Chapter 60 [Master-disciple story 18] Nine Mysterious Constituents Scriptures

“Senior Apprentice Su.” The gate-keeping disciple spotted the incoming group of people and dashed forward to greet the person leading the group. In his heart, he couldn’t help but lament how fortunate he was today, to have encountered the two fairies of the inner doors.


The person in front was naturally Su Ruizhi. Today, she had received orders from her master to bring the newly accepted disciples around the inner doors and had just now reached Cang Jing Pavilion.

“The one who just came in.” Su Ruizhi recalled the figure that had flitted by and asked. “Was it Chu Jiao?”

“Yes. It’s Senior Apprentice Chu.” The gatekeeping disciple assumed that the two fairies had an amicable relationship, so he added a few more words. “Senior Apprentice Chu has become a frequent visitor these days.”

To his surprise, his words aroused Su Ruizhi’s cold ridicule. “Hah. Pretentious bitch.”

Disregarding the awkward expression on the gatekeeping disciple’s face, Su Ruizhi took her jade amulet back without a care and led the group of people inside the pavilion.

Located on the fourth floor of the Pavilion, Chu Jiao was buried and so engrossed in the book that she was unaware of what had happened outside. Though even if she did, she would have been too lazy to expend the effort required to argue with Su Ruizhi.

At this moment, she was reading and turning the pages of an ancient text she had been looking for with gusto.

The title of the book was ordinary, however, there were all kinds of rare anecdotes in the cultivation world recorded inside. These included rare kinds of constitutions. This author was like the Bai Xiaosheng(1) of the cultivation world. Although it looked like a miscellaneous book that could hardly go mainstream, to Chu Jiao who suddenly ‘assumed’ the role of a cultivator, it was like an encyclopedia which she couldn’t let go of, the discovery of the vast information made her incessantly happy. The book even gossiped about several prominent figures she had only heard about in rumors. Although she didn’t know if those gossips were true or false, it still helped deepen Chu Jiao’s understanding of this world.

  1. Bai Xiaosheng is a character from a novel who compiled a comprehensive weapons manual including the weapon owner and the weapon ranking.

Among these, the words written about Chu Jiao’s Xiantian Furnace constitution were very sparse. In fact, it was hardly any different from what Ling Yue had told her back then. However, Chu Jiao still couldn’t help but lament her master’s extensive reading of books. To be able to skim through even the most trivial of books like these was quite admirable.

Chu Jiao chuckled secretly. With her master’s character, she reckoned that her master didn’t go any further along the book because the rest of the contents were either stories or gossips which he usually avoided.

The reality presented itself as such too. Ling Yue at that time, had flipped through the rest of the book, only noting down the information that was useful to his own cultivation. He didn’t have a speck of interest in the baseless rumors that was written on the back of the book and it was also because of this that he missed one of the articles in the book that analyzed the cultivation method of the Xiantian Furnace Constitution.

That was one of the things that was recorded in the book of ‘Odd People’. 

It was rumored that a thousand years ago, a Daoist female cultivator was betrayed by her friend who revealed her innate furnace constitution. After being raped by her senior martial brother to seize her primordial yin, she entered the demonic path in rage. With tears and blood, she paved a road made of countless corpses and became a Venerable cultivator. Afterwards, she exacted her revenge, slaughtering the entire sect until not one remained. This was obviously just a standard feel good story with nothing new or special about it, however, the author had mentioned one matter that Chu Jiao particularly cared about. 

Because of her obsession with her own constitution, during her many years in seclusion, she had created an entirely new set of cultivation methods, titled the “Nine Mysterious Constituents Scriptures”. This cultivation method could only be practiced by female cultivators with an innate furnace constitution. Even if one was already deflowered, her existence would not be limited to serving as a replenishing furnace. Instead, through this cultivation method, one could reverse the practice of plucking Yin to replenish Yang. To clarify, they could use their own body as an intermediary to pluck other people’s essence and reverse the entire passive position of being a Xiantian Furnace. This meant that they could become a totally different overbearing existence that instead plucked the essence of others!

This-this-this, was so kick-ass! 

At the end of the story, the cultivator founded a new sect in the demonic world ——the Joyous Union Sect. The only disciples accepted by the sect were female cultivators who were persecuted for all kinds of reasons and the men’s existence there was low and humble in nature. The cultivator herself had already broken free from the devil in her heart and lived an unfettered and confident life. It was said that the cultivator’s male mistresses spanned across three worlds. The author was even bold enough to list down the almighty names of those people who had now become True Immortals.

Chu Jiao was completely dumbstruck as she read this story. She felt unceasing admiration for this cultivator and couldn’t help but grow curious about this cultivation method. 

Her current mission was to absorb the male lead’s fluid. If Ling Yue continued to be this rigid due to her constitution that didn’t allow her to dual cultivate, how was she going to finish her mission?

If the things in this book really were speaking the truth and there really was a cultivation method created to pluck the yang in order to replenish the yin, then, shouldn’t there also be a way to balance the yin and yang, benefiting both sides using dual cultivation?

She noted down this matter down by heart. 

Immersed in the books, time passed by very quickly. Chu Jiao saw the color of the sky through the window and immediately stood up, intending to leave.

Since she hadn’t finished reading the book, Chu Jiao haphazardly left a mark and placed it back on the dusty bookshelf.

People rarely visited this floor of the building. Moreover, Chu Jiao was reading an insignificant niche book. She believed that nobody would want to read a book like this so she carelessly placed it back before leaving.

She failed to realize, however, that after she left, a person stepped out of the shadow of a bookshelf not too far away from her.

That person walked to where she previously stood and checked her surroundings once before taking the book that evidently revealed traces of being used. Scarlet red painted nails flipped over the pages of the book before she paused, and an evil little smile slowly graced her pretty little face. 

T/N: Dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn  Ψ(`◇´)Ψ Chu Jiao, ya shouldn’t have been careless (,,#゚Д゚)

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