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  • Chapter 59 [Master-disciple story 17] Cang Jing Pavilion

    Ling Yue left her words of instructions before leaving the Noble Spirit Sect on the same day.

    Right before he left, he handed over his spiritual beast, Chang Le, to Chu Jiao, explaining that it wasn’t convenient for him to bring it along, so it would be best to leave it at Langfeng Mountain to raise.

    Chang Le was a ‘Treasure Seeking Sable’. As its name implied, its remarkable gift was to search for treasures. As long as it was within the perimeter of a spiritual object, regardless of whether it was a legendary spiritual grass or a rare treasure, it would always be able to detect it. To cultivators, secrets, wealth, companions and land were things that they couldn’t lack. With the ‘Treasure Seeking Sable’, one need not fret in the aspect of ‘wealth’.

    (1) What a sable looks like:

    It was also because of this that despite the Treasure Seeking Sable being only a fifth level spiritual beast that had an average value, it was still extremely rare and valuable.. 

    Chang Le’s entire body was snow white and small. It was less than a third of a meter size. Although it recognized Ling Yue as its master, Ling Yue wasn’t really considered a responsible master because majority of the time, it would throw Chang Le into the spirit beast bag, allowing nature to run its course.

    It was only when Chu Jiao had arrived at Lang Feng Mountain that she had gotten to know her master had such a spirit beast. She would occasionally beg her master to have him take it out for her to play with, allowing Chang Le to finally see the light of the day. Because of this, Chang Le did not have any misgivings or dissent to express when its master had delegated itself to Chu Jiao. Rather, it was extremely happy about the decision. Once it was let out, it winded in circles around Chu Jiao, licking and rubbing against her affectionately.

    Chu Jiao held Chang Le in her arms as she watched Ling Yue get farther and farther away on his flying sword. It was only until the man’s figure was out of sight that she gloomily turned around and went back home.

    She didn’t know why Master wasn’t even allowed to bring the spirit beast he raised, but no matter how much she bothered him about it, the tight lipped man wouldn’t speak out. He didn’t even let her know where he was going. It was as good as getting nothing out of him at all. Since master had mentioned of a way to see him earlier….then, she would just have to work hard towards that goal. 

    Whatever this Big Sect Tournament was.

    She definitely wouldn’t fall behind!

    After Ling Yue left, the silence of the entire Langfeng Mountain became even more apparent. Chu Jiao calmed herself down and concentrated on cultivating. 

    The ice qi Ling Yue had left inside of her had presented a conclusive effect. After she had built her foundation, the scorching heat that she had frequently felt was no longer there and the five phases of her body had regained its balance. What made Chu Jiao much more pleasantly surprised was the speed of her cultivation!

    While refining her qi, she needed to remove impurities from the vast borderless spiritual qi of the outside world and absorb the wood and fire qi she needed. Then she would rotate it in her body and refine it, turning it ultimately for her own use. If cultivating with a level in Qi Refining Realm was akin to finding a needle in a haystack, then after she ascended into Foundation Establishment, it was comparable to scooping water out of the ocean. The rate she absorbed the spiritual qi was also several times faster than before. Besides that, when she cultivated, she could no longer feel shackles that restrained her before. Instead, she was like a fish at sea, free and unconstrained.

    It looked like having a furnace constitution wasn’t all that bad after all. 

    Once Chu Jiao had finished the circulatory cycle, she opened her bright eyes with a smile plastered on her face. 

    During this period, she cultivated in hardship day and night. Now, she could finally be considered to have a stable foot in Foundation Establishment Stage. After more than half a year of refining, the zhenqi in her body had grown from a trickling little stream to a flowing brook. The process of rotating it around also became much smoother and skillful. 

    After having followed Ling Yue for so long, Chu Jiao’s entire person was infected with his aura. Adding on to the change brought about by the Foundation Establishment to her mood, she became evidently more self-confident and calm.

    “Senior Apprentice Chu, I see you’ve come again today.”

    Outside Cang Jing Pavilion, the gatekeeping disciple cupped his hands towards Chu Jiao and smiled.

    “That’s right. Why? Are you annoyed that I come here too much?”

    Chu Jiao smiled as she replied. She handed her amulet that had her identity inscribed on it and bantered with him.

    “How could I? We disciples at the Cang Jing Pavilion, have rarely seen anyone in the past 10 days, so we are extremely happy to have such a beautiful and hardworking senior apprentice come visit us.”  

    The disciple explained in fluster. He then placed the amulet in a hole on the pavilion gate and took the keys out of his pocket. After the verification was complete, he then turned around and handed the amulet back to Chu Jiao. 

    “You may pass. Please enter, Senior Apprentice Chu. As always, please adhere to the same old rules. A maximum of three books can be borrowed from the library collection on the 1st to the 3rd floors and the books kept on the fourth floor and above can only be used for viewing inside the pavilion and are not allowed to be taken away.”

    “Alright. Thank you.”

    Chu Jiao nodded. She could already be considered a frequent visitor of Cang Jing Pavilion so she was very familiar with the rules. 

    Pushing the door of Cang Jing Pavilion, Chu Jiao headed directly for the stairs.

    The book she was looking for was very rare. In fact, she had to turn the library upside down for a month before she had finally found the book in a corner that had accumulated much dust. Noble Spirit Sect was the first biggest sect of the Dao doors so there were countless numbers of books detailing information worth centuries of years. Although from the outside, the Cang Jing Building appeared to be a small tower with merely 8 floors, the interior of the building had been cast with a spatial array by the sect’s almighty seniors, hence, it was difficult to measure the area of one layer of the building. 

    Chu Jiao failed to notice that just as she disappeared into the depths of the stairs, another group of people had arrived outside Cang Jing Pavilion.

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