Chapter 54.1 [Master-disciple story 12] He was already in heat (H) (1)

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After spitting out his fingers, Chu Jiao seized the opportunity to sit on the man’s legs.

She stuck her chest out, pointing at the wound on the side that was slightly bleeding. Her tone was filled with invitation and seduction.

“What about the wound here…..Master?”

What should we do Master? Do we need to apply ointment here too?

Naturally, the answer was of course.

Ling Yue didn’t reply, instead, his hands did as Chu Jiao desired and he took a bottle of medicine.

This bottle of medicine wasn’t filled with pills but of a creamy white liquid called the ‘White Jade Serum’. It was made from the nectar of a thousand year old Bailang Flower which had extremely excellent efficacy in healing scars, to the extent of removing any traces of it. Even in the cultivation world, the number of female cultivators that prized beauty were a plenty. A small bottle of “Bai Lang Jade Serum’ was valued at least 10,000 pieces of gold, its worth was comparable to a lower rank cultivation method due to its rare ingredients.

In other people’s eyes, it was an extremely precious medicine. However, in Ling Yue’s opinion, it was just an object which was not even worth carrying around. An object would only be considered useful as long as it was able to cure his little disciple’s injuries.

He reached his right hand to take some ointment but paused midway, changing to his other hand, because he had just remembered that his right hand’s fingers were licked by Chu Jiao.

The young girl’s mouth was warm and soft, leaving behind a bit of warmth on his fingertips, He had actually felt a bit reluctant to part too.

Taking a drop of ointment on the finger of his left hand, Ling Yue once again stretched his hand out, aiming at the bare skin of his little disciple.

His stature was tall. After having raised the little girl for many years, her height still hadn’t reached past his shoulders. At this moment, the two people faced each other. He lowered his head but was still unable to see the wound.

In reality, it was because the feeling of the girl’s two round soft meat was too palpable. He lowered his head and was only able to see two perfectly round and rich breasts filling up the gap between their chests. Its girth was big enough to cover both sides of the skin. The young girl’s hands dropped naturally at the sides, the view of half of her arms was easily covered by the fullness of her bosom.

In this kind of situation, there was naturally no way to spot the wound on the side.

Ling Yue felt terrified for a moment but with an unchanging expression, he made his move.

I’m only putting on ointment. Is what he told himself.

With a calm face, he touched the girl’s soft left tit, his palm taking the full density of her breast as it molded itself into the shape of his palm. The white meat overflowed in between the seams of his fingers. Ling Yue’s breathing stopped and he didn’t dare to look any longer, his fingertips hurriedly prodded the inside of her boob, revealing the area of the cut.

He gently applied the ointment on the wound with his slender finger, drawing circles on the girl’s skin.

The congealed paste slowly melted into a liquid under the heat of the body, permeating into the wound, bringing to it a hint of coolness.


Chu Jiao’s current body was actually a bit sensitive. Ling Yue treated her sufficiently gentle but for some reason, perhaps due to the way he had applied the ointment, she felt it slightly itchy.

Not only did her chest feel itchy, it also brought about… itchiness down there as well.

“Master…..” She couldn’t help shift her legs, causing the distance between the two people to be reduced.

“Master……is, is it better now….”

Ling Yue watched as the girl’s cheeks flushed scarlet, her lustrous eyes stared at him in such a lovable way that he had felt like he had just returned back to his youth and had entered the abyss of lust, a land of fantasy.

Inside that fantasy land, there existed a demon of desire that had a thousand ways to tempt him. It could transform itself to have a human body that could make a man’s blood rush through his veins. It could turn itself into an immortal beauty that can captivate even birds and beasts, for the sole purpose of pulling him into the abyss. The demon of desire used all sorts of means but was unable to sway his heart —after all, he was without an ounce of desire.

However, at this moment, Ling Yue became spellbound.

He thought to himself. If he fell into the abyss of lust once again and that demon of desire transformed into Chu Jiao’s current appearance.

Perhaps, he could no longer make a full retreat.


He was already aroused.


Because he was already in heat.

Exquisite liquid seeped into the skin, allowing the cut to heal at a speed visible to the eyes. In just a few breaths moment, the obtrusive cut assumed its smooth original form.

However, the man’s fingers did not immediately retract.

He fondled the girl’s soft skin, carrying a bit of hesitation, and a bit of uncertainty.

“Jiao er…….”

Ling Yue spoke with difficulty whilst his disciple had already been gazing at him with bright eyes.


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