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  • Chapter 71 [Master-disciple story 29] Being done into peeing (H)

    The little hole that had already adapted to the length and girth of the huge root was suddenly stirred around strongly. The elastic passage was filled to the brim, causing a tearing feeling to arise.

    Chu Jiao howled and wanted to shrink back, but she had forgotten that her legs were caught in the man’s clutches. However, her retraction had instead provoked the man’s beastly side as he exerted more effort with his legs, allowing her flower cave to stick close to Ling Yue’s robust body, her anal lobe glued to the base of the man’s legs, accepting his fierce and vigorous attacks.


    Ling Yue’s immense root continued to thrust in and out without signs of ending, each penetration was deeper than the previous. When he finally reached the last leg, he sent the pestle deep and straight towards the flower core, until Chu Jiao was done numb and incessantly itchy.

    Although the feeling of having her hole filled to the brim somewhat ached at first, the more he deeply entered her, the more another feeling gradually rose.

    The man’s bell end was the size of a child’s fist as it rubbed on the walls of her passage, grinding and rubbing Chu Jiao until she turned soft and limp like cotton candy, allowing herself to be tortured like so. The two lumps on her chest shook along with the man’s jerks, they rocked so fast, Ling Yue’s eyes turned befuddled staring at them. As he continued to plow her lower body with strength, he reached out a hand to pinch and knead it into different shapes.

    Ling Yue acted as if he was about to give her the three years’ worth of love that he had stored away. He continued on again and again and with each and every thrust, it felt as if he was about to touch the girl’s uterus. Every contact he made was filled with strength and desire. He didn’t exhibit any intentions of resting despite spending a long arduous time in the deep sea, instead, he tossed and turned the girl around, eating her again and again, and doing her over and over.

    Chu Jiao’s body had already started to become sensitively wet due to the man’s ceaseless pumping. And soon, the sexual secretions started dribbling out of her hole, trickling down from the seam of the area the two were joined at and flowing down into the stream that converged into the sea.

    However, the desire to copulate had yet to be extinguished as physiological desire washed over them. Chu Jiao who was entrapped by her boundless itch, suddenly felt her lower belly swell, she endured the urge to pee and attempted to push the man who was diligent in plowing her, with quivering hands.

    “Nghh….Master….Hahh…Stop for a moment….Hahh…ohh…”

    The man was far too engrossed with what he was doing, how could he be stopped so easily. Moreover, until the union drug’s effect has been dispersed, the two people’s bodies were not allowed to separate.

    Chu Jiao had just gotten to know of this matter, but she still couldn’t hold herself back. How could she wait until the effects ran dry! She struggled to tighten her little hole, trying to press back the urge to pee but didn’t expect her action to instead cause the meat stick it clenched onto, to swell even more.

    “Wuu…..ahhhh….then…..what should I do…..ahh……”

    “I’m……I’m….I’m about to….quickly lose it……Mmmm hah….”

    Ling Yue heard this and his eyes turned dark.

    He lifted Chu Jiao up and with his member still inside her, flipped her around, allowing the young girl’s bare back to stick close to his chest.

    Since he had regained his spiritual power, with just a wave of his hand, the tides in the cave immediately vanished. His big palm reached out from behind, raising the girl’s two legs, before he stood up from the shellfish bed and walked while still thrusting inside her, bringing her to the cleansing room(1) of the cave.
    (1) Cleansing Room: Toilet 

    “Do it here.” Go on, urinate.


    Listening to Master’s words caused Chu Jiao to feel shame and she violently shook her head.

    No, I can’t do it.

    She didn’t want to pee in such a lewd state while still being done by a guy.

    Ling Yue was not impatient. Instead, he treated her as if he was coaxing a child to urinate. He carried the little disciple while his legs rocked back and forth with strength. This posture allowed his hard and stiff huge object to bury deep inside the girl and he endured this hardship with delight.

    The male’s bell end rubbed against the girl’s uterus continuously, the up and down motion also stimulated the little abdomen that was about to burst.

    Chu Jiao did her best to resist the teasing until her desire finally won over her sense of shame and a hot liquid flowed out from her little abdomen. She screamed out loud, nestled in the man’s embrace and shot her pee towards the toilet.


    Light yellow urine flowed out of the young girl’s cave, cutting through the air. Due to the man’s thrusting movements, the stream had also fluctuated, drawing waves and arcs in the air before landing in the toilet in patters.

    At the same time, because of extreme shame, when Chu Jiao clenched her little hole, it caused Ling Yue to lose control of his release so when the girl shot out urine, the stiff hard object that had pumped inside countless times finally released rich, dense semen inside the girl’s cave.


    The feeling of release and being filled caused Chu Jiao to lose her consciousness from reaching the zenith of pleasure. Her eyes rolled over slightly as the pleasure amassed and she tightened her hold on the man’s root, once again welcoming the orgasm. 

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