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  • Chapter 65 [Master – disciple story 23] Itchy hands and itchy heart (H)

    Chu Jiao had absorbed more of the drug than Ling Yue did, so the effects of the poison took place at a much faster rate in her body than in Ling Yue’s.

    She could no longer be satisfied with the man’s kisses, so the legs she had wrapped around the man’s waist exerted force and the two people’s position immediately became reversed. She sat atop the man’s body while Ling Yue laid on his back, pressed down on the grass. His deep blue eyes carried lust and happiness as he allowed her to move as she desired.

    Chu Jiao’s tudou hung loosely from her body yet she did not care. Instead she panted with her lips curved, staring at the master beneath her.

    Although Ling Yue had assumed his original figure and face, the top of his head, however, was still bald. Hair growth medicine was common object but the average person usually didn’t bring it along with them, so for the time being, he could only maintain this Buddhist monk appearance.

    “Even if you have this appearance….”

    Chu Jiao reached her hand out and touched Ling Yue’s shiny clean head. There wasn’t the slightest trace of contempt, in fact, she was still dripping with joy.

    “Master is still so handsome.”

    She didn’t know why master had to disguise himself to mix in with the Buddhist sect and was curious to know about the reason. However, she would have to push that for later, because what she wanted to do right now wasn’t to ask these questions, but to do something else…

    She bent down and placed her tender red lips on his clean head, kissing it lightly. Then she stuck her little tongue out and licked the six ring scars on his head.

    Regardless of what master looked like right now, she just wanted to eat this man into her belly.

    The girl’s hot tongue touched his head, causing Ling Yue’s scalp to quiver and his abdomen to become more taut.

    At this moment, Chu Jiao’s upper body was right before his very eyes. The two white bunnies coincidentally stuck close to his cheeks. They were soft and tender, exactly how he remembered them from his memories. 

    Ling Yue spread his palms and placed it inside Chu Jiao’s loose tudou. Following the soft abdomen, it glided upwards smoothly and covered the pair of lofty peaks, finally holding them in his hands.

    His straight nose bridge was coincidentally wedged in between the valley of the lofty peaks and when he sniffed, the young girl’s sweet fragrance filled his nostrils.

    While the girl licked the top of his head, Ling Yue could not hold himself back any longer and squeezed the two breasts in his palms, he also buried his face in between the valleys of her bosoms.

    Separated by just a thin tudou, Ling Yue tilted his head slightly and was able to accurately capture the milk pearl in his mouth.

    He stuck his tongue out and rolled the erect bud around. Ling Yue ‘s saliva quickly dampened the tudou and the outline of the pearl slowly became more transparent to the eye. He squeezed the buns with his fingers and opened his mouth, ruthlessly pillaging the ample and soft peaks, and sucking on it with great strength.


    Chu Jiao couldn’t help but moan in excitement from the man’s erotic lapping. She held the man’s head and her moist breath sprayed on his glossy head. She was also unable to help herself from sticking her chest out even more. 

    Ling Yue put both his hands and lips to work, taking good care of his disciples little bunnies. Chu Jiao had already lost herself in his seduction early on and allowed him to do her as he pleased. Her bottom had already become a sopping wet mess from his actions.

    Ultimately, Ling Yue released the mounds that had become swollen under his constant torment and his hands traveled downwards, capturing another pair of round richness located underneath the girl’s body.

    The young girl’s buttocks appeared the same as they looked, perky and full. The long year of cultivation had helped in molding the buttocks to be of healthy and elastic softness. Ling Yue covered them with both hands and not only did his hands start to feel itchy, his heart had started to itch as well. 

    T/N: Me translating this chapter:……Licking a Buddhist’s head huh. Welp that’s a first for me. Though fun fact, there’s actually a female-centric hentai that stars a Buddhist in it. :> I wonder if any of you know…? ?

    PS. Planning on upping ICD release to thrice a week. If you like the idea, leave a like/react/comment ~( ̄▽ ̄)~ If response is good, then <( ̄︶ ̄)>

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