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  • Chapter 8.1 Uncle, I want to hear a story (1) 

    After Chu Minshen shot out, his entire person became more sober.

    He hardened his face and turned the shower on. He stood up and quickly washed himself and Chu Jiao clean then used a towel to wrap Chu Jiao into a small Zongzi, carrying her and stuffing her in the quilt that was already set out in the guest room.

    Zongzi. Wrapped Glutinous Rice. Photo taken from

    And then without looking back, he closed the bedroom door and walked off.

    Chu Jiao bit the little quilt.

    She suddenly understood the sour feeling caused by “people who don’t recognize other people after finishing their business” that was always talked about in stories.

    Stinky second uncle, bad second uncle.

    It was currently late autumn and the southwest was a rainy area. Chu Jiao listened to the howling wind outside the window and thought to herself, it was probably about to rain and thunder.

    While thinking, her body couldn’t fight off the assail of drowsiness and she gradually shut her eyes.


    The gloomy thunder sound roused Chu Jiao. She rubbed her eyes and looked at the wall clock.

    It was already 12 o’clock.

    Wind and rain ran amok outside.

    She wore an azure blue lace nightgown and held her little panda stuffed toy near her. She put on her slippers and pitter-pattered towards Chu Minshen’s bedroom

    She didn’t need the system to remind her because she also knew that the bedroom was a good place to cultivate feelings and body contact.

    Besides, she was still this small and was afraid of thunder so she wanted to sleep with an adult. This kind of excuse was without any loopholes.

    Of course.

    As long as she got on that bed, even if Chu Minshen to want her to get off, it wouldn’t be that easy.


    Hearing the sounds of a knock, Chu Minshen was currently looking at a drill plan in his hands with a serious face but in his heart, he knew that his thoughts were already someplace far away.

    In one moment, he thought of the corpses of his older brother and sister-in-law that hadn’t gone cold yet he had already done immoral things to their daughter. He really deserved death.

    In another moment, the picture of Chu Jiao’s soft white skin and bright, moving big eyes floated before his eyes. His body couldn’t help but remember the never-felt-before pleasure that he experienced when his desire burst forth.

    Since nobody had opened the door for a long time, Chu Jiao tiptoed to turn the knob on the door herself.

    “Jiao Jiao, what’s wrong?”

    Looking at the drowsy eyed little girl who wore night clothes and was hugging a stuffed toy, Chu Minshen placed the documents in his hands down and sat up.

    “Wuu, Second Uncle, I’m scared.”

    Chu Jiao rubbed her eyes and used her little arms and feet to swifty climb up the bed and squeezed into the spacious quilt, burying her head in Chu Minshen’s waist.

    Chu Minshen listened closely and heard the lightning and thunder sounds from outside the room so he didn’t push Chu Jiao away. The little lady was without parents right now and the only person she could depend on was him.

    Thinking like this, Chu Minshen’s heart softened a bit again.

    The matter that happened tonight was just a one-time mistake.

    Jiao Jiao was still small so she’ll be able to forget it quickly.

    Chu Minshen told himself this, like he was hypnotizing himself to quickly forget about this mistake. He was still Jiao Jiao’s good uncle.

    I am her only relative left.

    I need to spoil her and love her.

    I am going to raise her to become the world’s best unrivalled lady.

    Chu Minshen patted Chu Jiao’s hand, signalling her to let go. He got up and went to fetch Chu Jiao’s little pillow and quilt over.

    How heartless was he to leave a little lady in a pitch dark room all by herself?

    Coming back from the cold bedroom, Chu Minshen secretly gave himself a punch on the inside.

    She was still so small and delicate. She still needed a lot of attention in every way possible.

    She should sleep with him together.

    What if she kicked her blanket away in one night? He needed to look after her all the time then.

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