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  • Chapter 57 [Master-disciple story 15] The Art of Coitus, Stepping into the Realm of Foundation Establishment! (HH)

    Such actions were considered lascivious yet the man executed them naturally and gracefully as if he was but just carelessly sampling a taste of spring tea. 

    The scent of tea lasted for ages and it penetrated deeply into the heart. 

    Chu Jiao’s face flushed as she secretly thought to herself. Master was such an immoral person.

    However, since master was willing to do it…then she….

    Chu Jiao gathered her messy length-waist hair and swept it behind her before suavely bending down.

    Her little belly still felt scorching heat and her face was completely flushed. Facing the man’s lower body, the massive manroot stood erect before her very eyes. It even looked exceptionally clean and straight.

    How annoying….

    Even this part of his looked so ascetic, it was hard for people to desecrate it.

    Chu Jiao stuck her little tongue out in a probing manner and gently licked the head.


    It was actually cold!

    Could the reason be due to master’s ice spiritual root and cultivation of Black Ice?

    It was simply.. Simply too amazing. She currently felt extremely hot and dry all over so it was just what she needed to cool down her temperature!

    Chu Jiao parted her red lips softly and began to suck on the tip of the meat stick like she was sucking on a big ice pop. She wrapped her mouth around the entire shaft, however, the man’s member was too big. Despite having widened her little mouth, she could only take in half of it.


    Ling Yue was surprised to feel a pleasure that was hard to reign, surging through his body. He stared captivated at the girl’s jade back draped with glossy black hair and his hands unconsciously reached out to support the back of her head.

    In reality, the reason why he had just licked and tasted the nectar was to validate a conjecture he had in his heart ——the Innate Furnace Constitution. Aside from having a hairless white tiger’s appearance, her body possessed a furnace dantian that could produce a refined Yuan Fluid. This Yuan Fluid was born in the dantian and took root in the womb. It was considered as a rare tonic for cultivators as it was able to purify the zhenqi in the body.

    He had only swallowed a minuscule amount, yet the ice qi inside him was abnormally lively. If he circulated his qi for a week, the ice qi wouldn’t deplete and instead would increase.

    As expected.

    His little disciple, had a Xiantian Furnace Constitution.

    At this time, this furnace was cutely leaning in front of him, swallowing his male root.

    To Ling Yue, the male root was nothing more than an object to distinguish men from women.

    Before having met Chu Jiao, he had never experienced lust, so he was ignorant of the fact that once a body had experienced desire, it would turn very sensitive and uncontrollable.

    The young girl’s soft little mouth contained his shaft as her head continuously bobbed up and down. Her nimble little tongue lapped at the veins of the pillar incessantly. Seeing this enrapturing and confusing scene made him realize what it means to experience seventh heaven for the very first time.

    Dark blue eyes turned quiet at this sight. He didn’t want to ponder any longer about any white tiger or any furnace. At this moment, he only wanted to follow his desire, press this little girl underneath him and ruthlessly love her!

    As his heart thought of this, his body also began to move along guided by his desire.

    His palm lifted the girl’s head as he watched her translucent lips and her little red face and Ling Yue kissed her once more. 

    He knelt his long legs on bed and placed the little disciple gently atop of it. Then, he leaned forward, propping himself on top of the girl.


    Chu Jiao felt like she was being wrapped with cool ice. Her arm hooked around the man’s neck and her legs circled around the man’s waist. The fiery hot lower body stuck close to the man’s huge object atop his abdomen. She rubbed against it impatiently and weakly. The soft scorching flower petals glued close to the root, bringing an indescribable excitement to the both of them.

    “Jiao Er….”

    Ling Yue’s voice grew hoarse as he nibbled the girl’s lips and started to speak obscene yet serious words.

    “Spread your legs a little wider…”

    “Master will now impart to you…..the art of coitus.”

    The art….of coitus?

    Chu Jiao blinked somewhat perplexedly but she still obediently followed and parted her legs wider. In the next second, she felt the unignorable existence of a big and cool meat pillar invading her body.


    The huge object parted the little girl’s lovely lips and plundered in deeper. Chu Jiao cried out loud from feeling the mammoth enter her and her lower body started contracting unconsciously in response.

    So this…..

    Is this what they call the art of coitus?

    “Ahh…..Master…’s so big…..”

    “Nghh ahh…..Master’s meat stick….is too big…..”

    “Ahhnnn….g-….go slower master…..Jiao Er’s going…to break at this rate….”

    Ling Yue tried to control his breathing to prevent it from getting heavier. Bit by bit, he slowly pushed himself deeper. The little girl’s hole was too tight, clamping him to almost ejaculating. It was fortunate that his self-control differed from that of an average person. He locked the gate of his essence tightly and used his body to open up the narrow tunnel. 

    However, for some reason, possibly due to the girl’s body being too soft or what not, the deeper he entered, the meat walls still remained as tight. And because it wrapped around him gently and warmly, accepting him without resistance, he eventually couldn’t help himself and started to move.


    In the silent stone room, two naked bodies of flesh moved in a very primitive rhythm.

    Covering the girl was a tall and muscular body. His long hair was rolled into a topknot secured with a jade hairpin and beads of sweat seeped out of his forehead, yet it didn’t affect his cold temperament, his entire person akin to an excellent snow leopard.

    The girl beneath him, on the other hand, was like a snowball served on a rich red plate. She appeared delicate and captivating. Her pretty face turned into an intoxicating color of red as her eyes appeared unfocused and her lips slightly parted. The two massive snow white bunnies shook up and down along with their movements, looking as soft as the clouds in the sky.


    The young girl was already done to the point she had lost her senses. She swayed along with the rhythm set by the man as her lips mewled in shattered moans.

    “It’s so hardd…..uhhh nnnhh…Master’s rod…is so biggg……”

    The man who was called Master was evidently delighted by such a sincere praise. A faint smile appeared on his usually expressionless face. He wasn’t much of a talker, instead, he preferred to let his actions do all the work.

    His robust legs slapped against the girl’s buttocks as Ling Yue used more strength to thrust into her. The long and thick rod was like a powerful motor. It constantly rammed into the passage without showing any signs of slowing down..

    While Ling Yue did the little girl, his body unconsciously began to practice the “Ninth Heaven Black Ice Trade” His ice qi flowed from his root into the girl’s lower Yin and from thereon converged in the dantian at her womb.

    “Ohhh heavens…..ahhnnn..huff…mmmmmmm”

    The juices in Chu Jiao’s lower body splashed everywhere as her eyes rolled over in pleasure. Her entire body felt like she was floating along the sea of desire and she had lost herself. However, she was unaware that the continuous influx of ice qi flowed and converged together with the zhen qi in her abdomen. It quickly circulated around inside her dantian causing fog to be diffused. This was the omen of foundation building!

    This was the first time Chu Jiao had ever experienced cultivation. Although she had been cultivating for a full 5 years, her long journey of her cultivation only amounted to a single drop in the ocean. Although her motions gradually became more skilled, there was still a long road ahead.

    Ling Yue was different. As a genius who had cultivated for more than a hundred years, he could be considered to be extremely proficient in the road of cultivation.

    Although he was absorbed in his desire, he still maintained a sense of clarity so he was able to quickly detect the abnormality in Chu Jiao’s body. 

    Using his godly sense to inspect, while he continued to thrust into her, he examined the converged zhenqi and had detected that Chu Jiao had alleviated the restless fire qi. As a result, he had managed to find the reason as to why his little disciple was unable to advance for a long time.

    And that reason was actually because of him!

    The thread of ice qi that remained in the girl’s body from the past, had actually been trapped by the furnace as a kind of pill substance, however this pill was too small and couldn’t be formed by itself so the zhen qi naturally had no way of refining it. This led to the imbalance of the five elements of qi in her body. This was the key as to why Chu Jiao had been unable to advance successfully every time! 

    The innate furnace constitution acted as an extra dantian that was hidden in the area of Chu Jiao’s uterus and because Ling Yue hadn’t considered this constitution in the past, it had been continuously overlooked and was only discovered today.

    If it wasn’t for the trace of ice qi back then, Chu Jiao would have used the real fire from her own body as the pill substance, with the wood spiritual root’s nurturing qi and the fire spiritual root’s refining qi, perhaps the time she used to build her foundation would be even shorter than his. It would’ve been considered a natural talent! But because of him, she had been stuck at the gate of foundation establishment and endured countless ridicules, bearing an enormous amount of pressure. 

    “I’m sorry…..Jiao Er….”

    Ling Yue kissed the little girl with distress for the many years of thoughtlessness and mistake he had committed that year. 

    However, it wasn’t the right time to get entangled at this moment. He watched as the young girl absorbed his superfluous ice qi, causing her little face to turn pale, so he hugged her and sat up straight.

    “Jiao Er, concentrate!”

    He pressed two fingers on the girl’s glabella and sent a trace of clean qi into the muddled girl.

    “Listen to your master speak. Let the five minds face the sky then calm your heart and circulate the qi!”

    Ling Yue sat on the bed. His male root was still embedded inside the girl’s flower cave but he didn’t budge at all, allowing it to stiffly stand still. The girl also gradually became more sober and she became aware of the change in her body. She followed her master’s instructions and sat straight on him.

    “Gather all divine light until it reaches the skies.”

    “When the dantian has enough qi, take it and allow it to flow around the body.”

    “Execute a full circulation and let it meld into your body unimpeded.”

    “Return the qi back to the dantian and you will achieve enlightenment.”

    The clear male voice reverberated inside the tranquil stone house and the girl followed the man’s instructions, closing her eyes and gathering her attention, gleaning the chaotic zhenqi in her dantian. The zhenqi was then continuously circulated and compressed. After a while, Chu Jiao felt her spiritual platform clear up and all the zhenqi turned into a milky white liquid. It flowed from every part of her body and gathered in her dantian.

    Finally ——Foundation Establishment Stage!

    She once again opened her eyes brightly, staring happily at the man who silently protected her.

    “Master! I’ve successfully built my foundation!”

    She was so happy she embraced Ling Yue. However, the movement of her upper body had implicated her lower body where the two people were still connected. This caused her to snap her back to her senses and her cheeks to turn red.


    She had successfully advanced at this moment and the wood and fire qi in her body once again regained balance. A three foot furnace had even appeared because of the absorption of Ling Yue’s ice qi so her body no longer felt the dry heat.

    Despite this, the large member that was contained in her lower body still stood erect, reminding her of its existence and causing her to feel restless.

    “Ohhh….Master~~” Chu Jiao impatiently twisted her body.

    She actually was able to advance under these circumstances. My, how embarrassing. 

    Inside she ridiculed her situation however, she still felt quite itchy. Her hole couldn’t help but clench gently on the man’s root.

    Ling Yu didn’t continue to move as she expected and only let out a deep breath. He pressed down on his desire that had yet to be released and pulled his hot rod out of the warm little hole. 

    “Jiao Er.”

    He held the girl’s slender waist and gently stroked her gem white cheeks, speaking with restrain and rationale.

    “You have a furnace body.”

    “If you want to advance in this path,  then you can’t have your primordial yin leaked out.”

    This was also why he endured and did not release any yang into the girl’s body.

    Once the yang and the yin mixed, the young girl would truly turn into a furnace. 

    He couldn’t stand having allowed this situation to have happened.

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