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  • Chapter 79 [Master-Disciple Story 37] The Repercussions of Disobedience

    Ling Yue compromised, but with the young apprentice present, he did not enter through the connecting portal directly. 

    After hearing Chu Jiao recount the story of meeting the Joyous Union Lord, Ling Yue started to connect the dots linking the catalyst and outcomes of the entire matter inside his head.

    It turned out that the reason behind his disappearance for three years was also related to this incident.

    At that time, Ling Yue had received a message that the demonic cultivators’ tracks had started to appear everywhere, several rogue cultivators had also met their demise in strange circumstances, their souls vanishing from their bodies without leaving any trace behind.

    The Buddhist Sound Sect had a secret treasure called the “Zijin Soul Suppressing Bowl”. This bowl was not only able to release grieving souls, they were able to purify the living as well absorb souls.  Now that the secret treasure had been pilfered, the sect leader De Hui had been reminded of the recent increasing number of bizarre incidents involving the disappearances of souls. He was worried that the demonic cultivators was once again going to wreak havoc in their realm, so he quickly contacted Ling Yue, who had profound knowledge regarding demonic cultivation, and had intended to deliberate over countermeasures with him together.

    Only several elders within the sect were able to mobilize the secret treasure, but the secret treasure was stored in the Guardian Deity Pavilion where disciples were allowed to go in and out. Sect head De Hui did not dare put his trust so easily onto others, so he requested Ling Yue’s assistance by having him pose as a monk to blend into the sect, and conduct an investigation.

    The reason that Ling Yue had promised to meet Chu Jiao at the Sendai Refine Meetup was because he was convinced that since the demonic cultivators wanted to make a comeback, they would definitely keep a firm grip on Sendai.

    Standing behind Sendai was the abyss of demonic lust, once Sendai was turned into ruins, the demonic beings in the abyss would engulf everything. If Sendai had not been opened, this covert danger could’ve been avoided, but since the Sendai Trial Meetup was approaching, the demonic cultivators would not let go of such an opportune moment.

    And as expected, he soon discovered something amiss with Wu Xiang.

    Ling Yue hadn’t planned to beat the grass and scare the snake(1), so he followed him all the way to the Sendai Refine Meetup.

    1. Beat the grass and scare the snake: inadvertently alert the enemy.

    This was also the reason why he had dressed himself in this attire.

    After explaining this to his little apprentice, Ling Yue carried her back to the surface.

    Ling Yue determined that now that the demonic cultivators had gathered 9,999 grieving souls, and were about to refine the blood demon’s body, he needed to observe the situation beforehand. There were more or less thirty people who were captured in the stone room. The demonic cultivators must have intended to catch everyone participating in the Sendai Refine Meetup in one net, and not only were they about to incapacitate the outstanding cultivators coming from 10 different sects who could potentially grow into Core Formation or even Nascent Soul, they would even sacrifice them to the blood demon to serve as his spiritual flesh.

    At this moment, there should be a demonic cultivator out in the open abducting people, so they would have to feign being captured.

    Reality presented itself as such. Chu Jiao and Ling Yue, who resumed his identity as Wuyou, were quickly surrounded by several demonic cultivators. To Chu Jiao’s surprise, although all these people were in Foundation Establishment, they were all at the peak of Foundation Establishment. She surmised that they must have suppressed their cultivation base just as Ling Yue did.

    The two people were taken in as prisoners and were bound with ropes. At the same time, a pill had been stuffed into each of their mouths.

    Chu Jiao didn’t know what kind of medicine it was, because at the time being, she had felt nothing, but the rope became tighter the more she struggled.  She looked towards her Master who signaled her not to worry with his eyes. Taking the opportunity while the people weren’t paying attention, he took out an object from his Xumi ring and threw it to her.

    The two were taken to the center of the secret territory inside a ravine. Several demonic cultivators were gathered from all the other directions, each having captured several people in their hands. After walking around the cave for a long time, they were finally thrown into a huge stone chamber.

    With the passage of time, the people who had lost consciousness around them gradually stirred awake, they found their cultivation sealed, and their bodies tied up, and when the odd sight finally entered the line of sight surrounded, they started to make a racket.


    A demonic cultivator wearing a black hood saw this scene as he strolled down the stone platform. 

    “Don’t waste your breath, even the weight of ten thousand catties cannot break the thread of a demonic pearl, so don’t even think about breaking free from it either, kekeke!”

    “Be good and stay in place, and maybe you’ll get to live a little longer. Otherwise, keke, we’ll send you down and feed you to our blood demon!”

    “Ptooey! You wretched demonic cultivators, you’ll never get away with this!”

    One of the young cultivators from the Talisman Sky Sect howled in contempt, at the same time, he forced his bound hands to throw a talisman towards the demonic cultivator.

    To no avail, due to his spiritual qi being shackled, the talisman’s power was greatly reduced, and was easily blocked by the demonic cultivator.

    “Tsk tsk tsk, why are you such a disobedient one?”

    The demonic cultivator shook his head. He waved his hand, and the cultivator immediately flew towards him, caught in his hands, his neck caught in a ruthless grip.

    “Then I’ll just have to send you down first.”

    After he finished speaking, he threw the person in the boiling lake of blood, and once that person made contact with the blood, he let out an ear-piercing shriek. The flesh on his body had been seared by the boiling temperature, breaking into chunks before gradually sinking down. Not a moment had passed when the figure that struggled in the liquid, turned into bones.



    This scene looked gory and disgusting, and several female cultivators who had just freshly awoken saw this and immediately screamed in response, this included the pale-faced Su Ruizhi.

    “Did you all see it? Kekeke. These are the repercussions of disobedience!”

    The demonic cultivator laughed out nastily, clearly having schadenfreude from everybody’s terrified expressions.

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