Chapter 7.1 Uncle will teach you how it should be washed. (1) (Slightly H)

Warning: The following chapter contains pedophilia content. If you are uncomfortable with the subject, you are advised to skip to chapter 8.

Chu Jiao’s back felt like it was glued on a hot chunk of iron, it was scorching hot.

She knew that it wasn’t a chunk of iron but was a certain someone’s fired up object.

But she didn’t have time to attend to it.

Because her lower body was seized by a flaming hot palm, and her privates were being wantonly rubbed by a few slender long fingers.

“Wuu…..Ah….. Uncle, be gentler~”

The feeling coming from her lower body was mind-numbing. Chu Jiao writhed about and didn’t know that she had unintentionally sent herself a little closer to Chu Minshen.

Chu Minshen breathed out heavily. One hand holding on the little lady’s soft waist, the other playing and rubbing between the flower seams. Hearing Chu Jiao’s pretty mewl besides his ear, he unconsciously exerted more force letting himself stick closer to Chu Jiao and letting Chu Jiao’s back nestle closer to his own manhood.

Along with Chu Jiao’s writhing, his cock rubbed on the soft backside, Chu Minshen felt his lower body about to explode.

“Fu——Ah——Ha-have you finished washing uncle?”

Although Chu Jiao’s body was small but her mental age was still that of an adult’s. Having a guy rub her privates made her weak that she couldn’t summon the energy to move.

She deeply felt that she was personally looking to suffer a crime.

Chu Minshen heard Chu Jiao’s inquiry and felt his lost rationality gradually returning.

He withdrew his finger and said with a hoarse voice. “Alright. Jiao Jiao, let’s get up.”

This couldn’t continue any longer.

However, in the next second, Chu Jiao’s behavior made him lose his rationality again.

Chu Jiao held his knee and turned over, her back facing him and she knelt on his body.

Her little butt was placed on his chest, her privates glued to his belly.

Her head slowly dropped down.

“Then, then Jiao Jiao should also help Uncle wash up.”

She scooped up the already floating shower puff and rubbed the foamy top on her hands before slowly rubbing it over Chu Minshen’s cock showing curiosity.

“Uncle, a little girl’s there is called little sister, what is it called here?”

“Is it little brother?”

She pressed forward, the tip of her nose only a few centimeters away from Chu Minshen’s member.

While she was speaking, her breath gently blew the glans, causing the cock to twitch twice.

“Ah, it can even move.”

Chu Minshen was currently using all his willpower to control himself while struggling to calm his own desire and sincerely wanting to educate his niece in physiology.

“Yes, a boy’s place here is called little brother.”

“Jiao Jiao, this is a very private place. You must never show your little sister to anyone, do you understand?”

There were so many perverts in this world, Chu Minshen felt that he had to keep a good eye on this pure little lady from time to time.

“Okay! I’ll only let uncle look!” Chu Jiao spoke thoughtlessly..

Hearing this reply made his cock twitch once more.

Children’s words carried no harm. Children’s words carried no harm.

Chu Minshen silently repeated to himself.

Back when Chu Jiao watched porn, she would always ignore the male lead’s sex, because it was short, dark and dirty. It made her feel disgusted. But Chu Minshen’s was different.

His was thick and was a tempting shade of deep red. Its length almost reached Chu Jiao’s little lotus arm. The head was even producing a transparent sticky liquid.

Chu Jiao thought to herself.

Chu Minshen’s cock looked the same as his character, straight and clean.

She held out a hand, her fingers rubbing over the transparent sticky liquid on top of the glans.

Then she turned back and sat on Chu Minshen’s body. She widened her eyes. “Uncle, what is this?”

That’s prostate fluid, you little devil. 

Chu Minshen was once again in between tears and laughters towards Chu Jiao’s curiosity.

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    Children’s words carried no harm.
    Children’s words carried no harm.
    But Jiao Jiao’s words carried harm.

    Chu Jiao, you’ve definitely watched the wrong porn then.

    This is my second time re-reading. And after the initial hotness from my first. Now, I can’t help but laugh at every chapter. This is so funny.

    I realized that what she’s doing now, from the very first grab of his manstick up till now is entirely because she was curious as a woman, not because of an act to seduce, although there is also that as her driving motivator to continue.

    Thank you for the chapter. ❤❤

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