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  • Chapter 50 [Master-disciple story 8] Buxu Feathers

    Before the competition had even started, Su Ruizhi held absolute faith that she would never lose, that was until she suffered a thorough defeat and was forced to apologize. Inside her heart, there wasn’t a trace of acceptance at all, she firmly continued to believe that she had just encountered a huge mishap.

    As the complacent disciple of Scarlet Sunset zhenjun, Su Ruizhi naturally had many means of survival up her sleeves. Take what was about to happen for instance, while she apologized on the surface, she stealthily took out a tiny object from her Xumi ring and held it in her hands.

    It was the ‘Buxu Feathers’.

    This was something given to her by a senior disciple as a gift for achieving the Foundation Establishment Stage.

    The Buxu Feathers were taken from a sixth ranked demonic beast, the Buxu bird. It was a part of the bird’s important tail feathers. Although it’s palm-sized height appeared harmless, because of its natural gift of invisibility, they were very difficult to capture. Moreover, cultivators below the Golden Core Realm didn’t dare to underestimate this little bird for it had an extremely nimble flying speed as well as high toxicity.

    Nobody had noticed the Buxu Feathers she had hidden in her hands, because those little feathers were completely transparent. Its sharp edge reminded Su Ruizhi that she was currently holding a murderous weapon.

    Taking the opportunity the instant Chu Jiao turned around and let down her guard, Su Ruizhi secretly utilized her zhenqi to fling the feathers successively towards the completely defenseless Chu Jiao!

    Because those feathers were transparent, it was actually considered a concealed weapon and hence, was impossible to defend against.

    The Buxi feathers were like invisible darts.They were shot out rapidly and flew straight towards Chu Jiao’s back in the blink of an eye.

    Although she couldn’t see what was heading straight towards her, years of experience had honed her intuition and conditional reflexes, so even though Chu Jiao didn’t have enough time to avoid it, she turned her hand covering her heart with the hilt of the sword and tilted her body slightly, minimizing the extent of the injury to the utmost


    A sharp blade pierced through the flesh.

    At the same time, Su Ruizhi who couldn’t help reveal a smile seeing Chu Jiao falling into her trap, saw a bright light flashing before her eyes. She felt a sudden pain on her cheeks and was unable to continue smiling.

    On the side of her neck, was a sharp sword that emanated cold air. The edge of the sword still trembled due to the amount of strength used while the tip of it was deeply embedded into the ground. A spiderweb-shaped crack had actually appeared on the rock hard ground caused by the penetration!

    One could only imagine how much strength the holder had used!

    Su Ruizhi was scared stiff by the sudden attack. When she lifted her head to look at the owner of the sword, she came into contact with a pair of cold eyes that looked like death itself, and an immense chill arose from the depths of her heart. 

    The person who arrived was actually Highest Heavens zhenjun!

    “M-Master!” Su Ruizhi stammered out, greeting the other person yet she did not receive any hints of a response.

    The man looked at her with extreme frost, causing Su Ruizhi’s words of explanation to be stuck in her throat. She stared wide-eyed at the man who held the pale-faced Chu Jiao in his arms as he withdrew his imperial sword. Without even turning his head, he left the place which finally allowed Su Ruizhi to heave a breath of relief.

    In that split second, she could actually feel an unprecedented murderous intent!

    Standing on the flying sword, Chu Jiao pressed on the site of her wound and quietly leaned in her master’s embrace.

    At this moment, the man’s face had sunked as deep as the water. His entire body exuded a gloomy pressure.

    Chu Jiao had entirely removed the cold exterior she wore on the Yin Yang stage. She bit her lips, looking like a little wife who was wronged and secretly reached out a hand to tug her master’s sleeve, causing it to gently sway.


    She timidly called out.

    No reply came.


    Chu Jiao called out once more. Her little hands rocked the man’s sleeves but her efforts were still fruitless.

    Aiii, looks like she had really stirred her Master’s anger this time.

    Chu Jiao sighed in her heart. Even though her master was a man of few words, he would usually still give a reaction to her. This was the first time she was unable to see through his feelings.

    “Hiss…….It hurts!”

    Chu Jiao shut her eyes tightly and breathed out softly.

    At this, the man who pretended to wholeheartedly be engrossed in directing the flying sword, finally produced a reaction. He lifted her up princess style and the flying sword quickly soared in the air like a shooting star streaking across the horizons, heading towards LangFeng Mountain. 

    T/N: Heh. Men.. they’re all kuuderes… <( ̄︶ ̄)>

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