Chapter 52.2 [Master-disciple story 10] Since it was a tribulation, he would just have to cross over it. (2)

He saw that the injured area was located on the side of her left breast. A trail of blood trickled out from the cut like white satin being smudged with a deep red color. There was a unique aesthetic to it.

He continued to watch the girl wet her handkerchief and dab the blood trail clean. Her hands trembled slightly, appearing like she was enduring a painful sensation.

After wiping it clean, the cut finally appeared into view.

It was a tiny—almost unnoticeable wound. The girl appeared troubled as if she was clueless on how to take it out.

He observed her as she rolled her dudou up and held it with her teeth, then using both hands, she cupped her teat and used her thumb and index to press the area, attempting to squeeze the concealed weapon out of her body!.

The cut that was finally wiped clean with difficulty, had started to seep blood again, however the young girl seemed to be unaware of this as she treated her own body without a trace of care.


Ling Yue couldn’t stand looking at this any longer. He widened his eyes and was out the door the next second.

My god, it huuuuurts!

Chu Jiao used a bit more strength with her hand and screamed internally in pain.

She bit the dudou in her mouth and stifled the groan in her throat, brought out by the pain. She lowered her head in an attempt to see whether the concealed weapon had been squeezed out or not. She had just fiddled with the meat of her breast and simply couldn’t see where the concealed weapon was located so she could only rely on the physical sensations she felt and slowly press the area. The breasts were an extremely sensitive part of the body, how could they stand such a great amount of strength? Chu Jiao’s eyes quickly turned red from the onslaught of physiological pain. Tears gradually pooled in the corner of her eyes.

Ling Yue burst in and saw this appearance of Chu Jiao.


The sound of the door banging open had alarmed Chu Jiao. She lifted her head up and at that moment, the lustrous tears had coincidentally trickled down her face, leaving behind a wet trail on her flushed face.

Ling Yu took large strides forward and captured the girl’s wrists, preventing her from causing further self-harm.

Chu Jiao released the cloth she had been biting with her mouth and her pair of red eyes stared at Ling Yue. She blinked for a while and finally couldn’t restrain herself, allowing her tears to quickly spill out.


“Wuwuwu! Master!!”

She was just like a little child. If she carelessly fell down and didn’t see anyone around, she would bear the pain and climb back up but if her parents and close relatives were near her, she would cry out and ask for a hug because she depended on them.

Chu Jiao was originally holding back the pain of handling her injury. Seeing her master leave and return once again, she couldn’t help but release the grievances in her heart and unexpectedly started to bawl.

“Wuu….it hurts…..”

“Master…..this disciple …(sniff)….”

“Why did master…..have to……leave a while ago……wuwuwuw……”

Chu Jiao clutched Ling Yue’s sleeve directly and buried her face into his chest, half in complain and half in grievance.

The clothes she held onto gradually became soaked in tears as Ling Yue stood stiffly by her bed. After hesitating for a long time, he reached his hand out and placed it on the back of the naked entity in his arms, and gently patted her.

“Don’t cry anymore, Jiao er….”

“This master was wrong.”

He shouldn’t have left without saying anything just because his mood was unstable.

Much less, he shouldn’t even have thrown the injured you all alone in here.

The sensation of the girl’s unparalleled satiny skin entered his hands, spreading slowly from the root of his fingertips up towards his arm, seeping through his chest until it reached the bottom of his heart.

In the past, the girl’s display of heroic words seen through the cosmic mirror, striked Ling Xiao like a sword. They had opened the dusty doors to his heart that had been sealed shut for a long time, and during the accidental and awkward healing process that occured, she had quietly planted a seed in his heart.

This seed grew along with the girl, breaking through the ground, germinating and by the time he had noticed it, it had already turned into a big tree that reached the skies. It occupied his heart, rendering him incapable of ignoring it.


He didn’t need to deceive others nor did he need to deceive himself (1)

  1. To believe one’s own lies.

This stubborn yet clever disciple of his had already become the center of his attention, his weakness, his demon, his

What a disaster.

Since it was a tribulation, he would just have to cross over it.

He’ll challenge the laws and destroy the demons with sincerity.

Thinking this way, Ling Yue finally made his move.

He slowly held the young girl’s shoulders and trailed down the soft satiny skin, letting his two palms cup her bountiful pepper bosoms up.

As if stimulated by his ice cold fingertips, the soft plumpness on his hands quivered slightly. The young girl lifted her face in fright and she stared helplessly at him. 


He didn’t reply but his hands didn’t stop moving. His fingertips felt around and explored the roundness of the breast before finally coming into contact with the miniscule wound.

He then lowered his head and his usually pursed lips parted slightly. He was akin to a beast that had been hibernating for a long time and had long last possessed his coveted delicious prey.

He sucked on her wound in a graceful and overbearing manner.

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