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  • Chapter 51 [Master-disciple story 9] Master, don’t go

    A cultivator at Nascent Soul Stage’s could travel 9000 miles in a day so within just the span of taking two breaths, the two people had reached Langfeng Mountain.

    Chu Jiao’s cave had a restriction spell cast on it but naturally, this didn’t apply to her own master.

    Ling Yue held Chu Jiao as he entered without any obstructions and placed the increasingly pale girl on the soft bed.

    The bedspread was fiery red in color, it was the firefox skin he had picked for Chu Jiao to lay on while healing her injury. After Chu Jiao was all recovered, she had liked it so much that Ling Yue had given it to her.

    At this moment, the feeble girl’s clothes were in a disorderly state. Ling Yue’s breathing spiked. For some reason, something flashed through his mind. It was the memory of healing her from 5 years ago. As he watched the young girl, her clothes seemed to gradually disappear before his very eyes, leaving behind only a view of the girl’s flawlessly naked white body.

    He shut his eyes and threw a pile of medicine to her then he turned around and prepared to leave.

    “Master….don’t go….”

    His sleeves were once again grabbed as the girl’s timid voice rang beside his ear. However, Ling Yue hardened his heart and hauled his sleeves away. Without turning his head, he left the room, leaving behind only an ice cold and stiff shadow for Chu Jiao to see.


    Chu Jiao threw herself on the bed, allowing the soft fur skin to envelop her body.

    “Chu Jiao ah, Chu Jiao….do you still think you’re some piece of treasure….”

    She raised her right hand and covered her eyes with her arm, mumbling to herself. 

    After living together for so long, she thought that her master had treated her differently. Although he was a man of few words, every time she bled, even if he only worried for her in the dark, during the times she needed him the most, he would always appear.

    Wasn’t it odd? He was obviously a cold cheerless person yet she could still feel his warmth.

    At times, she could even feel her second uncle’s presence by her side, indulging her and caring for her…but this feeling would always quickly disappear because her master’s coldness woke her up, reminding her that they were two completely different people.

    She thought that with the effort she spent in these 5 years, she would at least be able to warm the tip of the iceberg.

    However, the reality was that nothing had changed. He was still the same lofty master and she was still just an ordinary disciple.

    Chu Jiao smiled bitterly.

    Her revolution had yet to succeed so she needed to redouble her efforts. The mission to capture the male lead still remains a heavy and long journey.

    Letting her imagination run wild now, would be of no help. It was better to deal with the injuries she had first.

    Chu Jiao shook her head and propped herself up with difficulty. She grit her teeth while removing the bottom half of her clothes.

    She didn’t know what kind of concealed weapon Su Ruizhi had used because initially, her injury didn’t hurt much, but was now it was giving her unparalleled pain.

    The concealed weapon was shot directed towards her back and when she tried to side step it, she was unable to completely avoid it and it pierced through an awkward part of her body– her side boob.

    To start off, the body that she had occupied was unfathomable. At such a young age, her breasts were astonishingly huge. After 5 years had passed, under excellent training and exercise, it developed like tumultuous billows. a preliminary estimate of it would be around the cup size of a 36E.

    Chu Jiao took her clothes off, leaving behind only a tudou that contained her ample bosom. A large chunk of it remained exposed in the air. She then undid her tudou and lowered her head to take a look at the wounded area. She dipped her handkerchief in a bit of water and wiped the seeping blood clean. The minuscule puncture mark could hardly be seen.

    This… the concealed weapon was embedded inside her body. How was she supposed to take it out?

    Chu Jiao sat atop the Firefox skin and before she even realized it, the dry heat that she hadn’t felt for a long time, gradually started to engulf her.

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