Chapter 64 [Master-disciple 22] The need to copulate (Slightly H)

Chu Jiao’s vigilance was too weak.

She had only roused after hearing Wu You’s movement. She opened her eyes to a foggy sight and regardless of whether she covered her mouth and nose to stop herself from inhaling the drug, it would have already been too late.

She wanted to get up but only felt her legs soften, causing her to slide down the floor.

What made her more speechless was that, she had suddenly felt a scorching heat and itchiness that billowed from her abdomen.

Even without Wu Xiang’s parting words, she could already guess that she had been struck with the poison.

Wu You walked towards her one step at a time with a knit in his brows and red eyes. Chu Jiao struggled to prop herself up, holding up the sword which she had placed by her side.

“I’m warning you! D-Don’t come over here!”

“Huff…There’s a lake at the side. We can each have our own side and calm ourselves down!”

Prickles seemed to have appeared everywhere on Chu Jiao’s body. She threatened to stab him with her sword lest Wu You charged over with intention of taking advantage of her.

After carrying out observations in the past few days, although this Wu You never did anything conspicuous, his strength was, without a doubt, impressive. If he really wanted to force himself upon her, she was certain that she wouldn’t be able to resist against him in her current condition.

With her defense levels on peak, she had failed to recognize that even though the man was also struck with the ‘Joyous Union Poison’, he was not only filled with desire and anger but had also looked at her with eyes of helplessness and indulgence.

“I don’t think I can do that.”

Aside from the two of them, there was nobody else in their surroundings. Ling Yue, who had been enduring for a long time, resumed his original voice, lifting his head up to take off his mask.

Chu Jiao stared blankly as the man’s ordinary and mediocre face suddenly turned into the handsome appearance of her master whom she had thought of day and night. Needless to say, hearing the man’s familiar and clear voice evoked a sense of happiness to surge forth from her heart. 



Chu Jiao no longer assumed the appearance of a hedgehog. A dazzling smile graced her face as she threw her sword to the side and ran towards the man with open arms.

And Ling Yue, put on a rare smile. Nearing her slowly step by step. He kneeled in front of Chu Jiao and took her into his arms deeply.

“Jiao Er…” He took a deep whiff of the young girl’s fragrance and disclosed the thoughts he had buried in his heart.

“Master…..sorely misses you.”

Thinking of the days that had dragged past like a year. Whether he was awake or asleep, all he could think of was her and he tossed and turned around restlessly in bed for days.

Chu Jiao allowed Ling Yue to draw herself to him. Her face oozed with joy as she rubbed her clean face against the man’s cheeks in an adorable and aggrieved fashion.

“Jiao Er missed master so much too. I miss you so so much.”

“Master…is too heartless. Leaving Jiao Er behind alone, for three years too!”

Ling Yue kissed the girl’s hair apologetically.

“I’m sorry.”

“I will never do it again.”

Indeed, three years of separation had made him all the more rational and clear about his own desires. He didn’t hesitate any longer nor did he care any longer. Chu Jiao was the one person whom he couldn’t give up his feelings for. He didn’t plan to forget them because his desire was born from them.

The two people had already absorbed some of the ‘Joyous Union Poison’. It was but just a few whiffs of it but the toxic gas had already seeped into their meridians, suppressing the zhenqi in the two people’s bodies until it was nearly exhausted. 

“Master, what about Wu Xiang?” The rim of Chu Jiao’s eyes had already turned red with love due to the amorous drug but she still asked this question in concern.

Ling Yue was also suffering at this moment. Although he had inhaled some of the gas, after suppressing his cultivation base, the zhenqi in his body became even more compressed, and his reaction to the joyous union poison was even more violent than Chu Jiao’s.

“It is of no importance. Master originally harbored suspicions against him but after thinking about it, master will allow him to run amok for a few days.”

“Because the most important thing right now…”

Ling Yue’s deep eyes stared straight into the girl’s hazy eyes. “Is to detoxify the poison.”

He said while slowly pulling the ribbon of Chu Jiao’s outer jacket loose.

“The ‘Joyous Union Poison’ had already been obsolete for hundreds of years and the last person who was struck with this person had died from being unable to sate his lust.

“So this time….”

The girl’s clothes had already been undone by him leaving behind only a silver white tudou. She didn’t have the slightest bit of refusal as she stared at him with eyes of trust and yearning.

“We would need to…..copulate.”

Chu Jiao listened to these words and her pupils glowed brightly. Putting strength into her arms that were hooked around the man’s neck, she leaned her little face close to his and the petals of lips pressed close to the man’s thin and pretty lips, their tastes converging at the point of their contact.


“Jiao Er also wants to copulate with master ……and I’ve wanted it….for a very long time….”

Ling Yue’s breathing became heavier and he pressed the young girl down on the soft grass. He firmly plundered her sweet saccharine mouth, his tongue invading the soft oral cavity like a thousand armies taking over a kingdom. He also swept around the girl’s mouth, curling against the little girl’s tongue and sucking on it like a sweet piece of candy.

Chu Jiao was kissed until her charming eyes had turned into slits. Her little hands were dishonest as she removed the man’s restrictive monk robes.

In the past, Chu Jiao was unfamiliar with how to disrobe another man’s clothes, but now she was well-accustomed to it. Her movements had become a lot smoother and she was easily able to peel off the plain and simple robes, her hands wandering recklessly around the man’s bare chest, lighting a fire in every place she had touched.

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