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  • Chapter 63 [Master-disciple story 21] Joyous Union Poison

    Chang Le tilted its head in a measuring gaze, staring at the two odd humans in front of it.

    Its limited brain capacity could only remember its master’s smell and appearance. However, when it finally tracked the trail down here, the two people it came across with did not appear to be the master it remembered. 

    Yi? Where’s master?

    Why did these ugly people have master’s smell?

    The pitiful Chang Le’s eyes was only filled with confusion at this moment.

    “My apologies.” Chu Jiao was standing far away when she cupped towards the two people from a distance. “My spiritual beast isn’t very sensible, forgive it for interrupting you two.”

    These two people were coincidentally the two Buddhist cultivators she saw back in Sendai.

    One was beaming like a Maitreya(1). He was probably the Buddhist Sound Sect’s leader. The other person was the Buddhist cultivator who had been standing at the edge of the group the entire time.

    1. Maitreya

    Although the Buddhist cultivation and the Dao cultivation were not the same road, they were both on the righteous path. Since they hadn’t encountered any treasures to shed all cordialities and plunder over, Chu Jiao wasn’t too concerned about her safety.

    However, when all was said and done, there were still two people against one of her, so Chu Jiao still put her defenses up.

    “Chang Le, come back here!” She waved her hand, calling the spirit beast.

    “Amitabha Buddha.” The smiling Buddhist cultivator returned Chu Jiao’s gesture. “It is not a  hindrance for this meeting has been arranged by fate.”

    “I am Chu Jiao from the Noble Spirit Sect. May I be enlightened with the two Senior brother’s names?” Since the other party had revealed good intentions, Chu Jiao did not intend to reject it. In this dangerous place, having one more friend was always better than having one more foe.

    “Amitabha Budda, this poor monk is Wu Xiang from the Buddhist Sound Sect and this is this poor monk’s disciple Wu You.” The Buddhist cultivator who called himself Wu Xiang appeared amiable. “Since it is our fate to meet, would Benefactor Chu allow these poor monks to travel the same road together?”

    Chu Jiao drooped her lids in contemplation before nodding her head to agree.

    To rely on Chang Le to look for her master wasn’t evidently a reliable way and there was no harm to her if the three people were to travel together. In addition to that, the fact that these two were Buddhist cultivators put her at much more ease as they were easier to get along with, compared to the other male cultivators who would stare at her body lecherously.

    Chu Jiao didn’t know whether Wu Xiang was the one who had caught her Treasure Seeking Sable’s attention or not. However, even if she had not gained anything, there were at least mutual benefits to profit from this mode of travelling. She didn’t have anything to hide and allowed Chang Le’s remarkable skills to be put to use, leading them to discover many good things. 

    On the road, Wu You never spoke much yet Wu Xiang seemed to be used to his disciple’s golden silence. Chu Jiao didn’t mind how they looked but she was weirded out by the atmosphere the two people emitted. 

    The more they travelled together the more Chu Jiao felt that Wu You gave her a familiar feeling. This kind of familiarity didn’t stem from his appearance or his figure, instead, it originated from his behavior and manner which divulged an illusory feeling. Although Wu You’s presence was very weak, Chu Jiao found it hard to ignore him. Compared to Wu Xiang, she had paid a lot more attention to Wu You, however, she did so surreptitiously. She was unsure as to whether Wu You had sensed it or not, because regardless of whether he did, he would still more or less maintain the same expressionless face.

    The three people had been walking around for a few days now when Chu Jiao realized something odd. They had never once encountered another group nor cultivator. When she voiced this doubt out, Wu Xiang explained the reason why with a smile. His previous senior brother had gone through this secret territory in the past, and had handed a map of the area to him, hence, the road he was taking them through, was a shortcut.

    Chu Jiao believed his explanation with a grain of salt.

    The forest they were in right now was humongous. Even after travelling for an entire day, they still hadn’t managed to find an exit. After experiencing countless attacks in the forest and exterminating several beasts, they would divide the demonic pills and the demon meat equally between the three. Before the curtain of the night fell, they finally passed through the forest and arrived at a lakeside. 

    Although cultivators had no need for sleep, engaging in battle still took a toll on their health. Moreover, they also had to consider the dangers that could arise in the middle of the night so they all unanimously agreed to rest and recuperate during the night. 

    The three people took turns in being on night duty during the past few days and tonight was no different.

    Chu Jiao would stay on guard until the first half of the night and when the moon rose to the center of the sky, she would shift duties with Wu Xiang.

    She walked towards a tree and sat down cross-legged underneath. Using the moonlight, she replenished the zhenqi in her body.

    Wu You sat underneath another tree not too far away from her with his eyes closed in concentration.

    At this time, the two completely unguarded people failed to realize that the amiable looking Wu Xiang standing not too far from them, revealed a cold smile. His hands hidden underneath his monk robes twitched slightly and under the moonlight, revealed a pink mist slowly being emitted from his sleeves, dispersing towards the two people under the trees.

    Assailed by the smell, Wu You immediately opened his eyes and although he immediately got rid of the mist, he had still inadvertently absorbed a slight amount of it. He propped himself up, intending to circulate his zhenqi but found it hard to mobilize! Using the last of his zhenqi, he shot a concealed weapon towards Wu Xiang, however, Wu Xiang had already escaped too far away.

    His cruel laugh lingered in the air.

    “Disciple Wu You. This little monk has really grown weary from your constant supervision. Luckily for you, I’ll be leaving this little beauty behind, so you two can slowly indulge on a little enjoyment while this little monk will go right ahead!”

    “Don’t you waste this little monk’s hard earned ‘Joyous Union Poison’. Hehehe, freely take pleasure in the union of your bodies for there is not a single antidote that exists under the heavens!”

    T/N: When your relatives see you looking for Buddhist pictures…. 
    Relative: Are you….converting into Buddhism?
    Me: NO! It’s for research!
    Relative: …..OK 
    Me: QAQ

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