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  • Chapter 81 [Master-disciple story 39] You reap what you sow

    Chu Jiao did not want to explain to Su Ruizhi because she was too preoccupied with warding off the demonic cultivators. On the other hand, Ling Yue who had finished dealing with Wu Xiang had arrived to help alleviate Chu Jiao’s burdens.

    The blood demon ancestor watch the cause he had labored for a thousand years, gradually becoming undone by a Buddhist monk and a little girl, and felt flustered and exasperated. The thought of his enterprise being ruined in one stroke caused him to turn more ruthless in capturing more flesh. With a lift of his hand, he levitated several demonic cultivators who had been beaten by Chu Jiao and Ling Yue across the room and heartlessly threw them into the bloody pool.

    The blood demon ancestor gradually fused with the demonic cultivators’ flesh, their bits and pieces gradually covering him up. Success was within his reach.

    Ling Yue put his palms together, still assuming the appearance of a Buddhist cultivator, and he started reciting cryptically profound scriptures.


    “What’s going on! MY FLESH!!! AHHH——MY SOULLL!”

    As it turned out, before he arrived here, the sect leader of the Buddhist Sound Sect had taught Ling Yue a trick to prevent the bowl from being exploited. It was the Zijin Soul Bowl’s other set of control methods, which allowed the person to purify grieving souls and suppress evil spirits.

    The thousands of resentful spirits that had been refined, were unable to be reborn, and after being absorbed by the blood demon ancestor, they could only be merged into a much more terrifying evil spirit. Although Ling Yue was unable to save them, he could at least lead them back to their original selves at the final moment and allow them to take revenge themselves!

    Ling Yue chanted the spell while Chu Jiao hurried over to the people who were captured, and disposed of the last demonic cultivators.

    The Blood Demon Ancestor felt as if he was being bitten by ten thousands ants. An unbearable amount of pain overwhelmed his body, causing him to no longer have the power to hover in air and continue refining. Black blood spurted out from his mouth as he fell onto the pool side.

    At this moment, his blood demon body had not completely condensed yet. Blood and scraps of flesh covered the surface, making him appear very frightening.

    Ling Yue and Blood Demon stood on opposing ends of the blood pool. Despite the Blood Demon appearing to be retreating from his position, he was actually heading straight towards Chu Jiao.

    Ling Yue’s heart tightened. Chu Jiao and several other people were caught under a demonic banner cast by the blood demon that was made up of coiling grieving spirits. Several people ended up being enveloped by the demonic resentful spirits.

    Chu Jiao circulated her spiritual qi to shelter herself from being corroded, but saw the heroine Su Ruizhi pulling two other injured and weak people to cover herself, taking them as shields.

    “Let them go, and I’ll spare your life!”

    Chu Jiao was Ling Yue’s weakness. In this current moment, no matter how urgent the situation was, Chu Jiao’s safety was of higher priority.

    “Kekeke!” Upon seeing this, the bloody ancestor knew that he had obtained a hostage in his hands, and the wind was now blowing in his favor.

    “They are all such beauties …” He darkly swept a glance at the female cultivators lying on the ground. “It just so happens that this ancestor is lacking essence and blood, so I’ll be plucking you all for replenishment!”

    Chu Jiao gave Ling Yue a placating look, and surreptitiously gathered spiritual qi.

    The others shivered in response.

    “Do-Don’t, don’t pick me!” Suddenly, the shaky voice of a female rang out, “Ancestor, if you need the essence of blood, picking her alone is enough. Sh-She has a furnace body so she can give you a substantial replenishment!

    Chu Jiao turned her head in shock, looking at the person who spoke, it was Su Ruizhi.

    Su Ruizhi’s eyes were full of resentment, but her words were innocent and delicate.

    The blood demon ancestor heard her words and, took the demonic banner back, following the direction Su Ruizhi was pointing at and landing his gaze on Chu Jiao.

    “Oh? A furnace body.”

    “Kekeke, looks like lady luck is smiling favorably upon me today!”

    At this time, only four people remained alive on site, Chu Jiao, Ling Yue, Su Ruizhi, and Blood Demon Ancestor.

    The two other women were already in a severely injured state, adding on the suffering caused by the grieving spirits, they were already out of breath.

    Su Ruizhi pushed Chu Jiao out with the intention of keeping her life, but she had failed to realize that she had ruined her own chances of escaping the place with her own hands.

    While the blood demon ancestor’s refining was hampered by her master, the orb in Chu Jiao’s spiritual platform started radiating brightly. The Joyous Union Lord had kept her promise and passed down the secret territory to her, so she, at this moment, had become the mightiest owner of this secret territory.

    This treasured area of Sendai’s secret territory was the original entrance of the Joyous Union Sect’s secret territory. There were teleportation arrays on all sides, which was connected to the far east of Azure Dragon Lake, the west of White Tiger Mountain, the far north of Black Tortoise Valley and the far south of Vermilion Bird Peak.

    Chu Jiao originally planned to teleport several other people, including Su Ruizhi, from the west portal next to her while Master was occupied with fighting the Blood Demon, but she never expected that the heroine would act according to the original plot, exposing her to the demon ancestor.

    Chu Jiao was not a person who requited evil with good.

    She glanced at Su Rui without an iota of sympathy.

    “Take care of yourself.”

    Then in a flash, she arrived at Ling Yue’s side and held his hand.

    Leaving only Su Ruizhi behind in the hands of the Blood Demon Ancestor.

    As the master of the secret territory, in this moment, Chu Jiao could control everything inside the secret territory. She was even able to use the spatial formation that was located very far away from her, and easily transported herself to Ling Yue’s side.

    Regardless of whether the heroine had exposed the original owner’s of furnace constitution ‘inadvertently’ or not, Chu Jiao didn’t intend to forgive her at this moment.

    It was better to let Su Ruizhi experience for herself how it felt like to be treated like a furnace.

    Su Ruizhi never expected that Chu Jiao still had the ability to resist, and was extremely dumbfounded.

    Her shoulders were immediately seized by the blood demon ancestor, and she shrieked in terror.



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