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  • Chapter 6 Uncle, it became hard. (Slightly H)

    Warning: The following chapter contains pedophilia content. If you are uncomfortable with the subject, you are advised to skip to chapter 8.

    Chu Jiao stroked the half soft half hard object in her hand and looked down, gasping in surprise inside.

    It’s so big and thick.

    Although she was adept at self-comfort, it was still her first time seeing a man’s meat stick with her own eyes.

    What’s more. This was a big cock.

    Chu Minshen was described as having a huge and lively tool in the novel.

    He was 1.88 meters tall and was ruling soldier of the southwest military area. The high intensity training all year had honed his muscles to be well-proportioned. And that impressive stamina and dog waist that was true to reality had always fucked the female lead until she fainted.

    These were just descriptions of the novel but right before Chu Jiao’s face was the living and breathing person.

    Chu Minshen at this moment was only 25 and didn’t seem to be as mature as the time he had encountered the female lead but still had the youthful energy and manly smell. There was a unique enchanting charisma to him.

    This time, his waist stiffened. Having his most important part grabbed made him feel anything but reassured.


    He didn’t know when it happened but his lower body actually started to raise its head a bit!

    He was only giving his little niece a bath!!

    When did he have such non-existent self-control! This-this licentiousness!?

    A-actually being able to react to his own niece!?

    Sinking into deep self-disdain, Chu Minshen didn’t withdraw his hand from Chu Jiao’s hand at the first moment.

    The two people were squeezed in the tub. Chu Minshen’s tall body made the entire tub space seem extremely narrow so the distance between the two was also really close.

    The bubbles the obstructed the two gradually scattered and Chu Minshen’s cock was slowly exposed in the clear water.

    As if she was enchanted, Chu Jiao reached out her other hand and gripped Chu Minshen’s big cock with both of her little hands.

    “Waah, it’s so biggg.”

    “It’s like a big sausage.”

    The girl’s naive sigh exploded beside Chu Minshen’s ear, calling him back to his senses and he quickly recoiled back.

    However, the tub originally wasn’t big so before going any farther, he had already reached the end.

    Although Chu Jiao’s grip didn’t use much strength, both hands held it firmly. As he retreated, contrary to what he wanted, Chu Jiao’s hands ended up sliding from the base to the glans. Satiny soft hands brought about friction, making Chu Minshen’s abdomen tighten.

    “Eh, why did it get hard?”

    Chu Jiao wondered while softly kneading the shaft.

    At this time, the posture of two people seemed a bit odd.

    Chu Minshen leaned on the back of the bathtub, his elbows propped on the bottom of the tub. The movement of his legs were restricted, each side bent by Chu Jiao’s side and Chu Jiao was clamped in the middle. Because of his recoil, his entire body was tilted. The water in the tub had already been reduced by half due to the two people’s movement. At this moment, his cock that was still being “heartlessly” kneaded by Chu Jiao, started to gradually become erect, the glans slowly emitting a watery substance.


    Chu Minshen sucked in a big breath. He was incomparably regretful. He shouldn’t have soft heartedly agree to taking a bath with this little devil!

    What, what the hell was this situation!

    “Ah, Uncle, is Jiao Jiao hurting you?”

    Chu Jiao heard Chu Minshen’s voice and hurriedly used her hand to rub his meat stick before placing her hands on Chu Minshen’s legs. She squatted forward, facing Chu Minshen’s moist glans and gently blew twice.

    “Hoo——Hoo——Pain, pain, fly away. Blowing on it won’t make it hurt anymore~”

    Chu Minshen was unable to control his own body.

    His manhood had entirely hardened.

    He raised his hand and wiped his face, trying his best to ignore the throbbing in his lower body and sternly told Chu Jiao.

    “Jiao Jiao. Quickly finish your bath, otherwise you’ll catch a cold.”

    Chu Jiao was stunned.

    Was the male lead’s determination this good? He was already hard but he could still control himself.

    She felt a bit depressed inside.

    As expected, she wasn’t the female lead so she didn’t have any ability to charm people. The other party became hard probably due to normal physiological responses and simply didn’t feel anything for her.

    This was just the player seeing less clearly than the bystander.(T/N: Those who are involved cannot see the big picture clearly, but those who are not usually understand the whole situation.)

    Chu Jiao didn’t consider that she was currently in the body of a 5 year old. If Chu Minshen really did eat her, it would be deemed vicious. Moreover, the two people were a generation apart. In the old-fashioned Chu Minshen’s heart, his reaction right now was already severely out of bounds.


    She couldn’t just give up because of a difficulty!

    Chu Jiao told herself to bring out some courage.

    She used her hands and feet to climb onto Chu Minshen’s body and sat her butt on Chu Minshen’s member.

    The soft butt slid from the head of the member to the base. The butt crack carrying Chu Jiao’s lithe weight rubbing across his cock made Chu Minshen shudder for a moment.

    “Then let’s quickly wash up and go to bed!”

    Chu Jiao said while recklessly igniting a fire within Chu Minshen’s body.

    Her hands were like playing the piano, lightly skipping on Chu Minshen’s robust body, kneading here and rubbing there. Her little butt swayed incessantly, streaking across the upright meat stick over and over again. Vowing to exhibit the words “courting death” to the very extreme.

    “Ah, that’s right. I also have to wash this part.”

    Chu Jiao leaned back, sticking her back onto Chu Minshen’s bent leg. She felt a little shy opening her little legs.

    She pointed at her own privates, earnestly telling Chu Minshen.

    “Mama said that a girl’s little sister should be washed properly.”

    Chu Minshen felt he was about to go crazy.

    Right before his eyes, was a little girl exposing her pink private parts.

    So tender and adorable.

    He listened to Chu Jiao’s unsophisticated words. His coarse palm obediently reaching out towards her parts, gently covering it.

    “How do you properly wash it?”

    He heard himself ask.

    “Like this?”

    He reached out his thumb and finger, prying the little petals open.

    He also reached his middle finger out and thoroughly and slowly grinded bit by bit from top to bottom.

    Touching, ignited a person’s temperature.

    The tip of the nose, was an attractive milky scent.

    Before his very eyes, was a pure beauty.

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