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  • Chapter 5 Uncle, let’s bath together

    “There’s no need to. Uncle can wash himself later.” Chu Minshen wiped a bout of sweat and hurriedly refused.

    How could Chu Jiao let this happen. She took advantage of his inattention and scooped up some water to splash onto him. She even stepped forward with soapy bubbles all over her and hung on his neck rubbing herself here and there.

    “Jiao Jiao, don’t play around!”

    Chu Minshen couldn’t stop her in time and became drenched from top to bottom.


    Feeling a sudden slap from her bottom. Chu Jiao became still.

    Chu Minshen was also quiet.

    What did he just do now?

    Did he just hit Jiao Jiao’s little butt?


    Chu Jiao cried out loud half in shame and half in pretense.

    How, how could this person just casually hit a person’s butt. She recalled the time she was such a good child in the orphanage and had never been hit before. Now that she was in her twenties, this was the first time someone had hit her in the butt. It-It was simply too shameful.

    Chu Minshen rubbed his fingers. The satiny, bouncy feeling lingered on, raising a strange feeling in his heart but he hadn’t had the time to ponder why and started to coax Chu Jiao with a headache.

    “Sorry, Jiao Jiao. Don’t cry, uncle didn’t mean to hit you.”

    Chu Jiao covered her face, pretending to be sad.

    “Wuwuwu, Uncle doesn’t like Jiao Jiao one bit.”

    “Wuwuwu, Uncle doesn’t want to bath together with Jiao Jiao and even hit Jiao Jiao’s butt. Wuwuwu!”

    “Ai. It’s not like that. Where does uncle not love Jiao Jiao?” Chu Minshen hurriedly explained.

    He took a look at his own drenched clothes and thought that it didn’t made a difference whether he took a bath now or later. And so to amuse the little devil, he hurriedly said. “Uncle will take a bath together with Jiao Jiao, alright?” He said while taking the soaking wet clothes off.

    Once he started compromising, he would always end up compromising.

    Chu Minshen at this moment, didn’t know that he would always be planted by this little devil’s side his entire life.

    Chu Jiao gradually stopped sobbing and widened her eyes behind the cracks of her fingers, looking at the robust flesh exposed before her.

    Bronze-colored skin.

    A full 6 pack set of abs.

    Massive pectorals.

    A strong and lean waist.

    Bulging arm muscles.

    Perky buttocks.


    Chu Jiao couldn’t help herself, and gulped her saliva silently.

    Beautiful things in life made people happy.

    This was a human’s natural instinct.

    Chu Minshen turned around and saw Chu Jiao still covering her face in sadness.

    He quickly stepped into the tub and held Chu Jiao, gently coaxing her.

    “Look. Isn’t uncle taking a bath with you? Jiao Jiao shouldn’t snivel anymore.”

    Chu Jiao took her hands off, her little bright red face exposed as she nodded.

    “Then Uncle will help Jiao Jiao wash and Jiao Jiao will also help uncle wash!”

    After she said this, she didn’t wait for Chu Minshen to object and held up the shower puff from the basin and started rubbing the man’s body.

    “Eh? How come there’s no more bubbles?” Chu Jiao thought that instead of seducing a guy, she looked like she was acting like a retard.

    Chu Minshen broke into laughter and took over the shower puff, drizzling it with more soap on top.

    “And you said uncle was stupid.” His hand held Chu Jiao’s little hand, guiding her into rubbing the shower puff. “Just like this, the more you rub it, the more bubbles will form.”

    Chu Jiao rolled her eyes in her heart, however her hand didn’t stop and she smeared the bubbles over Chu Minshen’s body.

    While smearing, she thought to herself. Eating tofu is really delicious.

    “Wah, Uncle, why is your little pearl brown?”

    Chu Jiao pretended to be curious and reached out her fingers, holding the little meatball on Chu Minshen’s chest.

    “It’s also hard.”

    She then looked at her own chest. “Why is Jiao Jiao’s pink then?”

    Chu Minshen felt the movements of her little hand and his pecs quivered. Before he could even stop it, he followed Chu Jiao’s gaze towards the little lady’s chest.

    Atop the snow white chest, two pinks dots looked like cherry blossoms that bloomed early. They were small, soft and tender flowers.

    “Because…” Chu Minshen started speaking but only felt his throat getting hoarse.

    “That’s because Jiao Jiao is a girl and uncle is a boy.”

    “How are boys and girls different? Is it only the little pearl color that’s different?”

    Chu Jiao blinked her curious big eyes in a posture of thirsting for knowledge.

    “Cough. Yes.” Chu Minshen hurriedly replied.

    Physiology and what not can be slowly taught in the future.

    “Heng! You liar!”

    Chu Jiao plunged her little hand into the water and suppressed her shame, holding the object in between Chu Minshen’s legs.

    “Here is obviously different too!”

    Update (14/11): Next few chapters have paedophilic content. You have been warned. Also comments have been disabled to prevent ignorant readers from leaving discouraging comments.

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