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  • Chapter 74 [Master-disciple story 32] Blood Demons

    Wan Xi had spoken so naturally and lightly as if killing was an act that carried the same weight as nodding one’s head.

    Chu Jiao had been in this cultivation world for many years, hence, she had already grown past the age of being pure. While she was training outside, she had encountered people who were pushed into desperate straits and had naturally killed people with her own hands. 

    But the ‘small fries’ that the Joyous Union Lord was referring to, could potentially allude to people who were much more powerful than her.

    Chu Jiao did not immediately give her word, She merely prudently inquired about the details.

    “I’m not sure…how these unseemly people….had provoked my lord?”

    Wan Xi waved both of her hands in the air and a water screen appeared promptly before Chu Jiao.

    Across the screen, a scene from an unknown place appeared.

    It was a dark and dim stone room. In the center of the stone room, was a large round pool that was bubbling and boiling. It looked like a hot spring, but upon closer observation, the color of the water in the pool, was actually red!

    Chu Jiao sucked in a cold breath. Was the liquid in the pool actually…..blood!?

    When she shifted her gaze to another direction, there were 10 different people lying unconscious in disarray surrounding the pool. Their hands and feet were bound tightly by a rope made of some material.

    Chu Jiao felt that their attire looked somewhat familiar, so she racked her brains and tried to search her memories. Weren’t these the uniforms of the 10 sects disciples who entered the secret territory!

    Then….then what about the Noble Spirit Sect?

    Chu Jiao took two steps forward and soon spotted a blue and white gown that belonged to the Noble Spirit Sect at the southeast corner of the water screen. Those people lying unconscious were several of her fellow disciples, among them included Su Ruizhi.

    On the east side of the pool, a bunch of people who were dressed in black, sat in a circle. They formed an eight trigram formation. On each edge of the trigram, a crystal stone was placed. The color and luster of the stones evidently showed that it was without a doubt of the best quality.

    As the power of their array soared, the watery blood lake appeared to boil much quicker. Seeing this bizarre scene made Chu Jia’s scalp tingle.

    “My Lord, what….are they doing?”

    In reality, Chu Jiao didn’t need to think twice to figure it out, these people clearly harbored malicious intentions by gathering all these cultivators, but Chu Jiao did not know their purpose of doing so.

    “Hmph.” Wan Xi spoke in contempt. “The demonic world really has become more and more depraved….”

    “This group of fools. To actually think of carrying out such an inferior blood sacrifice ritual to refine blood magic. It wouldn’t be a surprise if they suddenly died at one point without knowing the reason behind why.”

    “How dare they gratuitously defile my precious secret territory.”

    “Blood sacrifice ritual?…..Blood magic?”

    Chu Jiao knew that there was a myriad of dark and nefarious magic existing in the demon world such as being able to summon a departed spirit or calling upon a ghost, but she still lacked a lot of experience and was not knowledgeable about a lot of things. 

    Wan Xi shook her head and could only provide a simple explanation to Chu Jiao.

    “Blood magic is a kind of demonic magic that has been hailed by these lunatics of the demonic world as a top grade demonic magic, because it could produce an immense increase in power. Back then, it also served as a great helping hand of the demonic world in the war between immortals and demons.”

    “But this demonic magic had been lost after the war.”

    “The first underlying reason was because refining it was extremely difficult.”

    “First, you needed to gather 9,999 grieving living souls, then it must be refined with true fire for 7,749 days in the ninth hell. After the soul has been formed, it needed to be molded with 7,749 good spiritual flesh to create its body. Each step requires an enormous expenditure of manpower and materials. It is extremely immoral, and goes against the rules of heaven.” 

    “The second reason was because it was hard to control.”

    “At that time, the power bestowed by this secret ritual was almost devoured by the blood demon who continued to advance in strength. People had to give up their cultivation to annihilate the demonic magic they had refined with their own hands.”

    “When the war erupted, the demonic world consumed a large amount of strength to refine several blood demons and the people who refined them were dead fixated on their decisions. In the end, they were devoured by the blood demons they personally refined themselves. The immortal world had lost several True Immortals before they ——finally eliminated the blood demon. These fools are only within the Core Formation and Nascent Soul Realms, to actually think of refining a blood demon, are they so deluded to think that they could control it?”

    Wan Xi’s tone was full of extreme ridicule speaking of their foolish conceit.

    What Chu Jiao was more worried about at this moment was that, if such a horrifyingly powerful Blood Demon was refined, wouldn’t the cultivation world fall into chaos?!

    And since her master was an elder of the top biggest sect, he was bound to participate in the battlefield with a hard-to-predict life or death situation!

    “My Lord….if that blood demon is as all mighty as you say, then how could this little disciple of just foundation establishment realm, be able to stop him.”

    She revealed a bitter smile, feeling helpless against those seniors in core formation and nascent soul realm Wan Xi called ‘little fries’.

    “Not to worry.” Wan Xi waved her hand. “With their current strength, it’s impossible for them to refine a complete blood demon.” 

    “The question is how did they manage to get their hands on a remnant page of the secret ritual. Regardless of what they do, it’ll still only result in an uncompleted product, nothing more than an object that is neither fish nor fowl.

    “Power might not even be achievable even if you survive a tribulation, but if they succeeded in refining it, it would still only be comparable to the realm of a nascent soul.”

    Wasn’t this overkill!? Chu Jiao was speechless.

    “Hmph, Then you must have missed the war between immortals and demons back then.” Wan Xi narrowed her eyes. “At that time, the blood demon drank the blood of several nascent souls who had gone through tribulations, allowing him to hold a definite strength against the True Immortals….”

    Chu Jiao sighed in exclaim inside, True Immortals! It must’ve been an earth shattering and groundbreaking battle!

    “Now, they are only able to refine half a product.”

    “As long as you can destroy it before it grows, imminent danger can be eliminated.” Wan Xi’s tone sounded indifferent before it promptly shifted once again.

    “However, if….you allowed it to grow, or perhaps, you waited until they were able to refine a few more of them…”

    “By the time the blood demon has finished devouring the flesh that it requires, great catastrophe will befall upon your cultivation world.”

    T/N: Fun fact. I wondered why there were so many nines used in this world. Ninth Heaven, ninth hell, nine constituents scriptures etc. As it turns out, because 9 is the highest single digit number and is considered to be the upper boundary, the Chinese use this to denote the most ‘respected’ or ‘highest’ number. (or I might be wrong and the authors just likes the number 9) Referenced Ninth Hell from Baidu

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