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  • Chapter 76 [Master-Disciple story 34] Locking Yin and Yang (Slightly H)

    When she awoke once again, Chu Jiao found herself back in the stone room located on the bottom of the sea. She was still lying on the shellfish bed, with a humongous object sliding in and out of her.

    “Nghh….. Mmmm … Master …”

    She embraced the man and gave him a kiss.

    “Are you finally awake?” The worry in Ling Yue’s eyes had finally been absolved, and he affectionately returned her kiss.

    He had sensed Chu Jiao’s godly sense leaving her body at the very first moment, but the poison in their bodies had yet to be detoxified. Although he could restrain himself from moving, his little disciple’s body wouldn’t be able to take it.

    Seven days and seven nights of continuous entanglement was not an easy feat for Ling Yue. Although his cultivation was able to endure the persistent sensual endeavours, Chu Jiao’s body was still ultimately a furnace. After seven days of being plucked for replenishment, it would probably take a long time to build the blood and essence lost from the activity back up again.

    Once Chu Jiao’s godly senses left her body, Ling Yue could only continue to maintain the copulating process, at the same time, his nascent soul had also left his body, pursuing traces of Chu Jiao on behalf of his real body. 

    At the deepest part of this stone room was an area with a pristine stele with clean of any engraved words. Ling Yue chased Chu Jiao’s trail up to here before it got cut off. When he carefully inspected it, it was not the same piece of ordinary stone stele he saw back when he was just in Foundation Establishment Realm. At this moment, Ling Yue found something new. There was an additional recess in the stele.

    When his nascent soul left his body, it took the form of a mini Ling Yue. The power of his attacks in this state was not as powerful as that using his original body. In fact, he could only depend on his godly sense to make a breakthrough in this state.

    Fortunately, not much time had passed before Chu Jiao’s godly sense had returned to her body, and a crack had split open in the stele.

    Today marked the fourth day of their engagement in coitus. Ling Yue had lost count of how many times he had shot his essence, because he could always reabsorb the pure essence of spiritual qi from Chu Jiao’s body after each climax he had. After just having advanced ranks in his cultivation base, he was able to see yet another speedy rise within just a few days time.

    Later on, he suppressed his desire and stopped ejaculating.

    He had hoped that this would at least help ease the harm that plucking brought to his little disciple.

    “Master, my furnace body might be saved!” Chu Jiao hugged the man delightedly as she endured the itch brought about by the friction between her small cave and his meat stick while recounting everything that had happened while she was in a stupor to Ling Yue.

    “A jade amulet?”

    After listening to her, Ling Yue cast aside the matter of the blood demon first and inquired.

    “En, the Joyous Union Lord said that it was a cultivation method that would allow us to cultivate together …”

    Chu Jiao took out the jade amulet from her spiritual platform.

    “Let me take a look at it first.”

    Ling Yue took it from her hands with suspicion. After all, the Joyous Union Lord was an almighty person from a millenia ago, her true motives may not match her words, so Ling Yue still thought it best to harbor some precautions.

    He placed the jade amulet on his forehead and closed his eyes.

    Sure enough, it really was a set of dual cultivation methods, titled “Locking Yin and Yang”.

    As soon as the jade amulet was opened, a girl’s voice slowly rang out. It explained that this cultivation method had allowed her and her dao companion to achieve enlightenment, but because her dao companion had died, this cultivation method had been left unused for a long time..

    Although the benefits of “Locking Yin and Yang” were tremendous, the requirements it had for its cultivators were extremely demanding.

    Not only did the female side have to have a furnace body, the two sides were also required to use their heart, blood and essence to make a life oath——

    To share joys and woes, to live and die together, to be in the same boat and share the same fate.

    Locking yin and yang, locking yin and yang, the word “lock” was completely self-explanatory. Yin and Yang were to be locked together, and the person themselves were the only key to each other. If one of them were to betray the other, this cultivation method would become a nail in their coffin.

    This method was beneficial to both parties, because once they dual cultivated, each person could enjoy the amount of two people’s spiritual qi, this undoubtedly provided immense benefits to their advancement. However, in the case where the two people were not equal in strength, or for instance, a bowl of water was divided into two portions, the benefits received by the person of a lower level would obviously be a lot more than the benefit received by the person of a higher level.

    To put it into Ling Yue and Chu Jiao’s situation, it was possible that Ling Yue would not be able to attain any visible benefits until Chu Jiao’s cultivation base had reached Nascent Soul Realm, meaning that he would be making wedding clothes for her(1) for nothing.

    1. Making wedding clothes for somebody else:  Daughters from poor families did not have money to buy wedding dresses so they would work hard every year sewing wedding dresses for other people. Hence, this means all the hard work/achievements you’ve made have been given to others

    But compared to blindly plucking Chu Jiao and turning her into a furnace, this method removed a huge boulder from Ling Yue’s heart, making him very satisfied.

    Compared to his own cultivation, he cared more about Chu Jiao.

    After studying the cultivation method meticulously, Ling Yue did not find anything dubious. Recalling the rumors he had heard back then of the Joyous Union Lord and some senior from the righteous path who had stepped into True Immortality, Ling Yue could more or less guess her original intentions of creating this cultivation method. 

    After confirming the safety of the method, Ling Yue erased the words of the Joyous Union Lord, and directly passed the contents of the methods to Chu Jiao.

    He didn’t want Chu Jiao to feel too burdened because of those words and wanted to bear all the dangers by himself.

    Chu Jiao knew nothing about this because she held complete trust in her master, so she accepted the cultivation method obediently, taking delight in the thought that her master would be able to derive benefits from her furnace body as long as she kept herself alive before the end of her mission.

    “Since it’s a dual cultivation method…” Ling Yue smirked.

    “We should test how effective it is …”

    After he finished his words, he held Chu Jiao in an upright sitting position. The two people sat face-to-face on the bed, and Ling Yue panted heavily as he buried the malevolent big object inside the girl’s body once more.

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