Chapter 88 [President’s Story 4] Lucky cat

Chu, little kitten, Jiao was feeling a multitude of emotions inside, but in the face of cruel reality and her growling belly, she could only urgently wish to improve her and the male lead’s living conditions.

She felt helpless knowing that there was currently no way to make a living through her own skills, so she settled on relying on her own face.

Making use of the night while He Sinian drew water from the river to wipe himself down, Chu Jiao endured the cold, cleaning the fur on her body before she went back into the male lead’s arms, shivering and burying her head then falling asleep.

He Sinian had only discovered on the second day when dawn broke, that his little kitty had made a complete transformation. Her previous dirty appearance was nowhere to be found, instead it was replaced by white fluffy fur that felt soft and smooth to the touch. Her big watery and limpid eyes blinked, appearing cute and lovely, causing people to suck in a few breaths.

He also gradually found out in the past few days that as long as the cat was released, his income on those days would be double of when he usually begged alone. Many people had expressed a liking for his cat and had wanted to touch it.

But He Sinian did not like the attitude of those strangers who were treating his cat like a fresh toy. He would rather keep the kitten in his arms and cover her under his clothes, so that nobody could see her.

Compared to money, he treasured his kitten a lot more.

The kitten who had accompanied him through endless nights, belonged to him alone.

But from that day forward, Chu Jiao had refused to quietly hide in He Sinian’s arms anymore no matter what.

This spoiled rich son of a bitch!

She didn’t know who this little brat took after but he held onto her very tightly. It was not as if Chu Jiao had not seen other people raising cats before. They were especially cute when they had just been just born. Little kittens appeared incredibly cute, but who would have expected that the bigger they got, the more unsightly they looked, so she secretly intended to take advantage of her youth and sell meng as a means to earn more money.

How could He Sinian understand Chu Jiao’s painstaking efforts? He stuffed the kitten back into his chest whenever she attempted to crawl out into his arms over and over again, but it resulted to no avail. Helpless, he could only allow Chu Jiao to crawl onto his shoulders.

“Meow~ Meow~”

In the subway, a small snow-white cat stood atop a boy who had a delicate and handsome face, but was dressed in a tattered and worn out clothing. From time to time, she would occasionally raise her front paw out and swung it like a lucky cat(1).

  1. Lucky cats are basically figures which are believed to bring good luck to the owner. We usually have these in small shops where the cat’s raised paw would move back and forth as if to beckon money to flow in for the business to flourish. 
Lucky Cat

Whenever someone threw them some money, she would stand on her hind legs atop the boy’s shoulders, her two front paws would be folded together, similar to a polite person, yet it also carried the same cuteness only animals could provide, making people feel amazed at the sight of this, as well as be unable to hold back a smile.

He Sinian was able to catch her movements out of the corner of his eyes, but he did not thinking much of it at all since he was still very young at this time. He merely treated it as if the kitten was naturally intelligent despite not knowing where the kitten had learnt how to do this because he was instead much more wholeheartedly worried about Chu Jiao’s safety, afraid that the kitten would accidentally slip off his shoulder and hurt herself.

This underground passage was the linkage between the subway and a shopping mall, so several people had passed through this place, and after just one afternoon had passed, the small bowl in front of He Sinian was overflowing with money.

He Sinian moved Chu Jiao from his shoulder to his head before his two little hands smoothed out the crumpled change one by one. He then folded them into a small stack, and stuffed them into the pockets of his trousers.

“Kitty cat, you are amazing!”

He Sinian held Chu Jiao’s hand and planted a heavy kiss on it. He was able to secretly save more than a dozen yuan from the money earned today after deducting the amount that he had handed over to Brother Long!

“Meow meow!” Look at your little easily satisfied appearance!

Chu Jiao hated iron for not becoming steel.(1)

  1. Hating iron for not becoming steel: to feel impatient to see improvement 

In the future, you, my little friend He Sinian, will become a president who can make millions in a minute, so can you not feel so happy like a pilfering sneaky cat with just this little bit of cash!

Hmm? Chu Jiao suddenly felt something odd

Did she also just manage to mock herself in her words?

T/N: He Sinian is gonna become the new Bill Gates in the future lmao.

I'm Going to Save Money for New Lamborghini 10 Seconds Later* Done ...

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