Chapter 66 [Master-disciple story 24] I want to eat Master’s big rod (H)

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Chu Jiao sat atop the man, allowing his hands to knead her plump and soft derriere. She swayed back and forth guided by the man’s actions like a boat that rocked gently on the surface of the lake. Her lower body especially enjoyed the man’s rubbing while she herself focused on grinding against the man’s erect part.

She lowered her head and licked the man’s reddish brown bead.

Chu Jiao felt a little naughty as she mischievously stuck her little tongue out and fiddled with the bead on the man’s strong chest. At times, she would gnaw on them with her teeth, wanting to see her master’s expression of self-control.

Lifting her lustrous eyes, she realized that her master still had the same unchanging expression of Mt. Tai before collapse. The only difference was that his indistinct faint blue eyes appeared darker as if they wanted to suck her into them.

She couldn’t accept it, so her mouth worked harder and she licked, nipped and sucked more in frequency. She failed to realize the possibility that the man’s desire wasn’t seen in his appearance, but in his actions.

And so, as she continued to dally with the man’s pearl, at the same time, her bottom half was left to the man’s control. His hands continued to glide down further, removing her bottoms and exploring her flower seams.

The young girl’s cave had already turned into a flood and the creek water trickled down her legs. Ling Yue’s finger parted her petals, causing the excess liquid to flow down. His pupils became deeper and his slender hands smoothly parted the young girl’s petals as he slowly penetrated her.


The foreign invasion caused Chu Jiao to yelp. The empty cave sucked the man’s fingers tightly, unwilling to release it. 

Ling Yue was evidently pleased by the young girl’s reaction and continued to drill forward, slowly thrusting his finger in. Seeing the young girl loosen a bit, he added a third finger in.

“Mmnnn Master…..quickly enter me~”

Chu Jiao’s lower abdomen felt a heated itch. The Joyous Union Poison had already seeped into her meridians and because of this, her little hole had started to feel empty. She couldn’t be satisfied by the length of the fingers, in fact, she thirsted to be filled with a thick and huge object.

Ling Yue had also been pushing his endurance to the limits.

He originally lusted for Chu Jiao and adding onto the corrosion of his self-control due to the Joyous Union Poison, his member had hardened to an astonishing shape.

Being opened up for the first time caused the young girl to feel a bit of pain. However, when Ling Yue heard Chu Jiao’s inviting words of seduction, he finally retracted his fingers and replaced it with his manhood. 

“Someone’s very impatient huh?”

Ling Yue teased while holding the girl’s waist. He slowly pushed her down letting his own rod plunge slowly into the girl’s cave. 

“Nnnn…..Hahhnnn….Yess…..” Chu Jiao raised her head and endured the piercing feeling his manhood gave her. Her eyes staring into the man’s eyes enticingly.

“I can’t….can’t wait to eat Master’s big rod.”

Ling Yue really loved Chu Jiao’s adorable and charming expression to death. He kissed her while loosening his grip on the young girl and his lower body advanced upwards. 


Chu Jiao lost all strength and directly sat down, allowing the meat stick to ruthlessly invade her flower core.


At that moment, she had completely lost all her senses, but in the next second, a wash of pleasure overcame her. 

Ling Yue kissed her, his tongue sucked on her little tongue while his slender legs exerted strength as he pounded her at a constant speed. The thick and long root smoothly entered the sopping wet cave and continued to grind against the girl’s soft yet super absorbent passage, sliding in and out.

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