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  • Chapter 80 [Master-Disciple Story 38] Escape

    “Old ancestor, everything is prepared and in order.”

    At this time, another hooded demonic cultivator stepped forward and spoke. Chu Jiao carefully looked over under the dim lighting, only to discover that he turned out to be the Buddhist Sound Sect’s Wu Xiang! It looks like Wu Xiang was the mole who had stolen the Zijin bowl.

    “Very good!” The ‘ancestor’ nodded in satisfaction and soared into the air.

    Because he was the person refining the blood demon, Chu Jiao secretly referred to him as ‘The blood demon ancestor’.

    She watched as the blood demon ancestor levitated directly above the bloody lake, his hood finally being lifted off.

    With just one glance, he looked like the cultivator who had just been corroded in the bloody lake, a complete skeleton without flesh!

    On the altar behind him, a cloud of dark fog formed in the eight-trigram, gradually emerging forth like a ribbon that was floating towards the Blood Demon ancestor and boring into the center of his heavenly qi.

    “Hahaha! Hahaha!”

    “Soon, very soon, I am going to achieve the True Body of a Blood Demon, I’ll become invincible! Hahaha!”

    The Blood Demon ancestor laughed maniacally while absorbing this mist, and at this moment, the blood in the lake had also boiled reaching its peak, flowing upwards directly counter-current to gravity, forming a cocoon-like shape as it wrapped around the skeleton of the blood demon ancestor.

    Chu Jiao was shocked. This was completely different from the method of refining blood demons the Joyous Union Lord had described!

    But Ling Yue, who had been keeping a low profile at the side, had already figured out that this demonic cultivator did not intend to refine a blood demon, instead, he wanted to turn into the blood demon himself!

    The hand gestures he was stealthily forming sped up, while his eyes remained calm without ripples.

    Chu Jiao looked at the black mist that was screaming and weeping, and noticed hazy faces contorted in pain, struggling to free themselves from it. It turned out that the black mist was made up of those 9,999 grieving souls!

    Chu Jiao took advantage of the demonic cultivator’s attention placed on the blood demon ancestor, and covertly undid the the binds on her hands and feet. The object that Ling Yue had tossed to her before was an arachnid fluid which was also the only object that could dissolve a Decade Demonic Spider’s thread. For some odd reason, while the rest of the people had their spiritual powers sealed, she could still mobilize hers, so at this moment, she was able to secretly distribute the arachnid fluid to everyone without being found out.

    At the same time, she also swept her eyes around the stone chamber.

    Previously, she speculated that since the stone stele at the bottom of Azure Dragon Lake was a teleportation array, perhaps it could function as a two-way portal. After all, the stone room was located in the inner belly of the valley.

    Sure enough, she relied on the image of the stone room that she saw from the water screen in her memories, and turned around to search for something similar. On the east side of the wall, she saw a recess which looked exactly like the one she saw before.

    Worried of being discovered, Chu Jiao did not dare to use the method of transmitting voice stealthily in such a large area. The Noble Spirit Sect’s leading senior brother Pei Xiu, who had always maintained a just and fair character, was just sitting not too far away from her. He was a model of the Noble Spirit Sect’s current generation, and had made quite a small reputation for himself in other sects as well. Chu Jiao quickly narrated the matter to him in simple terms, asking him to take the rest of the people away from this place through the portal she was going to open up while Ling Yue obstructs the demonic cultivators.

    Worthy of being called a great senior apprentice, Pei Xiu expressed a calm response. After listening to Chu Jiao’s words, he knew that this was not the time to be confused and harbor suspicions, so he expressed implicit understanding to Chu Jiao through his eyes.

    On the other side, the black mist was gradually being absorbed. The body of the Blood Demon ancestor was no longer made of bones, and had turned into a pile of black and red flesh.

    “It’s not enough! It’s not enough!”

    Everyone heard his voice echo inside the stone room.

    Upon seeing this, Wu Xiang who was standing at the side, immediately grabbed a Buddhist cultivator from his own sect and threw him into the bloody lake without blinking an eye.


    The Buddhist Cultivator plopped into the bloody lake and slowly sank to the bottom. His flesh slowly separated in the bloody water and was soon sucked into the bloody cocoon revolving in the air.

    Seeing this, Ling Yue knew he could not stall for time any longer. He easily broke off the rope, and charged straight towards Wu Xiang.

    Although the demonic cultivators had suppressed their cultivations to Foundation Establishment Stage in the secret territory, their own abilities and talents were still present within their body, so Wu Xiang fought with Ling Yue without being held back.

    The time was ripe!

    Chu Jiao also took out the pearl from her body at the same time, and stuffed it into the groove on the stone wall.

    Pei Xiu took the lead and assisted the injured companions towards the faintly glowing portal, while calling out to the rest. Everyone who had already quietly untied their rope saw the situation, and hurried towards the portal.

    Chu Jiao was not in a hurry to leave. She took out the elixirs in her storage bag and stuffed them in the hands of the severely injured people, then she pulled out her spirit sword and blocked the demonic cultivators who had arrived to stop the group from escaping.


    “Grab them all! Grab all of them!” 

    The blood demon ancestor was currently wrapped in the bloody cocoon at this time, refining as he needed, hence he was unable to move, and could only order his subordinates.

    Although Chu Jiao’s cultivation base had expanded a lot after dual-cultivation and had risen to Foundation Establishment Late Stage, she struggled to fight against several demonic cultivators who were Core Formation and even Nascent Soul cultivators, it was as difficult as fighting an enemy that had four hands with only two fists, and it took quite a lot of strenuous effort. Soon, she felt herself being suppressed. 

    Although most of the cultivators had already escaped through the portal, there were still some people who had fallen behind and were caught by the demonic cultivators.

    Seeing that several demonic cultivators were planning to pass through the portal to chase after the group to slaughter them, Chu Jiao surveyed her surroundings, and saw that only a few people were caught. She gritted her teeth and took the pearl out from the recess, cutting the connection to the stone room off.

    “Chu Jiao! Have you gone crazy, quickly open it again, we still haven’t gone out yet!”

    Su Ruizhi who had been caught, had been watching Chu Jiao’s actions for a long time. Seeing her hope of escaping being revoked, she struggled and screeched, hurling herself towards Chu Jiao.

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