Chapter 84 The third world: “President, Don’t Ravage Me”

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Cold…It’s so cold…

Cold wind interlaced with ice and snow kissed Chu Jiao, the chilliness drilling into her bones.

It had already been some time since she had awoken from the darkness.

But all Chu Jiao really wanted to do, was to just sleep.

Actually, it wasn’t that she wanted it, it was this body that wanted to.

Drowsiness lingered in her head as Chu Jiao struggled to lift her heavy eyelids to take a look at her current circumstances.

A mixture of putrid smells lingered beneath her nose, and the scene before her eyes was hazy and strange, causing her to feel incessant surprise.

Neon lights, and high-rise buildings.

It looked like she had returned to a modern world this time around.

But—why were the buildings so tall? She couldn’t even see the top with just one glance?

Also, why did everything around her look magnified?

A newspaper occupied her entire field of view, a broken wine bottle was taller than her, and a … size 37 high-heels box was able to contain her entire body??

What was going on? Did she arrive in a world of giants??


Chu Jiao had just parted her mouth to speak and was immediately rendered stupefied.

“Meow … meow meow?”

What the hell? She had clearly opened her mouth to ask,”Is there anybody there?”, but why did it sound like a cat’s cry in her ears!?

Shifting her gaze downwards, Chu Jiao looked at her body.

It was white and fluffy.

Moreover, she had four meatball-like claws.

Alright, it wasn’t that the world had gotten bigger, but she had gotten smaller.

What made her more mentally frazzled was that—she didn’t even transmigrate into an actual person this time around!?

“Meow! Meow Meow Meow!” [419, get the fuck out right now!]

[Host, you can just call me out nicely. There’s no need to use the word ‘roll’(1), I am a virtual being, I can’t just ‘roll’.]

(1)滾去 means get lost/scram. The first word 滾 can also mean to roll. Hence, the joke. No English equivalent for this sadly.

“Meow Meow….” [Haha…]

“Meow Meow Meow.” [Alright, I don’t want to waste time with you any longer. Pass me the plot of the story.]

After experiencing two worlds, Chu Jiao already knew how deeply unreliable this system was so she could not give a fuck anymore.(2)

(2) In the raws, the author literally uses the phrase ‘無fuck說’, me thinks the author herself could not give a fuck about writing proper chinese anymore too. lmao.

Not long after, she received the plot in her head.

Chu Jiao was a bit nonplussed when she read the plot of the story. Was this a YY work(3) written by a junior high school student?

(3) The letter YY stands for the chinese words 意淫(Yiyin) meaning sexual fantasies. These works usually refer to novels that have poor plot writing written by a person who has low self-esteem. –Referenced from Baidu

The female protagonist Murong Zining was born with an impoverished background, but with her earnesty, she was able to gradually climb up the social ladders. In her second year of college, she was able to obtain an internship at China’s top internet company thanks to her excellent academics. Naturally, this company belonged to the male lead.

Her good looks caused her to be isolated by her colleagues, and she was deliberately arranged to make coffee in the tea room where she happened to encounter the president, He Sinian, who had come to brew coffee. In a fit of carelessness, she had also accidentally spilled coffee on the president’s expensive, white shirt.

Chu Jiao ridiculed this plot on the inside. The president of such a big company? Would make his own coffee??? Shouldn’t the assistant be laid off??

[Please do not pay attention to these details. ] The system responded dryly.

Fine. Chu Jiao shrugged and kept watching.

Alright, thanks to this, the female lead successfully attracted the male lead’s attention.

The male lead wanted the female lead to compensate, and despite the female lead’s futile efforts of selling him meng(4), he did not change his mind. The female lead gritted her teeth in anger but was ultimately helpless. Because the internship was unpaid, she had to go out and work on weekends.

(4) Selling meng: acting cute

The female lead had joined a cosplay society in school which was led by an otaku president was in love with her. After hearing that she was in urgent need of money, he introduced her to an odd job as a show girl for a game and animation exhibition. Although her clothes were a bit revealing, the high hourly salary excited the female lead, so she put the cat girl costume on, and successfully attracted a lot of attention on the day of the exhibition. She had also brought in extremely high profits to the booth.

Coincidentally, the latest game displayed on this booth was actually owned by the male lead’s company, so the male lead had happened to come across the female lead wearing cat ears and furry tail. And during this period, the otaku who had been watching from the sidelines suffered from itchy hands, he couldn’t help but want to sexually harass the beautiful female lead. Fortunately, the male lead was able to catch this in time and stopped him beforehand, causing the female lead to change her impression of him.

In truth, the seemingly ascetic and cold male lead was actually a furry maniac. He was unable to resist all furry things, especially cats. So it was impossible for him to sit back and watch the female lead get harassed. Afterwards, the male lead inexplicably became interested in the female lead.

After realizing that the female lead was the company’s intern, he transferred her to his side to work as an assistant, and later on, they engaged in many office plays, and in every one of their papapa plays, the female lead would always feign resistance while secretly enjoying it on the inside. Of course, in the end, they eventually got together contentedly.

Chu Jiao wanted to roll her eyes at such an embarrassingly written smut. After she quickly flipped through it, she then remembered something. Huh, what about the supporting female she was going to play as? Where was she in the story?

After rewinding for a long time, she had finally found it.

It turned out that the reason why the male lead fell in love with the female lead was because she was dressed in the cat costume.

In the novel, the male lead had recounted to the female lead that when he was a child, he had been caught in a trafficking incident. After being abducted by a trafficker, he was forced to become a small beggar who had to beg for a living at an overpass. He could only eat scrapes of food every day, and would be beaten up if he couldn’t gather any money.

At that time, he had picked up a stray cat, and treated it as a playmate. The kitten had accompanied him during the darkest of his years, and would even find food for him. It even helped him escape at the very end.

At times, when he was having fuzzy dreams, he would always hallucinate that the cat would turn into a person at night. It would take care of him, and treat his injuries, and once dawn broke, it would turn back into a cat.

The female lead had even laughed at the illusions he had in his childhood, but the male lead still buried this feeling deep in his heart.

The novel did not reveal what happened to the cat later on, so Chu Jiao had no way of finding out either.

It looked like she had become this cat right now.

Chu Jiao sighed deeply.

A difficult road laid ahead of her.


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