps)”

The music volume was quite loud, concealing Chu Minshen’s arrival. Chu Minshen set down his bags and quietly walked to Chu Jiao’s behind, his hand reaching forward to grab the girl’s neck.

He was going to carefully check if this little lazy fellow had been neglecting her training in these few months. 

Chu Jiao felt a wind from her back and before being grabbed, she agiley bent down and captured the intruder’s wrists with both hands. A coincidental use of force could lock the intruding person’s life. 

This was the stress response Chu Minshen had trained in her for years, Chu Minshen was always worrying about her so he taught her many self-defense techniques.

“Second Uncle! You’ve come back!”

When Chu Jiao made a move, she had already known it was her second Uncle. After just deflecting the move, she immediately happily jumped on Chu Minshen.

Long slender legs wrapped around Chu Minshen’s waist. Even though the lady’s weight was light, this kind of position still made Chu Minshen’s body sink a bit so he could only reach his sturdy arms out and had his palms support Chu Jiao’s meaty little butt.

Little play:
Wang Xu: Chu-Chu Jiao, I like you.
Chu Jiao: I’m sorry, but I’d rather be your aunt.
Wang Xu: ???
Chu Minshen: Scram, little brat, and head to the playground. Uncle Chu will teach you how to do boxing.

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