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  • Chapter 70 [Master-disciple story 28] The consequences of playing with fire (H)

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    Chu Jiao had presumed that because the man’s eyes were closed, he was unable to see anything and because the man was immersed in advancing, he was unable to feel anything.

    So she indulged her inner desires and became more lewd and bewitching, enticing and captivating.

    However, she was completely unaware that not only was Ling Yue imprisoned in ice by his cultivation method and unable to move, his five senses were still present and his godly sense was not sealed, so all exhibitions of her unrestrained behavior had been observed by the man through his godly sense and all the noises she had made had entered his ears as well.

    If it were any other people in the process of advancing, the ability to hear and see such an enchanting and wanton sight would have been hard to endure. This would easily sway them into undergoing qi deviation. However, fortunately for Ling Yue, his heart was firm so despite being ‘tortured’ by Chu Jiao to the point where his state of mind was in turmoil, he could still protect his heart.

    Because the ice qi inside his body had absorbed the pill created from the two people’s yang and yin, it circulated at a faster speed as compared to when he cultivated under the sun. While Chu Jiao unbridledly made love to him, Ling Yue’s cultivation also quickly moved around for 7 turns, and had started to tackle the barrier of the 8th turn.

    When Chu Jiao, who still had his member inside of her, climaxed and released a rich quantity of yin, he surged along with the tide and finally broke through the long impenetrable barrier. This allowed his Nine Days Black Ice Trade cultivation to successfully advance to the 8th turn. And the level of his body had also risen to Nascent Soul Late Stage. 

    After he had successfully risen in level, the ice qi that had congealed on the surface of his body started to melt and Ling Yue recovered to his original state.

    Chu Jiao was stll basking in the afterglow of her orgasm, so her entire body laid atop the man lazily. The leg that was stacked on top of the man’s shoulder had also lost strength and swayed along with her breathing.

    She still hadn’t snapped back to her senses until she was aggressively pressed down on the shellfish bed by Ling Yue. The man displayed his turbulent lust and ruthlessly kissed her lips.

    Ling Yue’s movement was not as graceful and steady as before, instead, it turned to that of a beast who had been provoked into losing control. It tore, licked and swept at the young girl’s mouth, rolling her little tongue, grinding as well as sucking on it. He had completely gone wild, deviating from the usual restrained and calm persona he usually maintained.

    Chu Jiao felt as if she was enclosed in ice. Little did she know that her master had been aroused by her licentious acts. It enveloped him, turning him into a ball of fire.

    And her little provocations fueled the blazing inferno.

    And she was soon going to learn.

    The consequences of playing with fire.

    After having seen his beloved person grind, toss and comfort herself using his body, the already immoral Ling Yue had been overcome with burning lust, enduring until the end of his advancement. Now at this moment, he could no longer restrain himself and desired to do this reckless little slut senseless, he wanted to do her until she had lost the strength to tease him.

    Thinking of this, Ling Yue carried his wishes out.

    His right hand captured the leg that was placed on his shoulder and his left hand lifted the other leg the girl had placed by his side, clamping both his shoulders.

    The young girl’s privates faced him directly, giving him a full frontal view.

    The muddy and pink hole left the meat stick and gaped open hungrily. Transparent nectar dribbled out from the hole and landed on his skin as the petals contracted and relaxed. It also trickled down the seams of her bottom, dampening her honey derriere.

    Ling Yue’s eyes turned red from this decadent view and blood rushed to his member, causing it to swell with desire.

    The young girl’s furnace primordial ying not only helped him advance successfully, even his body had benefited from it. It was as if his manhood had taken a sex drive booster. The surface of the organ revealed much more prominent veins and it appeared red, thick and long.

    He captured Chu Jiao’s legs and tugged it with strength, causing the girl’s naked body to fall towards him.

    With a ‘puchi’ sound, the huge dragon entered the hole.

    The warm passage clenched it tightly, inducing a satisfied sigh out of Ling Yue’s mouth.

    “Ohhh..Uhnnnn…. Master …Why…””

    “Why did your member…..get…..bigger again!”

    “Nhhhh…..It’s so thick….and so big….”

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