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  • Chapter 8.2 Uncle, I want to hear a story (2)

    “Uncle, I want to hear a story.”

    After having slept for a while, Chu Jiao didn’t have any drowsiness at all. She leaned on the bed, blinking her big eyes, staring at Chu Minshen.

    Heng. Since you left me alone.

    I’ll punish you with telling me a story.

    Tell a story?

    Chu Minshen’s brain was only filled with military rules. What kind of story was appropriate to be told to a child?

    He suddenly thought of something and walked towards the book shelf.

    On the top, there was an unopened book. That book was the birthday gift he had prepared for the little lady this year.

    This was good since it had now come into good use.

    Chu Minshen tore the packaging off, held the book and sat back down on the bed.

    He turned the bedside lamp on and under the bright yellow light, he slowly turned to the first page.

    “In a little prince’s planet, there was a group of simple one petal flowers that grew since a long time ago. Although these flowers were very small, they didn’t take up a lot of space and they have never troubled anybody. They would bloom in the early morning among the underbrush and would wilt by night. Suddenly, on one day, a seed sprouted and the people didn’t know where the seed came from.

    The little prince took special care watching this bud because it differed from the rest. This thing must be a new Baobab tree. He thought. But, soon, the little bud stopped growing and instead began to produce a flower. Looking at the bud growing out a very very big flower bud, the little prince felt that this flower bud was going to show a miracle.

    However, this flower hid herself in its lush green room and took a really long time to dress herself up. She meticulously picked out the color she was going to be and slowly decorated herself, matching her petals one by one. She didn’t want to look like a corn poppy with a face full of wrinkles. She wanted to be born into the world with a bright and beautiful appearance.

    That’s right. She loved looking pretty. She used several days to dress up like a goddess. Then, one early morning, just when the sun was rising, she bloomed.

    She had already meticulously made such preparations yet she yawned while saying:

    “I just woke up, I’m really sorry that you had to see my hair still tangled….”

    The little prince couldn’t control his own adoring feelings at that moment: 

    “You are so beautiful!”

    The flower contentedly replied:

    ‘Right? I was born at the same time the sun came out…’

    The little prince could see that this flower wasn’t too modest but she was indeed really gorgeous.

    She soon spoke again. ‘It’s now time to eat breakfast. Could you please be thoughtful to prepare something for me…’

    The little prince felt a bit embarrassed so he took out a watering can and poured in a pot of cold water before irrigating the flower.

    ‘You better protect me well at night. Your place is too cold. It’s not good for living. The place where I came before…’

    She didn’t continue further because she was previously just a small seed….’

    Speaking up to here, Chu Minshen stopped. He realized that Chu Jiao had already fallen into a deep slumber.

    Chu Minshen gently carried Chu Jiao who was inverted on top of him and spread out the quilt before placing her beside him.

    Softly turning the lights off, Chu Minshen laid down on the bed and planted a soft kiss on Chu Jiao’s forehead.

    He thought. Compared to a little prince.

    He was more willing to become a gardener.

    Right now, he had a germinating flower seed in his hands.

    Sweet and delicate. 

    She was still small and weak so he will have to wait for a very very long time for her to grow up.

    She would still need him to protect her from strong winds and irrigate and fertilize her.

    She would then slowly grow up and become a beautiful, aromatic and alluring rose.

    A rose that belonged to a little prince.

    And before all of this, he will carefully protect her.

    Good night, my little lady.

    Good night, my little rose.

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