Chapter 52.1 [Master-disciple story 10] Since it was a tribulation, he would just have to cross over it (1)

After Ling Yue left Chu Jiao, he headed straight towards his own cave as if he was fleeing in defeat.

In reality, he wasn’t angry at his little disciple. Instead, a strange feeling was fermenting in his heart.

Chu Jiao didn’t know that her master had a remarkable gift called the ‘Black Ice Trail’. This gift was not an offensive technique and instead, leaned more towards the purpose of pursuit. If Ling Yue managed to insert his ice qi inside the other opponent’s body, regardless of whether the enemy manages to escape, he would be able to use the ice qi to track him down while at the same time, observe the opponent’s condition. He could even temporarily use the opponent’s eyes to see the surrounding objects and scenes, allowing him to easily defend himself and continue his chase.

However, ice qi would not be able to accumulate inside the body and could only remain there for a short period of time, so the chances to use this ability was minimal.

Back then when Chu Jiao had entered the doors, he had left a trace of his ice qi in her body while he was healing her. He originally thought that it had long dissipated but when he reexamined her later on, he discovered that it was still wrapped by the zhenqi in her body and had already fused with it. He figured that since this was the case, he would only treat this as a measure to protect his little disciple.

If something happened to Chu Jiao, he would detect it at the first moment.

However, since his little disciple had always been very obedient, Ling Yue basically never got the chance to use this ability at all.

Although this time around, since Chu Jiao’s battle had caused her to maneuver her zhen qi a lot, the ice qi wrapped in the depths of it was disturbed, allowing Ling Yue to detect the change whilst he was cultivating in his dwelling.

And so, through this, Ling Yue had also gotten to know the main reason why Chu Jiao had stood at the Yin Yang Stage. 

It was because of him.

The other party had only spouted a few words about him and he couldn’t care less about it.

However, because of this slander, she did not even hesitate to challenge an opponent who was in a higher realm than her. She wasn’t afraid of getting hurt and only wanted to defend him.

He had never paid attention to disputes caused by baseless rumors.

Even when he was set up and criticized during his youth, he had never fought back even in the slightest bit.

But seeing the little disciple’s appearance of struggling with all her might for his sake, for the first time in his life, he felt happy to have been protected.

When the elegant and noble girl finally triumphed at the end, and was on the verge of collapse, he couldn’t hold himself back and flew over to Cang Huan Mountain in a flash.  Coincidentally, he arrived just in time to see the scene of his little disciple getting harmed by the concealed weapon!

It shouldn’t be anything serious right?

He left the healing panacea he obtained from the medicine madman behind and figured that the trifle wound inflicted by the concealed weapon would quickly heal in time.

Ling Yue convinced himself to believe this and suppressed the worry building up in his heart. He sat down crossed leg and planned to continue cultivating.

It was the same as any other day, entering a meditative state was an easy reflex, yet today, for some reason, Ling Yue couldn’t calm down.

At times, the young girl’s pitiful eyes flashed before his eyes and at times, her pained face and moans. Occasionally, her soft and attractive body would reappear too, as well as the supple and round pair of jugs….

Those breasts were snowy white without blemishes, contrasting against the watery red tudou she wore. The two protrusions on her chest stood proudly underneath her tudou. When you looked down, between the pair of breasts was an enticing wide valley that slowly led to a narrow bottomless abyss. It tempted people to rip her tudou apart and explore the depths within.


Stop thinking about this!

He unconsciously utilized the ‘Black Ice Trail’ so at this moment, he was able to see through his little disciple’s point of view and it was currently very close to her body!

He observed as the girl lifted her slender hands and tugged on the small ribbons tied on the neck and the back and dexterously disrobed her tudou, flinging it on the bedside, exposing the girl’s upper body bare.

He watched as the young girl tilted her body to the side and used her hands to fiddle with her white rabbit-like bosoms. Squeezed them together, they appeared like jade peppers. The smooth and round shape turned slightly pointy.

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