Chapter 54.2 [Master-disciple story 12] He was already in heat (H) (2)

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The little disciple’s arms hooked around his neck, suddenly used a bit of strength. It caused the gap between the two people’s faces to close a bit so that they were looking face to face and their breathing mutually perceptible.

Her breath blew on his face just like the willow trees of March and the peach blossoms of May.

He was like an ordinary scholar that had been enchanted by a fox spirit, incapable of caring about other things, taken by the heavy desire that surged in his heart and sprouted forth.

“Jiao Er…..” He asked for the very last time. “Can I?”

Can I love you? Can you let me love you ?

Chu Jiao responded using a brief peck that lasted only a second.

It was a light and adorable little kiss.

It was only a superficial point of contact yet it was extremely charming.

And so he was moved. 

Like a beast who had been hibernating for a long time and was unable to wait even a second longer, he finally kissed his long coveted prey — a little tender white rabbit that he had been rearing.

The man leaned forward, his lips covering the little girl’s mouth. This time, it was more than just superficial contact. His big tongue was like a nimble snake, it pried inside the girl’s cherry lips, taking her surprised gasp into his mouth, plundering even her soft little tongue.


The girl lifted her slender neck. The tip of her nose was flushed red and her eyes were tightly closed. Her voluminous lashes quivered slightly and her small mouth parted slightly, allowing his tongue to invade her cave.

(Gu chi)…..(Zi chu)….

Lascivious sounds produced by the two people reverberated. The man appeared to have a natural gift for this kind of behaviour because even though this was his first kiss, Ling Yue was able to very quickly figure out the ropes. His big tongue swept around the little girl’s mouth and would occasionally suck and grind on the little girl’s tongue. He kissed Chu Jiao until she was entirely out of sorts. Chu Jiao could only lift her head and allowed him to do as he pleased.

Starry eyes were hazy as a sigh was spilled by red lips.

Ling Yue had seen no lack of beauties before but none had ever been able to move his heart. A beautiful bag of skin was no more than a skeleton with flesh to him.

Aside from this person in front of him.

His right hand still cupped the girl’s pepper breast and at this moment, finally used a bit of strength to grip it tightly, kneading and twisting it.

“Ahnnn Hmmmm….Master…..”

The girl called out in between his lips. Her voice was soft and melodious.

He captured her lips and continued to lick and kiss.The girl’s two breasts occupied his palms and he played with them, kneading them into different shapes. The ice cold touch against fiery skin was like the fusion of ice and fire. It caused the two people to sigh simultaneously and this voice very quickly dissipated between their teeth, leaving behind only wet sounds of their smooches.

The two red plums on the girl’s snowy peaks proudly blossomed, standing erect and sticking at the center of Ling Yue’s palms. Ling Yue acted as if he had just discovered a new treasure, his fingers retracted and his index and thumb pinched each flower, gently rolling it.

“Ah! Ahn….Hengg…. Master~”

His ice-cold fingertips brought about an inexplicable stimulation as Chu Jiao breasts quivered. Then, she felt the hands on her chest use a bit more strength.

“Does it feel good, Jiao er?”

The two pairs lips parted slightly. Chu Jiao listened as the quiet man asked this question. His usually frosty handsome face was like the first melting of spring snow, gentleness and tenderness filled his face.

Chu Jiao blinked and smiled as she replied him with a kiss once again.

“It feels good!~” She cutely and magnanimously replied without the slightest bit of shame, acting innocently ignorant of worldly affairs.


“It was master…..”

As long as it was Master, she would accept anything.

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