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  • Chapter 68 [Master-disciple story 26] Being done on the shellfish bed (H)

    When Ling Yue previously had a Foundation Establishment Realm, he had also been in this secret territory before, so he was familiar with the topography of the place.

    The place they were at right now was located in Sendai’s east most area, the Azure Dragon Lake. On the bottom of the lake was a man-made cave. Although there were no treasures to be found, it could still provide a place for them to hide.

    The Ninth Heaven Black Ice Trade he cultivated was a top grade ice type cultivation method. With each completion of a cycle, his power would grow stronger, but there was one drawback, and that was, with every advancement into a level, the surface of his body would be covered with ice qi that eventually solidified into ice, rendering him incapable of moving as well as resisting.

    At the same time, the two people’s bodies under the Joyous Union Poison, according to Ling Yue’s understanding, needed to copulate for 7 days and 7 nights. With such a long amount of time required, someone could come across them, so being under water would help them escape people’s eyes.

    Chu Jiao didn’t know what was going through her master’s head but she wouldn’t reject it nonetheless. At this moment, she was ignorant and fearless, only engrossed in her desire to move. She acted like a little snake, coiling around the man in incessant promiscuity. 

    The seed inside the dantian area swelled into a ball under the nurture of the man’s primordial yang. And her desire for Ling Yue fermented and grew along with it.

    Ling Yue held her as he soared into the air. His erect meat stick still wrapped inside her little hole. Chu Jiao sandwiched her legs around the man’s slender waist, having lost the energy from all the constant drilling, but her body conditionally turned taut from flying in air and her cave clenched tightly onto the hot pillar.

    However, in a flash, the two people submerged into the lake. The icy cold water enveloped the two bodies. Before that happened, Ling Yue had fed Chu Jiao an anti-water pearl and a body warming pill, allowing Chu Jiao to stay calm when she entered the water.

    He quickly relied on his memories to find the destroyed cave, and after placing a defense array on the entrance, Ling Yue carried Chu Jiao inside.

    The treasures inside the cave had already been plundered empty, leaving behind only a huge ornamental shellfish. It was fluorescent and sparkling as if it was harboring a thousand year old pearl.

    But it wasn’t.

    Ling Yue walked in, waved it open and found nothing inside. It looked exactly the same as it did before when he arrived here for the very first time.

    This shellfish was actually a bed and its soft meat had been refined into a mattress, appearing extremely unique.

    It wasn’t that nobody had harbored thoughts of taking it away with them, but this plaything was fixed inside the cave. Taking it away would have been a waste of their zhenqi. Moreover, it had no defensive or offensive properties and was simply just an ordinary object. Considering all these factors, it didn’t spark that much interest.

    Unable to be transported and without possessing any treasures, the forgotten shellfish bed became an object of convenience to the two.

    The waterproof array of the cave had already lost effect. Ling Yue followed the direction of the flowing water, and threw the girl onto the soft shellfish flesh. The girl’s naked body stuck close to the white meat bed, appearing incredibly erotic, as she overflowed with carnal desires. 

    The water rippled gently and Ling Yue watched the girl in the shell appear more enthralling, under the ripples of clear water flowing back. He knelt down on one knee and once again plowed the stiff meat stick into her gaping flower cave, moving very slowly.

    With the circulation of his cultivation, Ling Yue’s manhood, which was buried in Chu Jiao’s body, twitched violently and expanded even more. He turned the girl upside down and let her lie on the bed of the shell. Following the sounds of the stream, he grasped her soft waist heavily and started pounding her.

    While he continued to ram inside her, he informed his little disciple of his current advancement.

    After Chu Jiao listened to his words while accepting the man’s ceaseless pumps, she twisted her head and stared at the calm, unperturbed man.

    Such an important event was happening yet this person still harbored thoughts of dallying with her?

    “Ahnnn….master…if you…..hnnn…don’t quickly….”

    “Quickly concentrate…..on circulating….”

    Chu Jiao held his hand and tightened her little hole, urging him.

    “It’s not a problem.”

    Ling Yue stroked his little disciple’s cheeks, his tone still hoarse.

    “Before the effects of the Joyous Union Poison completely disappear…”

    “The union must not stop…”

    He voiced the reason out with a tone like limpid clouds and light breeze.

    “While Master is advancing….Jiao Er….you can only move by yourself.”

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