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  • Chapter 75 [Master-disciple story 33] Conferment

    Chu Jiao’s heart tightened. It looked like she and her master needed to stop those groups of demons before they could finish refining the blood demon. Otherwise, once the secret territory was opened to the public again, there would be nothing to stop the blood demons from escaping into the cultivation world directly!

    The important question was, how could she stop them?

    By now, they have captured most of the cultivators, leaving only her and her master behind. This was simply too outrageous!

    “Hehe, little girl, you shouldn’t look down on your paramour master.” Wan Xi uttered in a teasing tone. She suddenly reached a hand out, creating a fluctuation in space. “He’s quite skilled, in fact, he was even able to find this place of mine so quickly.”

    Chu Jiao then remembered that her godly sense was together with this master. She didn’t know how worried her master outside this place was.

    Wan Xi stared at the young lady’s anxious and nervous expression, a hint of nostalgia flashing through her eyes.

    “You obviously know you have a furnace body…but you’re still willing to be together with him? Aren’t you afraid that he’ll fuck and squeeze you dry for you furnace before throwing you away?”

    She suddenly asked in a sly tone.

    Chu Jiao chuckled, shaking her head. “No. My master wouldn’t do that.”

    “Hehe, the young ones….who haven’t experienced being hurt, naturally don’t know what pain is.” Wan Xi thought of her own circumstances and the corner of her lips hooked up into a mocking smile.

    “My Lord, I believe in my master because he is worthy of my trust.”

    Chu Jiao smiled and didn’t refute her previous statement, but she didn’t like her master being vilified by others.

    “I’ve been with him for so many years so I know for sure, how good of a person he is.”

    “If I didn’t seduce him, then perhaps, he would still be high up in the clouds, being the immortal that everyone could only admire.” Chu Jiao thought back to the time when she had first saw Ling Yue. He looked like a banished immortal, his eyes shining like lustrous gems.

    “He loves me for who I am, perhaps even more than I do myself, and he treasures my body.” Recalling her master’s forbearance and solicitude every time, Chu Jiao smiled with extreme tenderness.

    “So what if I have a furnace body?“ Chu Jiao raised a brow.

    “As long as he is willing to hold my hand, I wouldn’t let go of it.”

    “The possibilities in this world are endless, and I refuse to believe that my master and I wouldn’t be able to walk our own path to heaven!

    Wan Xi looked at the person before her. She was clearly just a little girl who was merely in Foundation Establishment Realm yet the way she spoke, was with deep and profound sentimentality.

    “Tsk. Such an infatuated little girl. Looks like even if you cultivated the ‘Nine Mysterious Constituents Scriptures’, it wouldn’t be of any help to you…..“ Wan Xi’s finger poked her chin. “If you cultivated it, you would be plucking your master for replenishment instead. In all likelihood, you would probably be unwilling to do it I assume?”

    Chu Jiao bashfully nodded her head. That was right. She wouldn’t want to do it. The only reason why she wanted to cultivate the ‘Nine Mysterious Constituents Scriptures’, was because she was afraid that without having finished her duty, she would be….. Chu Jiao halted her train of thought and shifted the subject.

    “However, my lord, please do not worry. I will definitely pass on the ‘Nine Mysterious Constituents Scriptures!’ Since she has received the cultivation method, Chu Jiao was willing to take responsibility for it.

    “Hehe, looks like you’re still a bit pleasing to the eyes…” Seeing white mist arise from the Joyous Union Lord’s hand, a jade amulet faintly appeared on top. She stared at it with wistfulness before she voiced.

    “I’m conferring a little gift to you.” With a wave of her hand, the mist entered Chu Jiao’s spiritual platform. “It’s the cultivation method I created during my free time. It helped me achieve enlightenment, and it should also suit your needs.”

    “I don’t have a person I want to cultivate with anymore…so I hope you and your master wouldn’t turn back on the words you’ve said today and would continue going down the road together.”

    “Slowly cultivate the true path and faintly sigh the empty life. May the void be filled with joy for the main road…is completely ruthless….”

    Chu Jiao listened as the Joyous Union Lord murmured to herself. She wasn’t able to clarify the details in time because she suddenly felt the sky spin in the next second, and her vision turned black. Then, she merely felt a familiar pair of arms hug her, and although they felt ice-cold, at the same time, they were incomparably warm. 

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