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  • Chapter 73 [Master-disciple story 31] Just kill them all

    “Looks like you’re not too intellectually deficient after all.”

    The woman appeared to have heard of Chu Jiao’s inner conjecture and finally stopped teasing her, sitting upright.

    She waved her hand and the red silk canopied bed as well as the two male pets vanished, turning the entire room into an empty hall. She was adorned in a golden buttoned Chinese jacket with large sleeves, sitting on the sole red lacquered golden eagle phoenix Xumi seat(1).

    1. Xumi seat:

    “Thy name is Wan Xi.” The woman’s voice no longer carried its previous enticing tone, instead, it sounded distant. “However, this name has long been forgotten by the people.”

    “They mostly refer to me as….the Joyous Union Demonic Ancestor….”

    The Joyous Union Demonic Ancestor!

    As expected, she was the lord she had read about back in Cang Jing Pavilion! The Joyous Union Lord who had a furnace constitution, went against the contemporary principles of yin and yang, turned to cultivate in the demonic path and gained fame in the three realms!

    “Hehe, so this is the history that the future generations have written about me?” The Joyous Union Lord listened to Chu Jiao’s evaluation and felt quite delighted.

    “This junior is ignorant and has only had a superficial peep into an ancient text, hoping to obtain my lord’s forgiveness!”

    Chu Jiao promptly confessed her sins. She could only feel extreme pleasant surprise for having been given such an opportunity and didn’t want to lose this opportunity of extracting more information about the ‘dual cultivation’ method of those with furnace constitution just because she had carelessly offended Wan Xi.

    “Alright, you little doll, there’s no need to harbor too many thoughts in your heart.

    “Since you’re able to step into this place, it must mean that this is in your destiny.”

    “After all, I’ve already waited for a millenium….”

    “You are the only….”

    Only what? Wan Xi had not finished her words but Chu Jiao had surmised that it was because she had the same furnace constitution as her.

    “My godly sense can not be maintained for long….”

    “Come here.”

    Chu Jiao obeyed and stepped forward, deferentially hanging her head before Wan Xi.

    The woman reached out a slim finger and pressed it on the center of her forehead.


    “I know what you are seeking.”

    A silver white jade appeared on above Chu Jia’s spiritual platform.

    Chu Jiao felt bewildered inside. Could it be…..the ‘Nine Mysterious Constituents Scriptures’?

    The Joyous Union Lord’s voice continued to linger in Chu Jiao’s ears.

    “This cultivation method I created was made for the purpose of establishing a new road for female cultivators with a furnace body, but while I was ascending to immortality, that repulsive Taoist priest Zi Rong made a fool of me and destroyed my Joyous Union Sect, implicating the ‘Nine Mysterious Constituents Scriptures’ as well.”

    It really was the ‘Nine Mysterious Constituents Scriptures’! Chu Jiao’s bewilderness turned into pleasant surprise. There was finally a remedy to her furnace body!

    On the other hand, Wan Xi appeared to have been immersed in reminiscing about her past experiences. She remained silent for a long time, and only continued after a while had passed.

    “Nevermind, I won’t bring up the past anymore….”

    “I had originally built…this secret territory in order to provide the juniors of the Joyous Union Sect a place to cultivate. I had also left behind a strand of my godly sense to guard against the unexpected.”

    “Never did I expect that after a millenia had passed, the Joyous Union Sect would no longer exist and my tradition would be broken off….”

    “I first thought that a little lass like you had no remarkable skill to speak of, after all, you’ve only managed to build your foundation at the age of 20.”

    “Thinking back to my years, this lord had only been in her teens when she broke through foundation establishment.”

    Chu Jiao gave a bitter smile and listened to the complaints the Joyous Union Lord had. She couldn’t do anything about her innate characteristic of lacking much wit.

    “However….” Wan Xi changed the topic again. “At least my influence seems to have been passed down, daring to do matters that traditionalists don’t dare to execute.”

    Hm? Chu Jiao didn’t quite understand what she meant.

    “Hehe….” Wan Xi chuckled ambiguously. “To have the audacity to seduce your master to dual cultivate…shows how big your guts are. I like that.”

    Chu Jiao heard this and revealed an embarrassed expression, and she got to know more of the Joyous Union Lord’s morbid tastes.

    “Back in those days, I couldn’t stand those hypocrites who would only harp about upholding justice all day long. They’d sound dignified but their hearts were filthier than anyone else’s.” 

    “However, hehe, that master of yours appears to be a rare upright gentleman.”

    Hearing his master brought up into the conversation, Chu Jiao felt her heart quiver.

    “Relax little lass. I’m just a sack of old bones at this point. What are you expecting me to do towards your master? Hehe.”

    “Back then I had at least 3000 boy toys….so I’ve already gotten tired of eating…..people like your master~”

    Chu Jiao sweatdropped. She only felt incessant admiration for the Joyous Union Lord’s past history.

    Wan Xi didn’t continue to tease her and only poked her forehead, emitting another red light on her fingertips.

    “Even though this secret territory has been exhausted by those traditionalists…” Chu Jiao pondered, Wan Xi must have been referring to the Sendai Refine that the 10 Big Sects had agreed upon to share. As it turns out, the secret territory wasn’t ownerless because its owner had been right here all along.

    “There are still many good things here.”

    “I can pass it on to you, but… I need you to do one thing for me.”

    Pass it on to her?!

    Was this her lucky day!?

    Although Chu Jiao was incredibly pleased, she still held wariness. There was no such thing as a free meal in this world, so she bowed her head respectfully and inquired.

    “May this junior know what it is? If Chu Jiao is able to lend a hand with her abilities, My Lord may instruct this junior as much as she wants.”

    “Actually….it’s nothing much at all.”

    “There are just some small fries which I find displeasing to the eye and they are intending to make a raft out of my secret territory and fiddle with things I find extremely repulsive.”

    “And so on my behalf,…I just want you…to kill them all.”

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