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  • Chapter 83 [Master-disciple story 41] Master, I love you (H) (End)

    After returning to the sect, Ling Yue and Chu Jiao went over to the Sect Head’s place and recounted the entire matter from beginning to end clearly and with much detail.

    When Chu Jiao left, she controlled the secret territory, sending out all the Ten Sect’s righteous path cultivators who had been separated in the area, out of Sendai, the remaining scattered demonic cultivators were also snuffed out one by one.

    Nobody could’ve imagined that what was supposed to be an ordinary refining meetup actually turned out to be a mass killing. Each of the sects had been waiting for an explanation, and because Noble Spirit Sect was the top sect with elder Ling Yue having participated in the entire process, the terrible mess that had been left behind had to be put in order by the sect head.

    Sect Leader Qing Wei helplessly pointed at Ling Yue.

    “You’re already an elder yet you still caused so much trouble, fooling around with your disciple.”

    Looking over the entire matter as a whole, Ling Yue should have thought of a way to notify each sect after he discovered the scheme that was going on behind the scenes to prevent the worst case scenario from ever happening. But Ling Yue was foolhardy and only intended to rely on his own strength. Fortunately, Chu Jiao accepted the inheritance of the secret territory, otherwise, the consequences would’ve been too ghastly to contemplate.

    “I had a plan.” Ling Yue didn’t follow this with an explanation, leaving only this sentence behind.

    “Fine fine. You can return to your Lang Feng Peak.” Qing Wei waved his hand, failing to get angry at Ling Yue’s cold appearance, so he could only quickly shoo him away. After all, he still had a headache of a matter to settle.

    The two people obeyed his orders and withdrew. Ling Yue took out his flying sword and held Chu Jiao close to him, standing atop of it.

    The spiritual sword gradually rose with the wind and Chu Jiao reminisced the views she had seen flying with her master for the very first time.

    At that time, she was a little greenhorn who didn’t understand anything about the cultivation world. Now, she could finally stand shoulder to shoulder with her master.

    Chu Jiao stared at the dependable and composed man by her side. His palms still placed by her waist in a protective position.

    Regardless of when it was, Master would always, in his own way, love her and protect her.

    Thinking like this, joy and exuberance surged in her heart. The two people were currently shuttling through the clouds right now and were undetectable to the eye, so she straightforwardly turned to the side, and hooked her hands around the man’s neck, pressing a deep kiss onto him.

    “Master, I love you.”

    She had acted on her desire, naturally spilling these words out.

    These short 4 words floated into Ling Yue’s ears along with the breeze. It was gentle and soft yet at the same time, it was like a heavy hammer pounding on his heart, and pounding on his soul.

    A radiant light flashed through the man’s deep eyes like a shooting star flitting across the depths of his eyes.

    “Jiao Jiao, I love you too.”

    He deepened this kiss, bringing a more turbulent strength and passion into it than the previous.

    Jiao Er, Jiao Jiao.

    His Jiao Er, His Jiao Jiao.

    He had remembered.

    He had leapt through time and vast seas.

    To find his little flower.

    Even if he had no recollections of her, he had once again fallen in love with her.

    He wasn’t him, yet, he was also him.

    This trance was like a long dream which he had yet to awaken from.

    Chu Jiao was kissed to the point she was almost about to suffocate, and she weakly leaned into Ling Yue’s arms.

    The man’s taste was overbearing yet familiar. The pair of palms kneaded her bunnies unceasingly before eventually slipping into her clothes out of frustration.

    “Mmmhhh….” They were still on a flying sword!

    Chu Jiao’s tongue was caught by the man so she had no way of speaking up. Her body had started quivering due to Ling Yue’s caresses, so she could only allow him to do as he pleased.

    The man rubbed the girl’s ample bust, his tongue tossed around with his head buried in the crook of the girl’s neck, and he slowly sucked in her scent. His tongue lapped across her soft throat, feeling it quiver slightly.

    The palm travelled further downwards and out of impatience, Ling Yue undid the girl’s clothing. One hand drilled into Chu Jiao’s bottoms, familiarly searching for the tender flower lips. Using two fingers, he pried them apart and penetrated without delay.


    The private passage was still not wet, so its dry surroundings made it hard for the fingers to move around. Ling Yue’s other hand continued to wander around the girl’s body. Through the tip of her milk buds to the dimples on her back, he knew each of the girl’s sensitive points and after a while had passed, his other fingers felt the babbling of water.

    The spirit sword was only one foot wide, and originally, they stood on it nestled front and back. Chu Jiao’s legs had turned soft, leaning her body weight against the man behind her.

    The man’s lower body stuck close to her anal lobe, and the clearly erect and massive object pressed straight against the seams of her derriere.

    “Ah … Master … it’s …it’s ready …”

    Her little cave was teased by the man’s fingers until it had become incredibly itchy, Chu Jiao turned her head and urged him.

    Ling Yue’s member had already swollen to an unbearable size. He lifted up the girl’s gown, and unbuttoned the front lapel of her unseemly bottoms, inserting it all at once.


    The man’s chest was glued to her back, as the two were surrounded by blue skies and white clouds. The spirit sword underneath their feets soared through the skies and even though nobody could see them, the absurdity of having sex in public made Chu Jiao incredibly embarrassed.

    The man’s heavy breathing resounded beside her ear, causing Chu Jiao’s hole to clench on the man’s cool pillar.

    The pleasure of having been entered from behind so suddenly caused her to lose her senses.

    Along with the man’s increasingly quick thrusts, the two people had become unaware which peak they were flying towards..

    Chu Jiao squinted and looked down. There were small black spots moving in the vast mountains. As the flying sword moved forward, the densely packed dots became larger and larger, it was clearly a group of disciples who were currently cultivating.

    “Ah … Master … Ah Nnn… someone … will … will see …”

    Chu Jiao looked down, nervousness creeping up in her heart. If someone were to discover her current appearance…, no, she didn’t want that!

    Her little hole couldn’t help but clamp down tightly again, causing Ling Yue’s breathing to hike, and he finally cast a distracted glance at the scene below them.

    He raised the corner of his mouth, it was rare for him to have the desire to tease his little disciple.

    He secretly cast a spell with his hands, concealing themselves with a film of light, so that nobody outside could see them clearly.

    But he didn’t let Chu Jiao know, so Chu Jiao remained nervous and bashful.

    Ling Yue simply turned the girl around to face him, and the two stood face to face.

    He lifted one of the girl’s legs, allowing her to hook it around his waist. Then, Ling Yue inserted his meat stick into the soft flower hole, penetrating straight into the core.

    “Ah … don’t … we’re going to be seen … ahhhhh …”

    Chu Jiao felt shy on the inside. She moaned while pushing the man’s chest without actually putting in any effort..

    However, Ling Yue treated it as if he did not hear anything. Each pound he made was stronger and deeper than the previous.

    The people cultivating the sword on the mountain only felt a spirit sword flying over their heads. A keen person even looked up, catching sight of two people flashing by..

    “Oh? Is that Highest Heaven zhenjun’s spiritual sword?”

    “That’s right, I remember this spirit sword, its silver light sparkles like black ice even from a thousand miles away!”

    “How come there were two people on the sword?”

    “I couldn’t see it clearly … but It must’ve been Ninth Heavens zhenjun and his darling disciple. “

    “Oh, are you referring to Chu Jiao who had improved by leaps and bounds after hitting Foundation Establishment? “

    “Yeah. Hey, Highest Heavens zhenjun has always been an unapproachable person, why do you think he treats only his disciple well?”

    “Hehe, what else do you think, with Senior Apprentice Chu being so beautiful … “

    “Watch your tongue! “

    “Yeah, yeah, yeah… “

    The people atop the sword had cultivation bases so they were still able to catch the cultivating disciples words without any difficulty.

    As far as Ling Yue was concerned, he paid no attention to other people’s thoughts, so even if he had an unusual relationship with the apprentice, he never thought about covering it up.

    Chu Jiao was even more unconcerned. The only meaning of her existence in this world was Master, so other people’s opinions didn’t affect her at all.

    Leaving the main peak, the spirit sword rose high up into the air, and Chu Jiao no longer held herself back, moaning loudly.

    “Ah … so rough …”

    “Master … do it gentler … ahnnn …”

    “Ah Ahh… Master … Mmm … It’s so deep … Ah … you’re touching my core…..”

    Chu Jiao was immersed in the surging desire that the man had brought her.

    “Jiaojiao … Jiaojiao …”

    Ling Yue no longer remained taciturn and kissed her continuously, calling Chu Jiao’s name out.

    “Jiao’er … I love you.”

    He buried deep into the girl’s body, as if he was trying to bury his own love into her body and into her heart.

    Chu Jiao shortly lost her senses from feeling the cold rich essence released inside of her. As she listened to the man’s affectionate confession, Chu Jiao was happy and moved yet at the same time, she also felt sad.


    She had a premonition in her heart that the moment of separation was approaching once again.

    Sure enough, before she could even have time to calm down, a familiar icy machine-like voice rang inside her head.


    [World: ‘Master, no more’, Goal completion rate: 100%.]

    [The capture of male lead Ling Yue is a success.. ]

    [System in preparation….]

    [The 10 minute countdown will now begin.]

    Ever since she had sex with Master for the first time, she took the initiative to turn off the sound of the progress for the absorption of body fluids, because although she knew that she would leave one day, she didn’t want to be forced to move forward.

    She wanted to let nature take its course for everything.

    She wanted to do whatever she desired.

    However, separation always had to come in the most unpredictable times, catching people off their guard.


    At this moment, the two had just landed on the peak of Lang Feng Mountain. Chu Jiao held onto Ling Yue tightly, burying herself in his arms.

    “If there came a day…that I’m not by your side…”

    “Please…don’t ever forget me…”

    Ling Yue’s heart moved slightly, but he didn’t question why she had suddenly said such a thing.

    He only held the young girl’s bright and clean face, and planted a light kiss on the red mole at the corner of her eye.

    “I won’t forget you, baby.”

    You are Chu Jiao.

    The Chu from the words moving beauty and Jiao from the word delicate.

    You belong to me, Jiao Jiao.

    [The countdown has ended, preparing to send the host out …]

    [Three, two, one.]

    Ling Yue’s heart was sour as he watched the girl close her eyes quietly and contentedly.

    Then, she fell into his arms.

    “Jiaojiao …”

    “Next time … Remember to fall in love with me a little earlier.”

    The man’s affectionate words scattered into the wind, with no one to hear them.

    [End of the Second World]

    T/N: Ahhhhh Finally done with the second world!!! This world was such a pain to translate compared to the first one due to all the cultivation terms but at least the next world is a lot easier because we’re going back to modern settings.

    There isn’t any author’s note this time sadly but do let me know how you liked/didn’t like the second world in the comments below! I hope you enjoyed it~ Thank you for all your support!! Only 6 worlds left to go ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ

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