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  • Chapter 56 [Master-disciple story 14] Xiantian Furnace, Nine Mysterious White Tiger (H)

    T/N: This chapter is dedicated to A.Weare for her ko-fi support! Thank you! (●^U^●)

    (1)White Tiger: a slang to refer to women are unable to grow pubic hair 

    The maiden’s body was white as snow, even her lower body was clean and adorable without a speck of hair.

    Ling Yue’s eyes were like the deep lake. They stared at the area quietly, causing the flowers in the secret place to quiver. The tender petals shook as if it was inviting him to sip the nectar within.

    However, being the rational person that he was, he had excellent self-control. At this moment, despite finally confronting his desire for the very first time, there was still a trace of clarity in his heart.

    He slowly stroked the smooth belly while waffling over his decision. Logically speaking, white tigers like these were either of a Mysterious Yin Body(1) or a Xiantian Dao Body(2). Both of which are learning exemplaries. But to also have a naturally Yin and cold constitution required them to cultivate a handed down practice.

    1. Mysterious Yin Body: A body constitution most commonly found in women. It allows them to only cultivate effectively at night without the need for a primordial yang energy.
    2. Xiantian Dao Body: A heavenly body constitution that allows one to learn faster than the average cultivator. Cultivators who have this constitution are considered a genius among geniuses.

    However, having done multiple examinations of his little disciple in the past, he had already concluded that she possessed neither both. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been so difficult for her to advance into Foundation Establishment Stage. 


    There should be another constitution.

    A flash of light suddenly struck Ling Yue as he thought of a possibility that had never crossed his mind before. 

    Xiantian furnace, Nine Mysterious White Tiger!

    In the beginning, the so-called furnace was nothing more than just an object used to refine immortality pills. For instance, the smelted Nine Tripod Cauldron could refine a plethora of pills. Years later, an almighty cultivator who had attained enlightenment, used his soul as a furnace and his qi as the substance to transcend into immortality. With this, he had helped to open up a new path of cultivation for the later generations of cultivators.

    Using their own body to refine true fire, the body was used as furnace and core formation took place in the 3 qi points. 

    Such a method of cultivation wasn’t easy to undertake as they needed to temper their bodies in heavenly fire for 7749 months and bear the purgatory punishment from time to time, so only a few were able to take on this path of cultivation.

    This was originally the correct way of cultivating, however, there were always people who seeked for shortcuts. Treacherous people purposely misinterpreted the uses of it and revolutionized the skill, forming a nefarious cult of using virgin girls as furnaces by plucking off the Yin to replenish their Yang in obscenely malicious ways. This was the origin of the Furnace Body Constitution. 

    During this period, demonic cultivators who plundered virgin girls to cultivate in shortcut, discovered someone with an extremely extraordinary constitution. Their Xiantian body nurtured a dantian that didn’t require a Houtian(3) to be opened up and their body could be used as a furnace to refine true fire. In addition to that, their body could also be utilized as an intermediary to extract other people’s energy. If one were to plunder a female cultivator possessing this Xiantian Furnace Constitution, the benefits attained of doing it once was comparable to the merits obtained from spending 10 bitter years to cultivate!

    1. Xiantian and Houtian are cultivation stages in Foundation Establishment stage where Houtian precedes Xiantian. In Houtian Realm, Qi starts to condensate in the dantian and one can start to place essence into the dantian rather than just the meridians. In Xiantian Realm, Qi starts to revolve inside the Dantian making the dantian more organized and efficient.  –referenced from a xianxia novel’s wiki

    With such an immensely tempting shortcut, it would no doubt drive several cultivators mad. Xiantian Furnaced female cultivators’ lives were also put in jeopardy. For as long as several hundred years, the Xiantian Furnace Constitution was wantonly looted and every female cultivator lived in peril. However, one day, the companion of an immortal was abducted. She was ravaged and humiliated to death for her constitution, and when the immortal realized this, he went into seclusion to cultivate in bitterness. In the end, he was able to attain Golden Immortality and as an act of revenge, he destroyed the entire demonic sect that had run amok during that period. This malicious way of cultivating was finally lost from the world, yet despite the sordid origins, the furnace constitution had become a rumor that was passed down as an extremely treasured existence. 

    The reason why this possibility had slipped Ling Yue’s mind  was because the circumstances of Chu Jiao’s body did not conform to the conditions of Xiantian furnace detailed in the ancient records.

    According to the ancient records, the Xiantian furnace used the body as the medium, sex as the substance used, qi as the fire and lust as the water. Their Xiantian nurtured the dantian and their spiritual roots were usually Yin in nature. Those who kept their purity, progressed rapidly whereas those who had lost it, were able to refine the zhenqi in their furnace as well as replenish others.

    The little disciple’s two spiritual roots were of wood and fire which leaned towards the Yang side more and she had failed to break through Qi Refining Peak several times so rapid progression wasn’t a visible factor to him. This was why he had never managed to connect the dots until he reexamined her body once again.

    Five years ago, the young girl had yet to fully mature, but now, this naked body laid in front of him, sleek and tender, white without flaws. Although he had never experienced love, he still possessed some knowledge of what was about to come…

    And to verify it….

    He watched the intoxicated girl with fervent eyes while he rubbed his fingers against her nether regions. Then, closing the two fingers together, the cool fingers plunged straight into her flower cave, emitting a squelching sound.

    “Mmmhmmm  Hahh……”

    The remote cave that was long unexplored, suddenly welcomed a rare intrusion. The little girl yelped out lovably in her daze and her small hole clenched tightly unconsciously. It wanted to evade the coolness that the foreign object had brought in yet it gaped and clenched intermittently, wrapping tightly around the man’s fingers.

    After thrusting his fingers into the girl’s narrow entry,  Ling Yue realized that the girl’s hole had been soaking wet all this while. The wet nectar instantly enveloped his fingers and for some reason, he secretly felt a burst of joy in his heart. 

    As it turned out, he wasn’t the only one to have gotten excited.

    His little apprentice was just as aroused as him.

    Ling Yue’s fingers were long and although they couldn’t budge due to the tightness of the passage, when the nectar started to pour from the inside out, he soon felt the delicate constriction and soft warmth of her inside.

    He hadn’t paused for long when he felt the girl’s nectar dampen everything entirely. He gently retracted his fingers, eliciting the young girl’s lingering sigh in his ear.

    Silly little girl. 

    Such a little temptress you are.

    “Master….Ngh…Is there…ahnnn.. Something wrong with…..huff…. With Jiao Er?”

    When the foreign body left, taking along with it the refreshing coolness, Chu Jiao felt a sudden state of emptiness.

    She panted for breath, her pair of eyes twinkling as she stared at the naked body in front of her. The man still appeared like an upright gentleman.

    How annoying….regardless of what was happening, he maintained an upright gentleman’s attitude.

    Oh how she wished….

    She wished she could see her master’s other expressions.

    Chu Jiao thought this achingly in her heart. However, her thoughts had yet to realize when she became stunned at the man’s next move. Her face turned into the shade of peach plum and her heart drummed hard——

    The man unexpectedly parted his lips and placed the fingers that were just inside her,  near them and licked it up!

    T/N: Gained a newfound respect for xianxia novel translators. The amount of research and deciphering gave me a headache. (。´-д-)

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